Thermax  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   National Power Training Instt.(ER)-29 Sep 2010

Thermax  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   National Power Training Instt.(ER)-29 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    1) The intermediate pressure of a two stage compressor working between p1 and p2 pressure is squareroot(p1.p2)

    2) In an isothermal atmosphere the relation between rate of pressure and rate of density change is

    3) Value of T(torque) in combined bending moment and torsion

    4) A ball bearing arrangement mechanism is used in steering mechanism

    5) A shaft of 100 mm dia delivering 100 hp at 100rpm. The torque in kg-m is

    6) For isentropic flow in a convergent divergent nozzle is(V 7) relation between t2 and t1 in terms if gamma and Mach no.

    8) Simple problem of mechanics where 3 bodies of mass 10,20,30 are connected together and pulled with a force of 60N. calc. accelaration

    9) Relation between lead and pitch in screw jack

    10) Internal energy is function of temperature

    11) Which delivers least power
    i) Cyl & piston ii) Cam and follower iii) Belt drive iv)Gear drive

    12) Newtons law states that
    i) work is a fraction of heat energy transfer ii) Heat energy is a fraction of work transfer iii) No relation

    13) Thermal conductivity is defined as

    14) Area=1m * 1.5m wall, k=0.4, l=0.6 find thermal resistance

    15) Calc COP in a vapour compression refrigeration cycle all enthalpy values would be given

    16) COP of a heat pump working between source (7 deg C) and sink (-33 deg C); i/p work 1000J o/p 750J

    17) Efficiency of Screw jack

    18) Relation between coeff of rigidity, co-eff of elasticity and poisson's ration

    19) Simple pitot measures flow velocity

    20) Expression of centre of pressure for a rectangular lamina

    21) Arrange according to resistance. RTD, thermocouple, thermistor

    22) Output of a thermocouple is measured in mV

    23) Thermal conductivity of water increases with temp, decreases with temp, increases first then decreases, decreases first then increases.
    (out of 40 ques 23 are here)

    Aptitude + Verbal reasoning

    20 Mirror images
    10 English(fill in the blanks in comprehension, sequence testing, meaning of passages)
    10 Data sufficiency (quite tough)
    20 Quantitative Aptitude(8-10 easy, 10 quite high)

    Myself Arijit Debroy was an appearing candidate only.

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    Thank you... Very usefulSmile

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