TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   kalyani Government Engineering College-11 Mar 2010

TechMahindra(MBT)  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   kalyani Government Engineering College-11 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Tech mahindra cam to our clg on 12th march 2010.
    About 67 student sat for the test.Only cse,ece and it was allowed to sit.The aptitude test was online.9 students cleared the written test and 3 cleared the interview.In our college they kept 4 students in waiting list apart frm the 3 selected.
    It was online test.There was 6 sections.U can start with any section.In english there was 3 section with total of 35 questions.
    there was a separate cutoff for english.And then 3 other section together had a separate cutoff for it.It had 65quests.It included quantitative apti,verbal and nonverbal reasoning.
    I cant remember the questions for the time duration was only 60 mins for 100questions.
    In qanti part there were 3 questons frm compund intesrest and 3 frm clock.Beside there was question frm time and dist,date,boat usual.Do the rs agarwal.It wud be enough.But do all chapters at least see the xamples.There were many sets for the test.In reasoning many questions frm series,coding decoding..etc.Itwas the common staff.
    English was comparatively easy.Question frm prepositions,fill in.Beside there were 2 short paragraphs of 4 lines each.9 question came frm there.try to complete engish in maximum 20 mins.Time was very vital.Cut-offwas probably65.
    So be fast and acurate.In our college they said there was no negative marking.But many who attempted around 100 couldnt clear while i did 78 and cleared it.
    At first there was technical interview.There was 2 guys for it.
    They asked me about womens bill first.Then they moved into technical staff.They asked me abt 8085.
    what is accumulator??what is programme counter???
    Then they asked frm communication
    What do u mean by modulation?What do u know abt gsm?what do u mean by satelite communication?
    Then asked abt my final year project.I explained it to them like a salesman and they were impressed and asked me no further questions and told me to wait outside for the hr.
    By the way i mentioned in my cv ny fav subject is 8085 bt didnt mention better be prep abt all subjects
    The hr was a cakewalk.He asked why inspite of my high marks in bio i went for engineering??.He then asked why my grad marks were less than my hs marks??I gave a nice reply that i got complacent getting admmited in such a gd college.So i negleted my studies a bit.Bt soon i realised my mistake and now am working hard.
    He was taken aback by my rply nad said all others i asked this ques give some xcuse..u r the first to acknowledge ur mistake.
    he then discussed abt my hobbies like movie watching,reading books,creativee interests and all that.It was a nice xperience.

    So this is all...All the best


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