TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   THADOMAL SHAHANI ENGG COLLEGE, MUMBAI-03 Feb 2010

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   THADOMAL SHAHANI ENGG COLLEGE, MUMBAI-03 Feb 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi I am Jitendra Singh Barman.
    Tech M visited our college on 4th feb 2010 n had a criteria of 58%(57.9999 isnt 58 guys) with one live KT allowed.
    120 students were eligible for the aptitude test.
    Aptitude was an online test. It had SECTIONAL CUTTOFF bt NO NEGATIVE MARKING.
    There were 100 questions in 60 minutes divided in 6 sections. 100 questions seem too much in 60 min bt believe me dey are manageable.
    1.Nonverbal Reasoning -35 questions.
    2. Logical Reasoning-15 questions
    3.Quant- 20
    4.English( Sentence Completion)-10
    5.English( antonyms and synonms )-10 questions
    6.RC- 10 questions.
    .For each section attempt limited no. of questions first n then cum back to remaining ones. Each section will have FEW difficult n MANY simple ones. Attempt those simple ones.
    1.Nonverbal Section:

    1. if  11:101::77:?
    a)776  b)707  c)717  d)772          Ans.707
    many such simple questions                    

    2. alphabetical series completion.

    3.Figure series completion ,analogy, odd man out.
    2.Logical reasoning
    a)find the odd man out  EAR, TONGUE, LUNGS, KIDNEY.

    b)one puzzle test question on sitting arrangement.  
    c)2 blood relation question.
    like if p+q implies p is father of q
      p-q implies p is brother of q and so on then find which is eqn gives p is son in law of q.
    advice: dnt attempt this question to save time.

    3.analogy n series completion.
    3.Quant.(REFER R.s. AGARWAL)
                1.2-3 que on SIMPLE INTEREST n COMPUND INTEREST. 
                  if sum  of 10000 amounts to 12100 compounded annualy for 2 years. find the rate of interest.

                2.Simle que on boat and stream, numbers.
    4.English(Senternce Completion)
         1.He -------------------that he had stolen the money.
                a)acknowleged       b)confessed     

    5.antonyms and synonms
      1. antonym of  MALEVOLENT.and der were simpler ones too.
    RCs  one of them were very simple ones.
    Out of 120, only 32 were selected for the technical and HR interviews each of them being elimination one. bt aptitude is the main hurdle to clear and rest would be just a cakewalk. ONLY 5 got eliminated from technical round.
    I was 1st among those 32 to appear for the technical interview.Believe me it was more of HR rounnd rather than tecnical,
    HR:tell me abt urself?
    hr:do u ride?
    hr:do you have bike?
    hr:how do u come to colg?
    hr:have u been ever caught by traffic policeman?
    hr: k tell me abt ur fav Subject and its future prospectus.
    hr: tell me 7 layers of ISO-OSI layers.
    me:told. jst named dem no details.
    hr: tell me abt ur SYSTEM SW n OS subject?
    me: said abt wat it was .al  abt........
    hr:WHY TECH M?
    me:blah blah............
    hr: any questions?
    me: no sir.
    hr:thank you.
    me:nice meeting you sir............
    2 hours after the interview our results were declared. Few students were still havin technical interviews while v were parallely called in 4 HR.
    They called us in a group 0f 4 for the HR.  It was sort of a GD rather than a personal interview.    Each of us had to suggest a topic for disscussion and then v had to speak on the chosen topic individually for 2 minutes. After that we had to defend ourselves wat v had said. 

    I wud like to say the Colonel from TechM who conducted the GD was too cool. not even for a minute i felt im in a HR round. n da best part my group included two of my best friends so we hardly had any prob disscussing n it was as if were havin a chat in our classroom.

    It was an 45 minutes GD bt not to say it was al for namesake. 
    finally at 6 results were out n they seelected ALL 27 from HR rounds. I was into Tech M along with my 4 best friends.We were all on top of the world. 
     All da very best...

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