TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sree Vidyanikethan Engg College, Rangampet-13 Dec 2010

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sree Vidyanikethan Engg College, Rangampet-13 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I attended for Tech Mahindra on-campus interview held in Sree Vidyankethan Engg College,Tirupathi on 14th & 15th December, 2010.

    The pattern for the test is

    1. Written Test.
    2. Technical Interview.
    3. HR Interview.

    1. Written test:

    It consistes of 2 sections.

    1. Aptitude (70 questions in 50 mins)
    Logical reasoning: 35 questions
    Verbal reasoning: 20 questios
    Quantitative: 15 questions

    This section is simple and be careful that all questions are attemted.

    2. English (100 questions in 30 mins)
    This section is very very easy. It covers synonyms, antonyms, prepositons, articles.

    Out of 380, 87 were shortlisted for interview.

    2. Technical Interview:
    My interview gone like this

    Me: Good afternoon sir
    Int: Good aftnoon take your seat

    Me: Thank you sir.
    Int: K. Sudharshana Reddy from

    Me: Kadapa sir.
    Int: (While writing date in feedback form he asked) todays date is 16-12-2010 right?

    Me: Sir todays date is 15-12-2010.
    Int: Ok.

    Int: (While writing college name in feedback form he asked) your college is SVNE
    Me: SVEC sir Sree Vdyanikethan Engg College.

    Int: How you entered this college?
    Me: Through EAMCET sir.

    Int: What is EAMCET?
    Me: It is state level test conducted by state govt. To fill engineering and medical seats sir.

    Int: (While writing EAMCET in feedback form he asked)
    EAMCET stands for.
    Me: Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test sir.

    Int: How through EAMCET?
    Me: I got 4915 rank in EAMCET sir.
    (he wrote rank in feedback form)

    Int: How much fee this college is collecting?
    Me: For first year they collected 28, 500 and from second year onwards they collected 33,000 sir. A part from this they collect 30,000 for hostel.
    Int: Are you residing in hostel?
    Me: First 2 years i resided in hostel sir. Now i am residing in Tirupathi sir.

    Int: Why?
    Me: Sir we have limited access to internet in hostel, only 8 hours they are providing net sir. Now in room we have taken broadband internet connection in our room.

    Int: Ok, all your room mates are from same branch.
    Me: 3 are from our branch, IT and one from ECE total 4 members sir

    Int: Ok, fine then what is android?
    Me: Sir, i have not heard that name

    Int: Do you heard about chrome?
    Me: Yes sir, it is web browser from google family.
    Int: Then what abt android?
    Me: I think it is from opera family.

    Int: Opera?( he showed me his mobile phone and asked)
    What OS here in this mobile?
    Me: (clearly windows symbol) windows OS sir.

    Int: Android is similar os then did u do 5th semester project?
    Me: Yes sir

    Int: What is it.
    Me: 'Employee PayScale Management System' sir.
    Int: Did you do ur project in your college?
    Me: No sir. We have done this project for HNFINCON, Bangalore.
    Int: Write modules of your project?
    Me: I have written 3 modules.
    employee_details, PF and ESI

    Int: For how many employees your project will work?
    Me: Sir, they given requirement as 10 employees. I hope it will work for more than 10 employees.

    Int: Up to how many?
    Me:Sir it will work up to 10,000 and it may work for more than 10,000.
    Int: Why you have choosen 10,000?
    Me: Sir, i have choosen instantanious value, it may work for more than 10,000.

    Int: How?
    Me: Started writing 3 variables about employee like name, id, address.

    Int: (then he said) form a structure with thes variable?
    Me: I wrote 

    struct per_details{
    char name[10];  (here he said sudarshan reddy,ur name is more than 10 characters then  modifed it to 20)
    int id;
    char address[200];
    Int: What is size occuped by this structure?
    Me: 222 bytes sir.

    Int: For 10,000 employee how much it occupy?
    Me: 2220000 sir.
    Int: Round it to KB.
    Me: 2220KB sir.

    Int: See for 10,000 employees it is just occupying 22200KB
    What can you say?
    Me: Sir i can say it will support for lakhs of employees based on disk size sir.
    Int: Ok, then do you have subject called Software Engineering?
    Me: Yes sir.
    Int: What is textbook for SE?
    Me: sir, actually we had SE in 2-1. I am unable to recollect name sir.

    Int: Do you have any sisters or brothers?
    Me: I have one and only sister.
    Int: What is she doing?
    Me: She completed B.D.S last year sir and now preparing for M.D.S

    Int: Ok, what will you say if any one come and ask you what text book you are following for SE?
    Me: Told
    Int: Do you know Sudarshan every software company fallow software engneering models are you ready
    to learn them?
    Me: If it is required, i will definitely learn them sir

    Int: Ok, Do you have OS as your subject, right?
    Me: Yes sir

    Int: What are functions of OS?
    Me: Memory management, resource allocaton, process management, security

    Int: What is memory management?
    Me: Effective organisation of memory sir, it mainly contain concepts like segmentaton, paging

    Int: What is segmentation?
    Me: Dividng memory into segments. Suppose if we want to store 140 kb of data in 150kb segment we place it then if we immediately want to store another 140kb we have to go for another segment sir.

