TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kamla Nehru Institute Of Technology, Sultanpur-28 Jan 2011

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kamla Nehru Institute Of Technology, Sultanpur-28 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I'm Abhay Singh and I attended Oncampus TechMahindra selection on 29th January 2011. My branch is Computer Sc. & Engg.
    No.of rounds: 3
    1. Written test
    2. Technical round
    3. HR round
    Each and every round was elimination round. All round were held at my college , Kamla Nehru Institute Of Technology, Sultanpur.
    In Written         - 40 out of 100 were selected.
    In Technical round - around 25 were selected.
    In HR round        - finally 15 were selected.(CS=2, IT=0, EL+EE=13).

    Both of us of C.S. branch were having "Computer Networks" as our fav. subject.
    1. Written Test. (Cut-off of both should be cleared. No negative markings)
    a. Quantitative(40 min, 70 questions): Very easy. But time runs so fast.So plz do fast.
    Questions like - time-distance, work & time, trains, percentage, P&C, Partnership, Odd one out, Series etc. 
    b. English(40 min, 100 questions):  Very-Very easy. 
    Questions like - prepositions, articles, synonyms, very-short paras, singular-plural(like eat/eats). etc (V&NV of R.S. Aggarwal would be helpful)

    2. Technical Interview

    My interviewer was more focused on Communications (Not high-fi english but ur confidence and simple english).

    *First qn: Tell me about urself?
    *Second qn: Strengths?            
    *Third qn: Weakness?
    Whatever you tell, he can ask for live examples from your life. So be prepared for that. During the conversation I "Made up" a Girlfriend to whom I were very loyal. I love her very much and I were faithful to her.
    * Fourth qn:- Why are your %age graph going down from 10th, 12th and in B.Tech.
    * Fifth qn:- What are your fav. subjects?
    Mine were DSUC & Computer Networks. (He was searching for computer networks only. He seemed to be quite happy).
    * Sixth qn:- what are Distributed Systems and an example of that?
    * Qn: IBM Mainframe Computers?
    * Qn: Do you know Sql?
    Me: Yes sir, I know some bit of SQL.
    He: Then what will be the SQL query for this? I solved it partially.
    Me: Sir, I have done these type of questions, but I have not done SQL for quite a long time and I am unable to recall that right now.
    * Qn:- Draw a flowchart of 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + ............ + 100^2.
    I were confident during the whole talk and been friendly with the help of that "Girlfriend" talk. My next call for HR came soon.

    3. HR round
    Interviewer of this round was quite cool and his talking was not that formal. There were 4 of us sitting before him.

    He asked all 4 of us to think of a random topic and say a few lines on it. My topic was "Should Internet be restricted to children."
    * Tell me about yourself?
    * Why were you not selected in the previous company?
    (Be positive during all conversation and never say anything negative about urself or anybody. Try to be Diplomatic).
    *There were some random talks.
    *At last, he took our sign. on some printed paper. (I don't remember what was written on that paper).
    After 2 or 3 hours the results were out, and me and my friend got selected. I were feeling so damn lucky.
    I wish this would be helpful to you all. Best Of Luck for your future.

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