TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Terna Engg College,Nerul,Navi Mumbai-21 Mar 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Terna Engg College,Nerul,Navi Mumbai-21 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi.. I am a Third Year E/T student of Terna Engg College,Nerul, New Mumbai... I got selected in Tech Mahindra on 21st March, 2007... Will have to say this,I had previous tried at Infosys, Accenture, Mastek, Hexaware, Maq... Couldnt clear any of the aptis!! So, those who arent clearing the aptiude tests , will just say, dont panic, be positive, your day will come!! Ya, because mine apti of Tech Mahindra was the worst of all...(Am still shocked by my selection!!!) But got thorough the apti and subsequent rounds...

    Ours wasnt an Online apti... BTW, if there are not many comps in ur college dont expect an online apti!! The apti was of 1 hour , 75 Ques... The total eligible students in the college were around 130.... So, we were broken into 2 batches , One of Elex,IT, Comp and the other of E/T... There were five different sets of paper... You really have to be quick while solvin the apti.. i will suggest you adopt educational guesses right from the start... I felt, the Verbal section was very easy and it was presnt at the start in my set of paper... I'll advice to just finsh of the verbal ques as fast as u can also with good accuracy...Passage ques are very easy.. We werent provided a rough paper... So be ready to start rough work right at the back of the Answer paper... We didnt have negative markings... not sure about sectional cutoff...But they had informed before that no negative marking and no sectional... Just follow what is said... 

    Now about Quantitative part... It is virtually impossible to solve all the ques within the time given... So, here plz adopt educational guesses where and where its required... By that i dont mean just guess...In many sums you can start with d options... i mean start takin a option and see if it fits in. and go on like that... rather than solvin d conventional way... I think i put this to use in some ques like those series ones , word probs... Practise  maths from the books like R.S Agrawal etc... Verbal, i dont think any preparation was required for the level of English that we were given... So, i would suggest see into maths..

    Out of around 130 people , 36 were selected for the interviews....NO GD... There were 19 from Comps, IT, Elex .... and 17 from E/T.... First we were told to fill in the form... It had some ques like ur objectives, plans of further studies... So just think about it and write... We were said that there would be a TI and a PI... The list was formed in the order of marks in the aptitude test... i was 16th... Just squeezed in!! I will say for Tech Mahindra , Apti is the main filtering process....Those who have cleared the apti, can beleive they have put a foot into the door... Now, what remains is how confident you are.... By the time my turn of PI had come, i had got the news that some 3-4 have been rejected and all... For

    HR i was asked-
    1] Tell me abt ur self...Ans- Tell about what u r currently doin.. About somethings of the past...about your parents etc.. 2]Greatest strenghts..Ans- i said honesty,a decent human being,good communication skills etc.. whatever u say, be prepared to give atleast 1 example of your each strength...  3]Weaknesses ..Ans- I said , i trust all , speak frankly which makes some feel that i am blunt..(Here too do some homework for your answer...) 4]Why should i hire you?.. Ans-I think i am the best suitable person to join your organisation because of my background & education... 5]Where do you see yourself 5 yrs down d line??.. Ans- In 5 yrs , i'll be well experienced & my carrer path will go upwards... 6]Can you work anywhere?? Ans-Yes...  7]Books that you have read recently.. Tell about what u hv read.. dont ever lie.. HR can catch u immediately if u say a book name and that book the HR has read!!! 8]Why you want to come into I/T sector now.. (This is the main ques for non it people... So just be prepared for it..)I said that i wanted E/T initially because it covers a wide range of subjects... 

    Here also, i would suggest be prepared for some surprise topics... One of my frend was asked to speak about Osama Bin Laden, do u think America is doin right..?One was asked define 'Life'... So just dont get stunned and loose your confidence... Just be cool.. And just answer the ques as you are speaking with a frend or some elder relative... They just wanna see how confident you are and can you think instinctively.... This was about my 1st HR... Jut after 5 min , i got to know i had cleared as i was the second last in.. Then was a prospective TI...Out of 17 of E/T, 4 were not selected for second round.... So, now 13 remained... There were two, Tecnical persons... One was taking a Technical interview while the other was taking the Personal interview again! Actually here, its your luck.. One was sent for technical while other to personal int... I was lucky!! Got PI again for the second time!!! The ques were silmilar... Some diff though... This person was taking down whatever we were saying!! Just dont get baffled if such a thing happens... Just speak... He was checking if you get distracted or not... Just be confident... Say in a loud audible voice... About Technical , which some of my frends had to face, it was tough!! I mean, i can just say for E/T people... The HR would start right from Filter Theory to CC!!! So, just have some knowledge or see the subjects... At least some rough idea... Cant say about Technical in detail as i didnt have to face it... Then, the results were declared...All 13 of E/T were selected , from the ones who had made it to the 2nd round.... So no one went out due to technical...

    In all 30 were selected from the college...Pay- 2.9 pa..At last I  would thank this  site for helping me get through TM... The experiences and papers did help immensely....I hope you enjoyed my experience and it will be helpful for you!!! :)


    Ramnath D Shenai

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