TEMNOS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -4 Jul 2006

TEMNOS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -4 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    No Negative Marks So you can attend all the questions

    1) Given that black->blue
    violet -> black
    what is the color of blood?
    ans: Red

    2) Five books A,B,C,D,E are arranged not in order, D is below E, B is above C, A is below B. which book is not top?
    ans: E

    3)A man has to travel 5Km. he takes 5min break every hour. His speed is 10Km/hr. what is the time to reach the destinaion ?
    ans: 50 min

    4) A frog climbs a 20ft wall, every hour it clim's 3ft and decliens 2ft. how much time it takes ?
    ans: 18(it reached) not 20.

    5) Nepo is three time as old as his son's age. his father is 40 more than twice is age. what is nepo's age ?
    ans: 360 (not 120=son's age)

    6) A man travel 3Km north from home, 2Km west,1km north, 5km east. what
    is the distance from his home now ?
    ans: 3(use pythogorus theorm, draw some extensions, diagonal is 3)

    7) A Deer and hare had a race, hare was 16m ahead during start. Distance covered by hare in 6 jumps is equal to 4 jumps of Deer. distance covered in one jump by hare is 1m, and that of deer is 2.5m.find the distance covered by deer to catch hare.
    ans: don't know

    8) A contractor has to complete, construction of a road in 15 days of length 12km, initialy done by 100 people After 9 days only 5km of work is completed. Now the contractor has to complete the remaning job in same time period.
    now how many more people he has to take.
    ans: i think 10(don't forget to subtract 100)

    9) There are 6 people A,B,C,D,E,F. A and D are husband and wife, F is the sister of D, c is the grandfather of D, D's son is police. The two ladies are
    unemployed now say how is the pilot?
    ans: I don't know( but E is police, because only E is not mentioned)
    i think D.

    10) if ANTICIPATION is said as ICITNAOINTAP. then what is PRODUCTAVITY.
    ANS: i don't know.

    11) A man consumes 20% more, when the product rate decress by 20%.
    what is his profit?
    ans: -4%( that is he has 4% loss)
    gain or loss% = (x/10)^2.

    12) A train is moving at a speed of 84km/hr, and a man is moving at a speed of 6km/hr in opp. direction. They cross each other a 5sec. What is the length of
    train ?
    ans: in R.S Agrawal.
    Allen Kumar

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