TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   University College Of Engg. PATIALA-30 Jun 2006

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   University College Of Engg. PATIALA-30 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi friends this is MANISH,got selected in tech mahindra on 30 june,2006.

    The test duration was 1 hour. It consisted of 75 questions as follows:

    1.general english(35 questions)


       1. (10) fill in the blanks without options on preposition,article and tenses.(very easy)

       2. (15)There were questions on data sufficiency,choose the meaning of underlined sentence(but hardly any  question  had underline so we have to omit tht questions,i dont know whether they considered that qustions or not)

    and some more vocab questions which could be easily solved

      3.(10) there was a reading comprehension (easy one)


    2.This section consisted of 20 questions

        logical reasoning- it had questions like number series,find a a 9*9 matrix (found in RS agarwal)

       some questions like choose the venn diagram for the following  conditions, some of them i remember as

       1.teleophone,communication,banana(ans-choose the figure which has a circle in circle and a seperate circle)


       and two three such questions (u can find them in RS agarwal)

      and some more easy questions on logical reasoning)



    3.Arithmetic section (20 questions )

      It had some questions on data sufficiency,some sums on work and time,percentage ,profit and loss ,and easier topics of RS agarwal.

     I dont remember much of the questions since i had my aptitude test was on 11 and due to the bomb blast ,our interviews were held on 17 ,but till then i hardly remember any questions

      My advice to u will be tht try to solve equal no of questions of each section because u will find english and logical section comparatively easier and will try to solve all the questions frm tht sections and finally miss the arithmetic section .

    they will not tell u anything about the sectional cut off but it is there

    there will be no negative marking.


    There was HR interview  and Technical. try to be patient .I had a complete HR one but many people were also asked on C and C++.the interview will be on ur resume and current affairs can also be asked.

    Have a sound knowledge about the company.


    finally i conclude with the statistics


       Appeared for the aptitude-75(APROX.)

       Cleared aptitude -29

       Selected for the company -10

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