Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   thiagarajar College Of Engineering,madurai-15-8 Jul 2007

Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   thiagarajar College Of Engineering,madurai-15-8 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hi friends..................
    iam studying final year (ece) in thiagarajar college of engineering,madurai.
    recently (july 8 2007)  thbs (torry harris business solution) visited our campus.................... our college allows 12 other colleges for off campus.............
    totally 470 students attend written test.........written test consists of three parts.each are elimination round,...............
    written test contains
                         1.anlytical reasoning(20 questions ,20 minutes)
                         2.logical reasoning(12 questions  ,15 minutes)  
                         3.technical test (20 questions,20 minutes)
    1.analytical reasoning
                    this is the first round .this round is little bit of tough.time management is very important.please try to solve easy which they ask (probablity,
    train problem,numbers,time and distance ,percentage) you prepre the r.s.agarval book.i mentioned some of the questions
         Q.  (9)n, (16)n,(20)n........  this terms are in a.p find n?
                   a)12       b)15      c)20   d)18    (i dont know exactly)
         Q :    in 26 letter in english  alphabet ,u would arrange 6 letter word in which last 4 words are consonants .find probability?
                    a)26*25*24*21        b)(26^3)-21   c)26*25*22*21
          Q :    if u thow a two dice at a time what will be the probablity of additition of numbers less than 11?
                     a)11/12   b)3/12     c)11/36      ans: 11/12
          Q:      in atrain problem they can given two length of a train and distance and travelled in one opposite direction .find the velocity of train.

          Q:  eqn a2+b2+c2=10 and then find 2a+3b+4c?
          Q: ther are 2 qns  in relationship problem
                    a-b    -> a is the son of b
                 find  p-q-r?
          Q: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,  a is the doctor  and b is engineer and then some informations are given find relatianship?
          Q: rectangle leangth and breath are given how many squares are formed in inside rectangle?

          Q: find  how many squares in 1*1 chessboard?
                a)204     b)1096 c)128     ans:204
                      ther are 4 set of questions are coming.
                       after then they announce the result for this part. only 204 students are cleared out of 470.after they conduct the second test
                Compare to the first part this round is very easy. questions are from (logical reasoning&non verbal reasoning by r.s.agarval).questions are from arrangement  of people who should 1st speak,and then directions
              .after then they announce the result for this part. only102 students are cleared .after they conduct the third test

                in this part they ask the questions from c&os. i think c is very easy and os is prepare the "exploring c" by y.kanitkar and this is very easy
    some questions are
          Q: which is faster ++i  (or)  i=i+1?
          Q: i=2;

          after written this test they announce the result for this part. only 44 students are cleared .
           after then the interview started for 44 people.

                ther are two panels .in my panel the interviewer is very cool and jovial person he ask questions tome

     Q : what is your father doing?
     Q: what is ur native place? tell me brief?
    Q: do u know c?
    ans: yes.(and then he asks from c++)
    Q:what is polymorphism?
    Q:what is public and private function?
    Q:what is microprocessor?
    Q:what is encapsulation?
    Q:can u write prime number program?
    ans:i do it
    Q:please explain
    ans:i explain
    Q:had u attend before any interview?
    ans:yes sir
    Q:then why are u not selected for those company?
    Q:where is ur level in communication point of view between the range 1-10?
    Q:pleas go to join any spoken english course and improve ur communication skill,.u go we will announce the results..........
    ans : thank you sir.(that time i feel i definitely get placed).
      after 1 hour they announce the result.totally 16 get placed.i was one of them in the list.that time i feel very happy.i thank god first of all............

      so friends           
                                  " DO  YOUR   BEST     AND
                                       GOD  WILL DO THE REST"


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