Torry Harris  Placement Paper   General - Other   IIT Lucknow-7 Apr 2007

Torry Harris  Placement Paper   General - Other   IIT Lucknow-7 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi i m prashant srivastava, u.i.e.t.kanpur. i appeared in open campus for torry harris.

    first round was Apti.20 ques in 20 mins.

    there were arond 4-5 sets of papers in each batch.

    ques that i remember were

    1)a women has to cross the diagonal of a square of area 24200with 6.4mph  wats the time

    2)allegation ques(an alloy of copper,alu n brass mixed with alloy of bronze copper n silver. find % of aluminium)

    3)no of 7s from 1 to 100

    4)a ques on time n work( a, b, c, start some job and leave after certain days ...)

    5)if P is a point on the circumference of an equi. triangle then   AP^2 +BP^2 +CP^2  is?

    6)if 12 almirah take 34ft. how much space does 18 take?(very simple)

    7)if the radius of circle is increased by 50%. by how much will surface area increase?

    8)a frog climbs 3ft in 1 hr rests for 30 mins and slips 2 ft. how much time will he take to climb a wall 18 ft high?

    9)last nonzero digit in factorial of 96?

    10)a simlple ques on speed n distance

    11) a simple but lengthy ques on simple interest

    12)clock question

    13)a very simple ques on series

    14)a no wen div by 9 leaves remainder 9,when div by 8 leaves 8...

    15)wat is half of quarter of onetenth of 400?

    16)sum of digits of 10^13-1?


    they selected 440 students out of 7000.

    just after the result we had to rush for 2nd round around 7pm.

    it was logical reasoning.12 ques in 15 mins.

    similar to puzzles in rs agarwal.

    they shortlisted 110 students.


    next morning we had interview round. it was totally a tech. interview. they asked from project,, data structures.

    in the end they selected around 50 students. i got selected. also in the interview comm. skills mattered a lot. so this was my experience.



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