TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Mar 2006

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Mar 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello dear frnds,

    I attended the MBT test on 12th march at Mumbai. Although I don?t remember the questions but here are few one with the paper pattern.

    They have 3 pre-defined test series/papers, each containing the 80 questions divided into 6 sections, which has to be done in 60 minutes. Each section has been given 10 min. Sections are as follows:

    1) Numerical ability

    2) English vocabulary/Apti

    3) Data interpretation

    4) Flow Charts

    5) English Comprehension

    Didn?t rem the one more section.

    There is negative marking in 1:1 ratio.

    I got the 2nd test series.

    In numerical ability, ques like,

    1)      Before 10 yrs the age of mother is 4 times the age of daughter. What will b the age of daughter and mother after 10 yrs.

    2)      It was decieded that two employees A and B will be given salary of Rs. 300 and Rs. 200. A will b given an incremental of Rs. 30 per year. And B will be given incremental of Rs. 15 for every 6 months. If they sarted to work from Jan 1,1950. What will be the total of  salaries of both the employees on Dec 31,1959.

    3)      If  A starts moving 10kms to north, than 20 kms to south, than 20 kms to north, than 20 kms to south, than 20 kms to north and finally 10 kms to south. How far he is from his original position.

    In English, ques like,

    1)      If  A is interchanged with B, C with D and so on. What will be the 21st character from the right in the new arrangement.

    2)      Some ques based on sitting arrangement of 5 persons.

    3)      If  with new arrangements there is gap of DAC meters between TIGER and ZEBRA. If with old arrangements there was gap of DLAC meters between LION and ZEBRA. What will be gap in meters between Lion and Tiger considering new arrangements.

    4)      One more ques like the 3rd one.

    5)      Elephant: Ivory :: Snake:-------- (did?nt rem the options)

    6)      Mountain : Valley :: Sun:------- options lik (i) shadow (ii) sun rays

    7)      Give one word: (didn?t rem the options exactly)

    (i)     When something written by own. ------(i) manuscript

    (ii)    To walk while sleeping

    (iii)  To have a relation of  blood or birth. (i) parential

    8)      Ques were based on arranging the jumble sentences to form the paragraph.


    In data interpretation, 2 ques based on PIE Chart.


    In Flow Chart, there were 2 ques. Flow diagram of  two business logic were given and have to answer the ques based on that flow charts.


    In Comprehension, 10min were divided into 7min and 3 min. where in 7min you have to read the passage and can?t see the ques based on that paragraph. Once u read the passage, you can?t revert to have a look to the passage. There were two passages given each might be of 1.5 ?2 pages.


    The paper was easy but the time boundation was too strict that you cant refer the previous section once move fwd to the next section and that too in 10min.








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