Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   VIT,Vellore-24 Jul 2007

Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   VIT,Vellore-24 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frnds,iam Abhishek frm Siddharth institute of engg & Technology,Puttur.nd my stream is IT. I attended for THBS on 24th july,2007 at Vellore institute of technology,vellore.nd it was an off campus.i don't know that there exists a company named Torry Harris up till 5 days before my interview.i saw this name in my notice board nd astonished nd our frnds just kidded as HARRY POTTER.....

    ok,coming to my experience regarding the company.let me first tell u the pattern or rounds of THBS.

    There were 5 rounds in this.which comprises of 3 written tests,GD,Technical+HR........

    1.Aptitude- 20 min & 20 Questions
    2.Logical Reasoning-20 min &12 Questions
    3.Technical-20 min & 20 Questions.

    Around 800 people attended for the written test.400 cleared Aptitude written.out of 400,200 cleared logical.out of 200 only 75 cleared Technical written.This was how the filteration took place in every stage.nd it was a very very fair selection process that i had ever seen before.nd this was my 7th company....

    1.for aptitude they gave some simple maths regarding areas,ranking,time&work,ratio&proportion,percentages,averages etc..
    so,be thorough with basic maths.nd one more thing there were differnt sets of question papers nd i think 38 sets of question papers were distributed on tat day.nd luckily my paper consisted of some easy questions,i identified them nd i solved them first nd later shifted to other difficult ones.nd the cutoff for this section is 12or 13 out of 20.after 1 hr results were announced and

    luckily my name was there.

    2.nd then the logical test was conducted nd tat was a very difficult one.2 puzzles,2 small passages given nd asked to conclude,nd some others.R.S.Agarwal verbal & nonverbal is reqd for this,the puzzle tests were difficult,but my practice helped,i did 1 puzzle correctly nd two passages correctly rest all paper was difficult cutoff was less as i expect it is some 5 or 6 out of 12,in this round time is very important.

    3.Technical was some wat easier for me becoz iam frm IT backup.i did well.they asked C,pgm & deduce o/p.nd some theory questions like unix was introduced by-Bell labs.such stuff was given.nd luckily i got thru all the writtens.for technical TEST UR C SKILLS by yashwanth kanetkar nd EXPLORING C are preferred.they r more than enough.

    4.after the announcement of Technical results i.e., according to GD batches-75 members as 5 batches(15 in one batch).nd then the HR SESHAV GUPTA gave a small description abt the company.nd then GD-our topic is.........."How is Western culture harpening Indian youth."nd i did well in GD-only for 6 min selected...

    5.nd then the HR+TECHNICAL.3 panels.i was called around at 10:00pm(night) of tat day for panel is one.nd seshav gupta is my HR.he is main HR.i enterd the  room with confidence.

    some of my HR questions are:
    1.why ur academic graph is so steep.
    2.asked some tecnical que regarding UML,HTML nd little que is " wat is process area" nd i told it hotch-potch then he explained.only confidence plays the role.nd eye contact is very important.
    3.asked abt my ppt "quantum cryptography"
    4.then abt my strengths which i kept in my resume-"fanatic abt new things" nd "ambivert in nature"-asked to justify them.nd abt hobbies nd then general que like wats ur father nd any bros nd sis....tats it i answered with confidence.nd i impressed him well.

    "CONFIDENCE is the main thing".nd atlast at abt 11:30pm results were announced nd by GOD's grace my name was there...nd on tat day iam the most happiest person on the earth.

    out of 800 people only 28 got selected finally.(luckiest persons iam one among them).so,if the day is urs u will be placed or else u will not be...tats,strive hard until u succeed but don't give up.

    hope my experience will help a lot.nd see many of the readers as my colleagues in THBS.....


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