    Int: Ok, are you ready to work any where?
    Me: Yes sir, i am ready to go anywhere. Recently i have taken passport also. I am ready to work go abroad also.

    Int: Are you ready to work with any kind of project?
    Me: Yes sir

    Int: Where you want to be next 3 years?
    Me: Sir, i want to gan an industral experience from a reputed organsation like Tech Mahindra then i get an
    oppurtunity to do M.S will defntely utilise it sir.
    Int: Do you know that Tech Mahindra does not provide any program to go abroad?
    Me: If i get an oppurtunty to do M.Tech and bitspilani that your company is providing. I will utilize it sir.

    Int: Ok, thank yor Sudarshan
    Me: Thank you very much sir.

    HR interview:
    Me: Good Afternoon sir.

    Int: Good noon take your seat.
    Me: Thank you sir.

    Int: Give me all your copies of documents.
    Me: I have given them.
    Int: Ok, Sudharshana reddy from kadapa why you have choosen this college?
    Me: Vidyankethan has its own brand in Rayalaseema sir among the options which had infront of me i choosen
    it as best one.

    Int: Ok, you have completed 4 years of B.Tech right among these 4 years what knowledge you gained about a computer?
    Me: Sir, basically before B.Tech i even don't know the basic operatons of a computer. When i joined B.Tech i
    came to know some of the operatons of a computer, usage of internet etc.

    Int: See if you open computer remove the screws and see the hardware did you saw? do you have any lab?
    Me: Yes sir we had IT workshop lab and first year.

    Int: What is configuraton of hardware.
    Me: Sir, it mainly consist of motherboard.
    Int: What is on motherboard?
    Me: Sir CPU, sinks, adapter.

    Int: (he opened laptop and connected power supply)
    See how much power this laptop is consuming
    Me: Sir, don't know the specific value but power enters laptop through adaptor sir.
    Int: What is techincal term for adaptor.
    Me: It is.
    Int: Do you heard about SMPS?
    Me: Yes sir, Switching Mode Power Supply.

    Int: What is it?
    Me: It supplies power in different modes sir.

    Int: Differnt modes means.
    Me: Some devices may require less power and some may require more based on requirement it will supply sir.

    Int :Which devices require more power?
    Me: Definitely memory accessing require more power sir. So hard disk consumes more power.
    Int: How harddisk is connected to SMPS?
    Me: Through cable.
    Int: Ok, fine you have 8 subjects in each semester right?
    Me: No sir 6 subjects.

    Int: Ok on an average 30 subjects in B.Tech select one
    Me: Computer Networks sir.

    Int: Can you explain me OSI model?
    Me: Yes sir, it is devoloped by ISO that is International organisation for standardisaton. It's typical structure
    consists of 7 layers. They are physical, datalink, network, transport, sesson, presentaton, applicaton. Each and every layer provide unique services. Based on requirement we may implement some or all layers sir.
    Int: Ok, where are TCP/IP present?
    Me: In network layer sir
    Int: What is TCP?
    Me: Transmisson Control Protocol sir, it provide set of rules for effective transfer of data between nodes of a computer network sir.

    Int: What is IP address?
    Me: It uniquely identifies the device in a network sir.

    Int: How it identfies unquely. See you have what it is?
    Me: It is IP address sir last 2bytes identifies device sir. Last byte denote specific address and last but one byte specify the address of a subnet where device is located.

    Int: What is subnet?
    Me: Group of interconnected nodes in a network sir.

    I: (he opened laptop and showed three fields like ip address, subnet mask address, gateway address) can you explain me these three fields:
    Me: Sir 1st field is to identify device 2nd is to identify subnet, 3rd is interface btween both device and subnet

    Int: (laughed and said)no no.
    Me: Smile

    Int: What kind of person you are?
    Me: I always think postively sir. I am confident that i will be there in Tech Mahindra. I am obedient to work in any kind of team.
    Int: Ok fine, in the entire process of Tech Mahindra recriutment what do you like?
    Me: I liked written test very much sir, it was really superb answering questions spontaniously was fabulous. This is my 2nd interview sir. I had written TCS written test also. But liked this written test very much.

    Int: Why you want to join Tech Mahindra?
    ME: One of the most important value of Mahindra group is professonalism sir. It provide great scope and freedom for employees to grow and their career.

    Int: Are you ready to work any where?
    Me: Yes sir i am ready to work any where.

    Int: Ok, Sudarshan
    Me: Ok Sir.
    Int: Thank you Sudarshan
    Me: Thank you very much sir.

    Results were anounced 11:45 pm on 15th Dec, 2010. I am one among them

    Thank you.

    All the best for your preparation.

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