TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   OIST Bhopal-24 Apr 2010

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   OIST Bhopal-24 Apr 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Company: Tech Mahindra
    Date: 25-April-2010
    Venue: Oriental Institute of Science and Technology

    The event happened at OIST Bhopal, it was a pool campus recruitment which invited Bhopal's best 3 colleges, which were. LNCT, OIST and UIT Bhopal.
    Total Gathering was about 600 students.

    -First a Pre Placement Talk was given, consisting of a short movie of arnd 10min followed by a powerpoint presentaion of about 15 slides.

    Round 1:
    Online Test
    -Online Test was conducted in 4 batches.
    The test consisted of 100 questions which have to be solved in 60min.
    There is sectional cutoff! There are total of 6 sections in the paper, and the sectional cutoff is for first 3 sections which were analytical and reasoning related questions, and last 3 sections which had English questions.

    The paper is very easy, you dont need to study anything other than RS Agrawal, Reading Comprehensions are very small and total of 10 questions are there from 3 passages.
    Remember: Cutoff is on the higher end so attempt maximum questions! There is no negative marking.

    Round 2:
    Technical Interview
    OF 600 students only 40-42 were selected in next round. If you clear the first round, you have a high probability of getting selected. The next round is Technical interview.
    (Basically there were to happen only 2 interviews but few of us faced 3! I faced 1 Tech+HR, 1 Tech and 1HR interview)
    If like me you are from CSE, go through Software engineering and Data Structure.
    I was asked about SDLC (software dev. life cycle), Waterfall model, pointers.
    My first interview lasted around 45min.
    around 8 students were rejected from this round.

    Round 3:
    HR Interview
    This I think is just a formality, I was bombarded with all sorts of questions, some lucky fellow were only asked "Define Yourself" and were asked to leave. At the end of HR they'll give you a form which you have to sign. The form has 2 points that if u get selected then they can post you anywhere and one more point which I donot remember.
    3 unlucky fellows were not given this form and at the time of final result they were not selected.
    HR interview can go anywhere from 10min-30min.

    Result of HR was announced within 30min.
    The recruitment took 2 days. result was announced at the end of second day, 30 students were selected, and luckily I was selected.!

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