TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Global Institute Of Tech. Jaipur-14 Feb 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Global Institute Of Tech. Jaipur-14 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends.

     Hope this will help u a lot. I got placed in Tech Mahindra.

    The selection procedure is as follows:

    1. Online Test

    2. Technical Interview

    3. HR Interview


    1. Online Test:-

    As there r approx 50 colleges across the Rajasthan r  invited ,total of 2400 student, so
    They took online test in 6 Batches. We were provided a PC in lab which were connected to their server.


    Test was divided in 5 sections.

    3 were English and 2 aptitude.



    English part was average in level  consist of 35 questions(10,10,15). Questions were fill in the blanks with propositions and words with appropiate verb forms and suitable words. 4-5 vocab questions. Some questions were based on paragraph conclusion.
    Practice some topics like prepositions , Error finding, tenses, fill up the blanks from any good English objective book.



    Aptitude consist of
    verbal & non-verbal section (20 questions)- Practice all the 3 sections given in R.S. aggarwal.

    This section is little bit tough.
    Questions were based on series, missing no. or char., odd one out, 2 ques from venn diag, blood relation, Logical reasoning, Non verbal series questions.


    Quantitative section (20 questions)-

    Practice verbal reasoning & quantitative apti book of R.S. aggarwal.

    Questions on Blood relation, profit ?loss, Interest, clocks, Puzzles, Time-speed, age etc.


    First try this section & then the 4th one. It was simple.

    There were no negative marking. They instructed for sectional cut-off . They selected approx 1000 out of 2400.


    2. Technical Interview:

    It was of average level. Based on CV. Here both  HR & technical  question were asked .  

    He give me a simple program in c++ based on strings.

    He also asked me to write a prog. In c++ to output system date.

    Then some general C's concept like data types, classes, oops concepts etc.

    Some ques on DBMS.

    Then questions on my project during my summer training.

    They selected appox 400 out of 1000.


    3. HR:

    We were called in a group of 9.

    First he just asked us to describe ourselves and then a casual talk based on hobbies.

    Asked about SWDLC steps.

    What do u want to ask us?

    All 9 were selected. 

    They select 325 out of 400.


    Some tips for interview.

    • Carry your resume.
    • The interview is just to gauge your communication skills, basically whether you can speak or not or are confident enough.
    • Tell us something about Yourself - Mention your current educational status i.e name of college, degree and special. Move on to emphasis on your skills.
    • Support every skill with an exanple when asked for. For example if you mention you are good at team work.You may be interrupted by the interviewer and asked to explain that why you feel you are good at team work.
    • Every strength, quality, weakness or any word you utter will be listened to sharply. So be prepared for an example and a statement to support it.
    • HOBBIES. Prepare fully all the facts related to ur hobbies , as interwier may ask any ques related to ur hobbies

    Besk of luk to all. May be we will meet in Tech Mahindra.



    Ankit Jain

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