Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   ITM UNIVERSE,GWALIOR-27 Sep 2006

Torry Harris  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   ITM UNIVERSE,GWALIOR-27 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

                                                       TORRY HARRIS PLACEMENT PAPER

    hi guys,


    there were 20 questions n time allocated was 20 min.(NO NEGATIVE MARKING)

    there were 2 category of paper named TECHNICAL n NON TECHNICAL PAPER


    TECH for CS,IT,MCA.

    Here r the questions which i remember..(NON TECHNICAL PAPER)

    1.there r 27 coins out of which only 1 was heavier n other was of equal weight.In how many ways u weight to find out heavier one?

    ans-3.(not sure)

    2.what was day on 12 jan 1979 ?


    3.if 1 egg will boil in 5 min then how much time it will take to boil 4 eggs?

    1.20        2.5      3.5/4      4.15

    ans-5 min

    4.if a man eat 100 apple in 5 days n on each day he eats 6 more then previous days.then how many he eats on first day?

    ans-8(simple a.p )

    5.if a man casts 1 boll in 3 min then how many boll he will cast in 2and half hour?

    ans-50 question on converting decimal to hexadecimal.

    7.what  is the priority level of (),++,/

    1.(),/,++  2.++.(),/   like that


    8.3rd generation semiconductor r based on?


    9.where does the value of data stored in microprocessor after operation?


    10.filtering can be done by using?

    ans-capacitor n inductor

    11.a question based on TCP IP related to values?

    12.what is largest value that can be represented in bytes?

    1.128   2.255   3.256     4.125 a=1.1

    float b=1.1

    if (a==b)


    printf("both are same")




    printf("both are differnt")



    what will be output of the above programme?


    14.another question on c programming.

    i hav not seen this question...

    15.A question based on probability like arranging the digit 0,0,2,5 where both zeros shoul come together like that.

    16.In OSI layer emulation process occurs in which layer?

    1.operation  2.presentation   3.application 4.transport layer   

    17.In stack register data are in or out on which basis?

    1.LIFO   2.FIFO    3.BOTH    4.none of these

     18.Hello protype is used for?


    after that there is interview only.


    it's easy to crack this exam but cutoff goes very high around 16.

    they came  there to recruit 50 people only among 1200 student .so it was tough task for me to crack because 25 seats were reserved for CS  n IT branch.remaining for all

    they selected only 80 people from 1200 in aptitude test

    PACKAGE-3lac p.a

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