TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Mar 2006

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Mar 2006

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    The test was for about 40 mints. I wrote the test in one of MBT's consultant. So i guess it gonna be diff at MBT.

    There were 20 C++ Q. I dont remeber them as i am not proficient in C++. But it comprises of only basic knowledge in C++ from Virtual Fn, Inheritance etc. Question were asked to give the O/P of a given code segment. There were 5 Unix Q too.

    it was...

    1. How can a process be started automatically in UNIX ?

    ANS : Through CRONTAB { options were crontab, inittab, and two more }

    2. What is the meaning of run level 6 ?

    ANS. Reboot

    3. How can you determine which file has generated the CORE ?

    Options were.. -ef | grep core -ef | grep

    3.pfile core

    4.filec core

    Options 1 or 2 may be correct i am not sure.

    COMPANY NAME : MBT (Mahindra British Telecom)

    DATE OF TEST : 21 June 2004


    1) Quantitative Aptitude : 10 Minutes (Total Question 16)

    1) There are total 15 people. 7 speaks french and 8 speaks spanish. 3 do not speak any language. Which part of total people speaks both languages.
    Ans: 1/5
    2) A jogger wants to save ¼th of his jogging time. He should increase his speed by how much %age.
    Ans: 33.33 %
    3) a is an integer. Dividing 89 & 125 gives remainders 4 & 6 respectively. Find a ?
    Ans: 17
    4) In a office work is distribute between p persons. If 1/8 members are absent then work increased for each person.
    Ans :

    Section 2: Non- Verbal (10 Questoins)

    1) Question based on cubes. In which fill the blank box.
    2) 120, 315, 300, 345, ? ---- 390
    3) 2,1, 4, 3, 6, 6, 8, 10, 10, ?, ? --- 12, 15
    4) Questions based on figure rotation



    Section 3: Analytical Section

    1) A Child is saying numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. When he says 1 Another child puts white marble in a box. On saying 2 he puts Blue marble and on saying 3 he puts red marble. When child says 4 other child take out white and blue marble. Child says some no. in a sequence then questions are based on the no. of marbles in the box. Like this
    1,1,2,3,1, 4, 1,1,3,2,2,4,111?

    a) Find the no. of Blue marble in the box ?..2
    b) Find the no. of White --------do----------- ----2
    c) No. of red marbles ------- 7

    2) Questions based on logical reasoning (R. S. Agrawal)
    a) all pens are hens. All hens are doctor.
    (I) all pens are doctor.
    (II) all doctors are pen.
    Ans: Only first conclusion is correct.
    4. Flow Chart


    I had written the test at MBT and let me be frank about it.

    There are around 6 sections and 3 paper sets.
    I had got the set 3.

    The first section is very time testing, 16 questions in 10 mins.
    The second has 10 to be answered in 9 mins.
    3rd has 16 in 10 mins and 4,5 have 5 questions in 5 mins and so on and so forth
    that the test in all is 55 mins duration.

    The cut off is very stringent.

    The test has negative marking so if i were you i should not mark any answer as a guess at any time.

    It is a perfectly timed test . And the best thing you can do is practice FLOW CHARTS......................

    One flow chart consisted of
    " throw a dice, ( 3 options in a decision box) if it is four, gain one point, if less than 4 go to another step, if greater than 4 go to another step.

    Next throw the dice again, if prev throw is ==4 take a decision from flow chart,
    if prev less than 4 take another decision,
    if prev greater than 4 take another decision,

    Now in this throw if you get 4, <4 or > 4 take decisions again,,,,,, so on the whole the flow chart is one full page and has some LABELS Like LABEL 4 and LABEL 3 and so on.,,,,,,,,,,so given from the text question we have to decode the flow chart and identify what these labels are ...............and in time too.....!!!

    Another flow chart has this balls thing......!!
    Take a red, if next yellow ball do this........take another , if now blue do this, if prev yellow do something else and so on in a full A4 size page. the questions will be same.........identifying the labelled boxes in the flow chart.............all this to be done in just 10 mins ( some shakuntala devi this !! )

    And the rest of the questions are the GRE BARONS type.......10 boys, 10 girl friends , sit right , sit together and then decode the positions)

    One question was common sense, a person goes 10 yards down x lane, left turn, goes 10 yrds y lane, and so on ............and the last asks "" where was he""? i tried to be supersmart and answered X lane, because that was where he started isnt it..........I still dont know whether i answered that right or wrong.

    The rest of the questions were the CAT type, mixtures, ratio and proportions, trains, etc.

    I have an aggregate of 74.34 in ECE, that was good enough for me only for a call letter ( atleast !!! ).
    and if any of you want to help me send me openings for freshers !!!!
    Cheers and crack your exam............

    regarding int. pattern,,,
    HR is as usual,,,
    Regarding technical int,,,
    they ask question from C,c++,java(basic java), OS (tanenbum fundas & unix internals), Computer networks, DBMS (normalization and other fundas and some part relateed to SQL), and data structre and algorithms...(sorting searching, treemlink list etc).. u should also expect quest. from yr final semeser project...

    nowadays MOST companies r ALSO asking software engineering and system development life ccycle related fundas, but i don't know whehter mbt ppl r asking such quest. or not...

    now, my query to to ppl who r getting int. calls from mbt... i also appeared in walkin at pune on 19th ,, and attempted 30 quest. out of 68 with very high accurcy( as i have also gave CAT last year) ...can anybody give me idea @ my chances for getting int. call.. i have not receive any mail from mbt. mbt have tell us tht, selected ppl will be informed within 10 days for interview call....


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