TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Techno India Building-05 Mar 2010

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Techno India Building-05 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012






    Hello dear friends and beloved juniors,

     This is Aishik Gupta , glad to tell you that me got selected in TechMahindra.Hurray!!!


    I am from 2008 batch, ECE. There was an offcampus at TechM office at Techno India Building , Salt Lake , Kolkata on 6th March. Criterion required 60% all through academics. There were 4 rounds selection process?.




    2) TECHNICAL 1


    3) TECHNICAL 2


    4) HR


    Don?t know actual figure but , Apti cleared : 185, mainly tech1was heavy elimination round, tech 2 a little bit, and HR was cool.


     In Aptitude , we had 60mins and 100 Questions.

    Time was the factor, questions were easy?mainly compound interest, age, profit n loss problems, number series, English vocabulary, comprehension of passage etc. There was overall cutoff marks though unknown to candidates.


    Technical 1 and 2 were  tough for those from CSE/IT background. Questions from C, Java, College projects, DBMS (more importantly). They asked to have own example of database and show upto 4th normal form on it. Some were asked to write program on sorting (merge, selection etc), stack/queue. Even they were asked to write program in C to draw a graphical circle.


    Myself from ECE,in Technical 1 I was asked to write program for a pascal triangle in C, asked result of SQL queries select *, use of ?where? clause. What is SDLC? What is inheritance?


    In Technical 2,  I was asked from Digital Electronics.

    What is Fip-Flip? What is register? How many types of registers are there? What is Accumulator?


    HR  round was ordinary. I was asked why I chose IT, why not core field job? What are the sections of  SRS (Software Requirement Specification) ? What do you think is the necessary quality should a software professional have?


    According to my experience I would like to suggest , Practice well for Aptitude test-R S Agarwaal is enough, have basic s clear for tech rounds, for CS/IT, C and DBMS-RDBMS are essential and be cool at HR. That?s all from me. I wish all the success to you in upcoming drives of  TechM . See you there, all the Best !!

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