TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   B.P.Poddar Institute Of Management & Technology-27 Feb 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   B.P.Poddar Institute Of Management & Technology-27 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends.... I am Supratim (3rd year EE) from BPPIMT Kolkata. 0n 27 th Feb Tech Mahindra came to our colg. for on campusing.

    The campusing procedure start ed arround 10 am with the ppt. They showed an awsome video presentation followed by a powerpoint presentation. In those they showed the growth rate of the company, it's mission, vision, work culture etc. Some employee's  experiences were also there. It may be fruitful to note some points from the ppt for the interviews.

    The ppt was followed by an online aptitude test. There were total 75 questions divided into 5 sections. The total time was 1 hour.

    1st part - quanti (20 questions)
    2nd part - logical reasoning(20 questions)
    3rd part  - english grammer(10 questions)
    4th part - english antonim & synonyms(15 questions)
    5th part - english reading comprehension(10 questions)

    For first two parts prepare from R.S Agarwal. In the 4 th part a part of line was underlined which was to be changed by one out of 5 sollutions. All the questions were not very tough but time management was the prime factor. No negetive marking was there so try to answer as many as you can because sectional cut off is there. Be careful about not clicking a section you have allready answered otherwise it will be refreshed and all answers you made will be gone.

    Out of more than 100 students 52 were cleared in the technical round. They were given a form to fill up for interviews.

    My technical interview started at 6-30 pm. It was actually a technical and HR interview together. Questions were like-----

    Give me your introduction.
    What are your subjects of preference?
    Tell me what you know about C  
    WHat is the difference between C & C++ ?
    What is link list? Describe on paper. Types of link list. Insertion & deletion from it.
    Questions from stack ,  sorting and searching were also asked. Some fundamental C questions were also there.

    Then the man started to ask me questions of HR like my long time and short time goals, my strengths, college activities, if i get the job and someone talks negetive about me, my senior is not pleased with me etc. These all are asked to check my attitude and ability to handle pressure situation. After that I was told to wait for the HR interview. Out of 52 students 41 were selected for the HR round.

     Tech Mahindra has a reputation of  not rejecting much in the HR round. My HR interview started at 9 pm. The interview lasted for about 5 minutes. Believe me friends it was a cakewalk.

    The result was out at 11-15 pm.  All 41 students who passed the technical round were selected. I was one of the lucky 41 students.

    The day before the interview I was also a tensed student in front of the monitor watching placement papers and preparing myself. So from my experience I can tell you prepare yourself well and believe in yourself. Thats all you need to be successful.

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