TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mumbai-24 Sep 2008

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mumbai-24 Sep 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends...I am a student of B.E. (I.T.) from Atharva college of Engineering --Mumbai. Tech mahindra came to our college on 25th of September 2008.

    Candidates appeared for the aptitude:81
    Candidates Cleared aptitude:17
    Finally selected after Interviews:17

    The 1st screening was done by keeping the eligibility criteria as 58%.Those below 58% were allowed to sit for the exams but even if they cleared the aptitude they were not called for interviews!

    The aptitude test was ONLINE!!....The test was reallly simple.....but the main constraint was TIME!!...we had to solve 100 questions in 60 mins. The procedure to be followed during the test and various details such as login_id and password were clearly explained when the panel gave their presentation. There is no Negative marking.So attempt all questions.

    For clearing the aptitude R.S aggarwal Quantitave & Verbal -Nonverbal Reasoning should be solved...
    The important topics that should be covered from these books are:
    ==Quantitative: H.C.F.and L.C.M of nos.,Average,Problems on Ages,Percentage,Time and Work,Alligation or Mixture,Simple Interest, Compound  Interest, Clocks, Simplification
    ==Verbal and Nonverbal: series  completion, Analogy,coding-Decoding,Blood Relations, Puzzle test,Data sufficiency, Logic, Statement-Conlusions,Figure matrix,Odd man Out from Image Series,series of images.

    There are 6 sections
    section 1=Nonverbal,
    section 2=verbal reasoning ,
    section 3=Quantitaive,
    section 4,5,6 is English

    There is sectional cutoff...but no Upper cutoff. GUI is user friendly.Every section, after attempting should be saved otherwise the page gets refreshed and all the answers will be lost.we can change the section as and when we want but the section should be saved.

    If u get a good score in ur aptitude or if u are among the Top-3 or 4 students ur technical interview will be easy.
    I was asked general questions .....such as Tell me about urself,Why should i hire u?,What do u know about Tech Mahindra?,What are ur strengths and weaknesses? Tell me about the Projects that u did...and the role played by u and other team members .Then i was told to move to the H.R. Round

    In the H.R. round the interviewer asked  us about our views regarding a general situation.The situation given to me was that...if i am made the college principal ...what are the 3 things that i would like to change?...Others were asked about MNS,and issue of north indians coming into Mumbai.

    Just be confident ...and if u dont know something ...say u are not sure or say i dont know!Dont  bluff.Be thorough with ur projects and everything that u have mentioned in ur resume!If u have a gap in any of ur academic years or between the Engineering semesters...u should have a strong reason to support the gap.

    Before Tech Mahindra ...i had appeared for 6 other companies...but somehow i couldnt even clear the aptitude .
    So dont lose hope if u are still struggling with the aptitude....its just was not ur day..or something better is awaiting u!!I want to thank...Freshers World and the students who made it a point to write their experiences..

    Good Luck Guys......

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