The Evolution And Growth Of MercadoLibre

The Evolution And Growth Of MercadoLibre


Related Link: Marcos Galperin, founder of MercadoLibre, tells the story of the founding of the company and its growing pains in the early days. This talk was organized by the Center for Global Business and the Economy at the Graduate School of Business as part of the Global Speaker Series. Chapters 1. Introduction: The Start of Mercado Libre 2. Mercado Libre: An Overview 3. Doing Business in Latin America 4. The Mercado Libre Marketplace 5. Question: Why the Jump in Paid Listings? 6. The Payments Platform 7. Mercado Clics & Shops 8. Mercado Vs. E-Bay Model 9. Secret Investments from E-Bay 10. Keeping the e-Commerce Marketplace Open 11. Question: Is the Amazon Model Feasible in Latin America? 12. Question: Common Mistakes in Starting a Business? 13. Question: Barriers to Business? 14. Question: What Was the Major Focus? 15. Commerce Everywhere 16. Overcoming Barriers to Commerce 17. Running as Fast as You Can

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