TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kalyani Govt. Engg. College-5 Apr 2007

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kalyani Govt. Engg. College-5 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi guys, I?m Suprabhat 4rm KGEC. Tech Mahindra came to our college on 5th April for on campussing. Eligibility criteria were 60% throughout academics. This time the company is offering a package of 2.9lakh/annum.  

    The selection procedure is as follows:
    Aptitude Test:
    The test duration was 1 hr, consisted of 75 Qs, 5 sections. It was an online test. No sectional cut-off, no sectional time limit, no negative marking. But cut off was very high. You have to plan & manage time as it is most crucial.
    1st part - Verbal (20 questions)
    2nd part - Non-verbal (20 questions)
    3rd part - English grammar (Fill in the blanks) (10 questions)
    4th part - English antonyms & synonyms (15 questions)
    5th part - English reading comprehension (10 questions)

    The English sections were easy. You have to be perfect in grammar. Verbal section was very easy. But non-verbal section was a little bit tough. Max problems with diagrams. Until & unless you practice this type of ques, it would be very difficult to solve those in exam hall.

    There were ques like time series (12:30, 3:01, 5:32, ---), no. series etc. The most common & time consuming ques were like:  A, B, C, D, E, F, G are 7 bottles. A is placed after D, F is between B & E  etc. then find 3rd  one 4rm the left.

    Result was out within half an hour...17 out of 80(approx) were selected for the technical round?

    Technical Interview:
    In technical round I was asked from
    Operating Systems (Multi-processing & multi-threading, Is Windows multi-processing or multi-threading?),

    UNIX (Kernel, advantage of UNIX, Is there any kernel in Windows?),

    C (Array, Recursive func, Prog of ?String Reverse?, Return-type of ?printf? func(ans: int))

    No ques asked 4rm Data structures & DBMS. But some of my frnds were asked from those. Go through all the basic fundamental things. Technical interview was really TECHNICAL for CSE & IT guys?

    HR Interview:

    In HR round I was asked ques like ?Introduce yourself?, ?Why choose Comp. Sc.??. Then the HR personal gave me one puzzle to solve.

    Tech Mahindra has a reputation of not rejecting much in the HR round.

    My advice for Technical & HR: Be confident and say ?No? if you don?t know the ans, don?t try to bluff, be honest?Communication & Confidence is the main thing in any interview.

    After half an hour result was out? 13 were selected? I was one of the lucky students.

    All the best guys, I hope to see you at Tech Mahindra?

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