TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Vel Tech College, Chennai-10 Oct 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Vel Tech College, Chennai-10 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi TCS Aptitude Selection process is online in Chennai. Qubex Software Done this application fr TCS i think..

    The pattern is Same as Prev qns.. No Need to worry!!

    Be in Vel tech half an hour Before, Then You will be given a Login id and the Block name and hall Number. After that tey will give the instruction abt the pattern, No Negative Marking and all.. You will be asked to give the address as http:\\\tcsonlineexam.asp Password the login will also be given fr us it is TATA

    The time will not be accumulated!! After you finish Section a and came to Section b, you cannot able to go back to section A. But you can traverse within the same Section.

    Section A


    Really Sorry i cannot able to recollect..

    hint Go thru GRE Wold List For Synonyms and And Antonyms.

    Sentece completion

    I got the passage abt Melting of ice due to increse in population and the reqired measures to over come that Problem(Hydro electric metod i think, Sorry again.


    Section B
    Aptitude Same as Prev Qns of TCS!!

    1) Series: 8 9 11 __ 13 15
    2) Word ciphering.. Ans GAIN
    3) PROPORTIONAL, interchange 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, like that fr all. Find the 10th letter from right.
    4) 9bit largest Prime.
    5) Word-Sentence - Part of
        Animal-dog - Superset of
        like that other 2 Easy da..
    6) 1432 base x is 380 in Decimal, Find X.
    7) Problem on longitude. Ans: 6.40pm
    8) Momentum*Velocity\(Acceleration * Distance)=?
    9) $ for sign change and # for thrice, Find #$#9-$#$9
    10) Eqn given and asked to find temp between 5 to 8PM
    11) g(0)=-1; g(1)=1; g(n)=g(n-2)+g(n-1). Find g(6)
    12) {A(intersection)B}Union C
          A intersection B will come 00111111
    13) Cable thru water Problem, fr 900m between the bank of river the cost is 5, from the bank to the place 3000m away from river is 3rs. Find the  cable length req after the river to that place
    14) Fuel Consumption Problem
    15) No Vertices,Edge and Sides
          I dont have the correct option fr this qn in My test.
    16) Matrix Problem A(7,9) Max A(1,1) =3000 2 bytes for each, Find A(5,4)
    17) Curve fitting Diagram and asked to find the equation fr that curve
    18) Venn diagram Qns, People Spaeak Bengali, Hindi and engilsh
          3 qns based on the same venn diagram. Asked abt percentage and all in that.
    19) Find the sigular Matrix Qn.
    20) Find the orthogonal Pairs Qn.

    Sorry again tats all i remember


    Section C
    Anlytical Resoning

    Go thru GRE Barrons 12th edition Must for this Section

    I got the City And direction question East liverPool like that question

    Another one like US Birth certificate or Vaccination slip and Bank statement >$1000 given fr a person to get Calim like that. Bank will be working on Monday to Friday clinic on Monday and Thursday. Birth Certificate avil on Monday and thursday alone. Vaccination on Wednesday at 5pm

    Asked to find, When he start On monday when he completes his procedure at the earliest like that..

    Sorry agin for the incomplete Question


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