TechMahindra(MBT)  Selection Procedure

TechMahindra(MBT)  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    MBT PATTERN - JAN 2006
    Hi ,

    This is the latest pattern of MBT.
    Total time :- 1 hr

    Section A:- 35 questions (General English) -Scoring
    Section B:- 20 questions Series (Number and Diagram series) -Tough
    Section C:- 20 questions Quatitatve Aptitude(All questions from R.S.Aggarwal )

    There is no strict time limit on each section.You can start from any section.
    There is negative marking of .25, remember it is clearly mentioned in the booklet that there is negative marking and suddenly one person came and told that there is no negative marking, but at the end other person came and announced that there is negative marking and previous announcement was just to divert you,so remember
    that there is negative marking


     Test Pattern.

    The paper was divided into 6 sections and each section had to be completed in 10 min.You cannot move forwards backwards. After every 10 min.

    Section 1 : Quantitative Maths 10th level maths, the type of ques that come in CAT exams. 
    Age problem,time & speed,simple
    trigonometry,algebra,mensuration,time & work, profit &loss, percentage.

    Section 2 : Logical Reasoning ques based on series, coding, blood relations , analogy

    Section 3 : English Usage & verbal logic Parajumbles, antonym-synonyms, analogy You need to have a good vocabulary for this section.

    Section 4 : Data Interpretation There were three sets of problems based on pie chart, 

    Section 5 : Reading Comprehension7 mins were given to read the passage and 3 mins for answering the questions. you are not allowed to turn back to the passage while answering the ques.

    Section 6 : Logic There were 2 flowcharts and some questions based on them. it was the easiest section and all the questions in this section could be attempted correctly.

    There were total 80 questions that had to be attempted in 60 mins. The main thing to remember was 1:1 negative marking. So attempt only what you know.


     It was supposed to be a two phase process -- one technical interview and one HR interview , but the focus in both interview was HR only. Even during technical interview mostly HR based ques.

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