TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   G.C.E.C.T, Kolkata-29 Apr 2010

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   G.C.E.C.T, Kolkata-29 Apr 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends, I'm Soumen Saha, on 30th april TechMahindra came to our campus for pool campus. They came to our college at about 10.30 and started the ppt, they also showed a small movie about life at TechMahindra..It was quite enjoyable. at about 11.30 they started the aptitude test..It was an online event. 100 Questions 60min. no negative markings. there were 6 sections.
    1: Logical Reasoning.
    2: Verbal Reasoning.
    3.Quantitative test
    4.English I
    5.English II
    6.English III

    though the paper was very easy.. but the cutoff was high.(about 60). there were sectional cutoff also.
    R.S.Aggarwal is enough for complete preparation.. time management is a vital factor here.
    I don't know exact no of student who appeared for the aptitude test. it may be around 70.. out of which only 11 got selected for the next round.

    Technical Interview :
    The interviewer was very friendly.In my panel there were two inteviewer.
    Me: Good evening madam. Good evening sir.
    Interviewer1:Good evening.
    Interviewer2: Good evening. hav a sit.
    Interviewer1: Tell me about yourself?
    Interviewer1:Where is this Regent Estate?(it was about my resi. addr)
    me: Told
    Interviewer2: what are ur favorite subjects?
    me: answered.
    Interviewer2: What do you mean by RDBMS?
    me: told
    Interviewer1: What is Sparse matrix?
    Interviewer1: How would you represent a sparse matrix?
    Interviewer1:How do we measure time complexity of a program?
    me: I answered it then he gave me a program and asked to tell  the time complexity of it. I was not sure there so he crossed me twice. but I sticked with my answer.
    Interviewer1:We generally do not place kolkata people at kolkata. do you have any problem with this?
    me:no sir , no problem at all.
    Interviewer1: Tell me about your family.
    me told.
    Interviewer2 : do you know sql?
    me: Yes mam.
    Interviewer 2 : how can we create a table from an existing table withput copying the data?
    me told.
    Interviewer2 : What is view?
    me : told.
    Interviewer2 : why do we use view?
    me: told.
    Interviewer 1 : Thank you.
    me: Thank you sir...

    after this we were asked to go for the HR round. HR round was really easy. It was fun..

    HR Interview

    Me: Good evening sir..
    Interviewer: Good evening. so u are soumen saha?
    me: yes sir.
    Interviewer: Tell me about yourself soumen.
    just as i started telling he interrupted and asked me to tell some thing that is not in my cv.
    me: told.
    Interviewer: Do you have any problem working outside kolkata?
    me: no.sir.
    Interviewer: There is a bond of Rs 1 lac. you don't have to pay anything now but if you leave us before 2 years then you have to pay Rs. lac.
    me: Yes sir , I am aware of it.
    Interviewer: Why Tech Mahindra?
    me: told.
    Interviewer: how was your test and interview?
    me: it was good.
    Interviewer: are u confident of being selected?
    me: yes ,pretty much.
    Interviewer: how much, tell a in %age.
    me: more than 80%.

    then he asked me to sign a declaration.. I read it then sign.
    Interviewer: do you have any thing to ask to me?
    me: what are the chances of further studies at TechMahindra and what challenges can I expect as a freshers?
    Interviewer: answered.
    Interviewer: Thank you...
    Interviewer: Thank you sir..

    then after a hour or so the results were declared.. 7 of us got selected. I was one of them..
    good luck friends.. see u @ TechMahindra..

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