TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   R.G.P.V. Bhopal -5 Mar 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   R.G.P.V. Bhopal -5 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends, my name is Raghvendra Singh Sengar.
    I am from U.I.T. - R.G.P.V.  Bhopal doing my B.E. in Information technology.

    TM was the second company for which I appeared and was selected. Thanks to god.
    I will share whole my experience with you all.

    TM came open for all colleges, and for nearly 4500 students. Out of which approximately 2500 appeared for the written on-line test, and finally 274 were selected.

    The pattern of the paper was quite different from the others. There were 5 sections. 3 were of English and 2 were of Quant + L.R. There was sectional cut-off for English and Quant. There were no negative markings.

    The paper was quiet simple but a little bit lengthy.
    After the results were declared, we had to report to my college which was 20 Km away from the college were the written test was held.

    I reached my college by 7:00 pm and registered my self for the technical interview. After 15 mins my call came

    Some important points to remember while giving the interview.

    1.      Keep a good smile on your face.

    2.      Don?t answer immediately to the question, think for a while then answer.

    3.      If you don?t know anything just say no. Do not try to fool the HR.

    4.      Think well and answer because the next question will be from the answers you give (As I my case).

    5.      Try give reason and examples with your answers. It gives a good impression.

    Here is my technical interview:

    Duration (30-40 mins)

    I: May I come in Sir.

    HR: Yes please.

    I: Good evening Sir.

    HR: Have a seat.

    I: Thank you Sir.

    HR: Describe yourself.

    I: (I described myself in brief, my hobbies, my achievements and what I want to do).

    After this he introduced himself to me.

    HR: What is your carrier objective?

    I: Sir, My carrier objective is to be in a place from where I can show my skills and can prove myself (This was totally different from which I mentioned in my CV).

    HR: Tell me your achievements

    I: (I said only those achievements which were mentioned in my CV).

    HR: What is favorite subject?

    I: Data Communication.

    HR: Can you define what Data Comm is?

    I: (I gave the definition and explained him different modes of transmission).

    HR: How the sender and the receiver are linked?

    I: Sir, the link b/w the sender and receiver can be physical or wireless.

    HR: For example?

    I: Sir, for wireless it is T.V, mobile, radio and for physical it is landline phones, Computers connected in LAN.

    HR: What type of wire is used for connection?

    I: Sir, generally we use Optical fiber for it because the data loss is approximately nil.

    HR: On what principle does Optical fiber works?

    I: Total Internal reflection (T.I.R.).

    HR: What is T.I.R.

    I: (I explained).

    HR: If the ray travels from rarer to denser medium will there be T.I.R.

    I: No, because the ray will bend towards the normal.

    HR: Ok, why does refraction occurs?

    I: Sir, because the speed of light gets changed when it travels from one medium to other.

    HR: Do U know about Networking?

    I: Sorry Sir, Networking is in 6th sem, so I haven?t study that yet.

    HR: Do you have any basic knowledge about Networking?

    I: No Sir.

    HR: So you have organized the LAN gaming in techfest?

    I: Yes Sir.

    HR: So what will you do to find the IP address of a computer?

    I: Sir, we will go to the command prompt, and there type the command ?ipconfig/all?.

    HR: Ok, do you know C/C++?

    I: Yes Sir, I am good at programming.

    HR: Then make a program of your choice & you have to explain me every line.

    I: Ok Sir, I will make the program of finding the prime numbers in a given range of numbers.

    (I take 12-15 mins for the program & then explained to him. Then he gave me a program ).

    HR: Tell me the output of the program.








    a=11; b=11; c=12;

    HR: Are you sure?

    I: Yes Sir.

    HR: Why Tech Mahindra?

    I: Because Sir, the company is clear cut in its thoughts and the improvement in the company is very good & I want to a part of that success.

    HR: Ok Raghvendra, your interview is now over. You have to improve your communication skill, & where do you want to be placed?

    I: I have not yet decided, I will go to that place where the company prefers.

    HR: You may go now.

    I: Thank you Sir, have a nice dinner, Good day Sir

    HR Interview:

    (Only one question was asked)
    Describe yourself.

    After 2 days results were declared and I was one of the candidates who were selected.

    Bye friends & Good luck

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