Torry Harris  Placement Paper   General - Interview   JITM,parlakimundi-19 Jul 2007

Torry Harris  Placement Paper   General - Interview   JITM,parlakimundi-19 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai friends,
                      This is uday bhaskar rao k. from Aditya institute of Technology and management,Tekkali.
     Do u know friends  i was appeared how many companies ???????????
                     In  9 companies...................
    How many months it was taken to attend me u know??????????????
                     In 5 months only...........
                 In 5 months i had appeared of 9 companies, but i was not selected upto my 8 company.
    After that my 8 th company i was attended for Torry harris business solutions at jagannadha institute of technology and management,parlakimundi,orissa.

    My last attended companies list i want to describe,Those are
    at last thbs.
    Do u think  how i suffer because of my failure, i suffer very lot.
    But god know about me. after that these  companies i was attended in that company.
    I was selected in that company.
    Here i want to tell that is all our before friends are said that "If the day is yours, no one can stop you".

    so now i want to explain selection procedure.
    thbs is having 5 rounds.
    1.written test: aptitude
    2.written test: logical reasoning
    3.written test: technical
    5.HR&technical interview.
    For us we have no GD.
    we have 3 written tests and interview only. becasue after 3rd written test there are 63 candidates are only there. all are eliminated
    Nearly of 700 students in first written test nearly 300 were selected.
    In first written test  we can call it as Mathes test but not aptitude test. All problems are formulas which we face in our intermediate time.
    The cutoff is only 7 for us.
    I did 7 perfectly so i was selected in that test
    after that their second written test was conducted.
    It was logical reasoning test.
    In this test they give puzzle test,blood relations, directions,etc problems.
    It was consist of 12 questions with in 15 minutes.
    In this written test only 120 were selected.
    after that their third written test was conducted.
    It was totally c,c++ programming and all fundamentals bits only.
    In this test only 63 were selected.
    After that they have GD. but they are not conducted it,because of low people.
    Direcly they conducted HR&technical interview.
    In that i faced all are technical only,only one que from HR
    If u have good technical stuff u will select.
    In my opinion we should tell to them if they ask what is your favourite language is c++;
    because if u tell "c" then u will face problems because c is ocean,but c++ has some limits.
    They will ask only some question about basic concepts of C++.
    so Try to c++ only.
    After interview they were selects only 30 candidates.
    I was one among them. from our college 5 people were selected,.
    so now i feel very happy,
    I want to suggest to you one thing friends i.e., dont depress, but suffer why i am failing, try to avoid your mistakes and all and get good job.
    I hope u see u in thbs.
    best of luck friends.

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