Thermax  Company Profile

Thermax  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Corporate view: Thermax Ltd.  is a multi-national energy and environment engineering company based in India; and in Britain . It manufactures boilers, vapour absorption machines, offers water and waste solutions and installs captive power projects. Thermax is also a historic brand name of boilers, and the name of a former toughened-glass company.

    Anu Aga was the chairperson of the company 1996-2004, till she handed over the reigns to her daughter, Meher Pudumjee, and figured amongst the eight richest Indian women, and in 2007 was part of 40 Richest Indians by net worth according to Forbes magazine, in 2009 she was at number 55, and continues to be a board member.

    Thermax of India

    The Thermax Company based in India , which has also made boilers, has four manufacturing centres, and operates in seventy five countries. It became known as Thermax Ltd in 1980. It derived from the Indian operation of the Wanson company of Belgium, now known as Babcock Wanson since 1990 and based in the Chevilly-Larue district of southern Paris which is owned by Constructions industrielles de la Mediterranean (CNIM). In 1987 it started making vapour absorption machines, in collaboration with Sanyo of Japan. It formed a joint venture in 1988 with North Carolina-based Babcock and Wilcox, who make boilers, to make steam generation units forheat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). In 1992 it formed its Combined Heat and Power Group.

    On 15 February 1995 it became a public company on the Bombay Stock Exchange. In 2009, it signed a 51-49 joint venture with US firmSPX Corporation to provide equipment and services for Indian power sector.

    Founded:        1980

    Headquarters: 14 Mumbai-Pune Road , Wakdewadi,
                        Pune 411 003, India


    Entry Level Recruitment:

    For recruitments, Thermax advertise through relevant newspapers and jobsites, and also highlight them on this website. 
    Thermax have three modes of recruiting people for which they advertise in relevant newspapers or host them on this website: 

    Engineer Trainee Induction Program
    A comprehensive Engineer Trainee (ET) Scheme inducts and launches fresh engineers in various functions across the company. The programme is designed to develop technical excellence from early days of an employee. Engineering trainees from reputed engineering colleges are periodically recruited. They are trained intensively for one year through an intensive programme that begins with exclusive induction sessions spread over a two week period.  Hands-on training at the work place, manufacturing facilities and customer installations follow before they are absorbed as confirmed employees of Thermax. 

    Thermax Graduate Programme
    In 2007 the ?Thermax Graduate Programme' (TGP) was launched to provide an opportunity to young graduate students from science streams from across India to develop careers with Thermax.  Launched on a pilot basis, the programme aims to create competent and technically competent individuals to one of the core Thermax businesses in the area of sales, logistics and services. The program is managed by Thermax in partnership with Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune.

    Lateral Recruitments
    On a continuing basis, Thermax takes in experienced professionals from different disciplines to sustain its businesses and drive its innovative projects.  Besides their functional expertise, they are assessed for compatibility with the cultural ethos and values of Thermax. Once recruited, they undergo an induction programme and join the Thermax teams.

    India location:


    Corporate Office

    Thermax House, 14 Mumbai-Pune Road
    Wakdewadi, Pune 411 003
    Tel: 91-20-66051200/25542122
    Fax: 91-20-25542242
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    Registered Office

    D-13, MIDC Industrial Area
    R D Aga Road
    , Chinchwad, Pune 411019
    Phone: 020 - 66122100/27475941-42
    Fax   : 020 - 27472049
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    Media Contact
    A. M. Roshan
    Corporate Communications
    Tel:   91-20 66051210
    Mob:  09823116417

    Investor Relations
    Sunil N. Lalai
    Company Secretary
    Thermax House, 14 Mumbai-Pune Road






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