TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Techno India,Salt Lake,Kolkata-12 Mar 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Techno India,Salt Lake,Kolkata-12 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    My self Biman Dey Sarkar? I am 4m Techno India,Salt Lake, It was 12th March, 2007..
    I appered online apti test of Tech Mahindra.. There was 70 Q. nd has to be solved in 1hr.

    Section 1: 20 Q.Quantitive (some of them was realy hard ) [should take 25 min]
    Section 2: 20 Q.Puzzels, Non verval, verval (easy) [ can take 15 min]
    Section 3: 10 Q. Fill in the blanks (very easy) [ can take 3-5 min]
    Section 4: 10 Q. Preposition, ?. (very easy) [can take 3-5 min]
    Section 5: 10Q. there was a paragraph.. not soo long, 1st check the question then read the para? [10 min iz enough 4 that] Then technical round..

    I was called near about 1:45 p.m.
    Tech: hello I am ********..take ur sit,
    Me: Thank u , sir.
    Tech: Introduce ur self.
    Me: I introduced..[ be proud 4 ur parents , school, clg]
    Tech: okk.. do u remember my name..
    Me: Name I remember, bt the surname I had forget, so be soory, I told him to tell his name again nd advice to always be attentive..
    Tech: He told me as u r a cricketer(My was Cricket).. what about u?? bowler or batsman
    Me: I told I m a opener.
    Tech: What should be ur ambition, while r u batting.
    Me: I explain, He was impressed
    Tech: He ask me to write, even,prime,AP. Series prog..
    Me: I write it down? Tech: He ask me 4m C,Data Structure,Java,OS.
    Me: I give my best.
    Tech: He ask me the diff, between Array, and Link List
    Me: I explain.
    Tech: He told me to give a example , so that he wil be impressed..
    Me: I take his name in array,, nd explain ((He don?t expect that,,))
    Tech: Than >???
    Me: I take his name, in link list too.. I hv done mistake in there?. Write the coding of Apped, Deletion of node, insertion of node.. And introduced his name.. as a correct form..
    Tech: then He told u hav really impressed me,,u r excilent in coding.., I am waiting 4 u in tech mahindra,,
    Me: I told thank u sir..
    Tech: He offer me snacks , and give me sweets.. and told me wait 4 HR..

    It was 2:30?. I wait. ? ?. ?.. ?.. after 7hr,, I interviewer called me 4 hr.. I don?t drink even a glass of water too.. My friends give me a drink,, b4 entering 4 HR..

    My HR manager ask me how was my feeling thenn,, I told cool.. He told that, u done a good job in tech,, so u may be 1 of selected student..
    He told me to explain what ever,, I think,,,,(it was really funny) Then he ask my family back grounds,, About my friendz?.
    It was for 2 mins? That?s all???..

    Next day,, When the list was published.. I see all the student 4m IT (Techno India) was selected.. I was 1 of the 57 selected student of Techno India That?s a grt feeling?. So always be confident,, dot stammers? during Interview,, an don?t tense.. Thank uu all?
    Best of luck

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