Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   ITM,GWALIOR-27 Sep 2006

Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   ITM,GWALIOR-27 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012





    First of all IT stream(IT, CS, MCA) were having different paper and NON-IT stream(EC,MECH, EI etc) had different paper.

    The written test included 20 questions with time limit of 20 minutes. The paper was quite easy which included around 4 questions related with C language, 4-5 questions related to practical electronics. 2-3 of DCS and rest were aptitude.


    I am writing questions correct best to my knowledge??..



    1.      How many 1?s will appear in the binary equivalent of 280*(273)(Some multiplication like this I don?t remember the exact figure.)


    2.      which device is most likely to be failed.

    a) resister    b) capacitor   c) transistor  d) diode

    ( I believe Ans is C)

    3.      there are two trains moving towards each other with speeds of 53 and 34kmph. A man standing on the slower train notice the fast one passed him in 15sec.  find the length of the train.

     Ans was 75 mtr


    4.      a man is standing on the bridge 180 mtr long. Man observes that train passes him 8 sec. while it crosses bridge in 20 sec. find the length of the train. Ans=120 mtr.

    5.      there was a egg seller who tell a person that 3 of his customers told him to buy half of eggs he have along with half an egg more. Find the total no of eggs with him initially. Ans 7 eggs

    6.      binary equivalent of 52. Ans 110100

    7.      which device has grid in it. A) diode b)capacitor c) transistor d)resister.

         Ans:- capacitor(99 % correct)

    8.      which of the devices are used for filtering purpose.

    a)capacitor b)inductor c) both d) none Ans C

    9.      int cosnt *a = 10;


    ??????. Ans :- Compiler error (cosnt is no keyword)

    10.   float a=1.1;

    double b=1.1;


    printf(?both are same);


    printf(?both are different);

    what is output:-

    ans:- both r different

    11.  stack uses LIFO, FIFO, Round Robin etc   ans:- LIFO

    12.  priority order of (), ++, /  Ans:- ()++/

    13.  pilot frequency in FM:- a) 18 b)22 

    14.  1280 divided by smallest no. becomes perfect square. Ans :- 5

    15.  generation 3rd processors are made of :

    a) NMOS   b)HMOS some options like this I don?t remember the exact may be ans is A.

    16.  length of header in TCP and IP a)10,2 b) 5,10 some options like this .

    17.  maximum integer that can be accommodated by 1 byte.

            A)256 b)512 c) 255 d)128   .



    I don?t remember the rest of 3 questions but they were also easy. There was no negative marking. The copies were checked by their delegates only no help from college faculties.


    I attempted 16 ques. And my 14 were surely correct. I believe 16-17 correct answers will do safely. Mark 1-2 wrong also to show that you did it only by yourself. Earlier there was no GD but then 130 were selected in written so GD was conducted. 57 out of GD and 27 final selections. Don?t make GD fish market and also if it is made so then shut yourself. As it will create a bad impression of yours.


    They were having our written answer sheets with them in GD gave us marks totaled written and GD marks and then short listed for interview. Technical and HR were at the same time. 1 Aptitude question was asked with most of the guys. Like monkey climbing problem etc. also some good concepts of C and C++ were asked. Also asked to justify your ans. of programming ques. in written exam.




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