TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT-21 Mar 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT-21 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,
    this is SAJAL KUMAR SAHA(3rd year,CSE) from NIT KOLKATA. Now I'm the happiest person in the world 'coz I get the job in TECH MAHINDRA after a long struggle. Tech Mh.. came in our clg. for on campassing on 21st March,2007. let me give u a potrait of that day.

    The selection process was not so easy. it was as follows:
    1) APTITUDE TEST ( online ,75 marks,60 min.there was 5 sections. english 3 sections &analytical ability and non-verbal.)
    3) HR INT.

    Aptitude paper was not so easy. They have varity sets. some get easy one,and the others tough one. i got the tough one. English was quite easy. there some time killing problems. the main factor was time. ther is no -ve no sec. cut off. But cut off was high. among 148 74 clear the apti. I go to tech int around  8.30. it was a10 min panel.

    1. HE> introduce ur self.
    me: give my impressive intro.
    2. HE> (not so impressed) tell abt ur subjs of this sem.
    me: saying all.
    3. HE> wat is software dev cycle?
    me: explaining very clearly.
    4. HE> do u know DBMS? wat is primary key? wat is ref integrity? wat is index? type of index. B-Tree index?
    me: answer all the q's correctly.
    5.HE> wat is ur domain?
    me: D.S ,C,C++
    6. HE> +ve points
    me: good learner, great confidence.
    7. HE>very much impressed, recommended fo HR.
    It was really difficult to impress a person in 8 min. But the actually  look for the confidence. 51 was selected for HR. I was 1 of them.
    I go for HR around 11.45. believe me guys it was just a cakewalk. but the main thing u need is luck. The result is declared near abt 1.15. I was one of the luckiest person who got SELECTED. For apti i just suggest u to practice urself according to the time.

    hope i will meet u in TECH MAHINDRA .so don't give up hope. Try ur best. GOD definitely will help u.

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