TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD -13 Jun 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD -13 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Time:20 min.
    10 Antonyms,10 Synonyms, 2 passages(5 question each)


    Time: 30 min.

    Refer to GRE 12th edition (Go through these Questions given
    below???.In some Questions names and data were changed )

    Model Test Paper 1 :
    Section 5: Ques.1-4 (For a motorist?)
    Ques.13-16(In a certain society?.)
    Section 6: Ques.1-4 (In country X, conservative?..)
    Ques.8-11 (Tom wishes??)

    Model Test Paper 2 :
    Section 1: Ques.19-22 (Delegations from Wallachia ?.)
    Section 6: Ques.13-16 ( Spelunkers international??)

    Model Test Paper 3 :
    Section 5 : Ques. 13-16(Observance of memorial?..)
    Ques.17-22(An airdale??.)
    Section 6 : Ques.8-11 (At a formal??)

    Model Test Paper 4 :
    Section 5 : Ques.19-22(A,B,C or W may cause
    Section 6 : Ques.13-16(All A's , B's ,??..)
    Ques.17-22(At a Congress??)

    Model Test Paper 5 :
    Section 7 : Ques.1-5 ( In a certain Society??)

    Time : 30 min.
    40 questions

    All questions were repeated?It was same as old papers?.Nothing new
    To sample a few, Go by following questions??

    Q1. Largest prime number to be stored in 8 bit and 6 bit memory?
    Q2. Temp.function = -t2/6 + 4t +2?.Find the rise or fall in
    temperature from 4.00p.m to
    Q3. Power plant across the river?..
    Q4. (1234)x = 381?.
    Q5. X = (194)to base 5
    Q6. Class test final test

    Data is for two students ?If a student gets 0 in final,how much he got
    in class test?

    Q7. 466 to base 10 = 1234 to base x??.

    Two questions were on data interpretation?(4-5 ques each..)

    Interviews: (the following are the questions put to a few students)

    Technical Interview:

    * What is a foreign key? can a part of athe primary key be used as a
    foreign key.
    * Ehat is multitasking/ multithreading? What the difference between
    the two?
    * What is process synchronization?
    * What sorting methods do you know? Explain bubble sort . How many
    comparisons does it take?
    * What is object oriented programming?
    * What is polymorphism? Illustrate.
    * What is normalisation? What normal form (this) example is in (it was
    * Write a SQL query to select student_number, student_name from
    student relation.
    * What happens during a context switch?
    * What is a url? Identify its components.
    * Swap two numbers w/o using temporary memory.
    * What is SIP? ( Session initiation Protocol)
    * Write the code for connection in networks.
    * What is a host file?
    * Write a C program for a Linked List.
    * Explain OSI Layers and how is the information transferred across
    these layerts?
    * Difference between router and bridges.
    * How does WiFi technology work?
    * Difference between 4NF and BCNF.
    * Types of DBMS with examples.
    * Parent-Child relationship -- show with an ER diagram and convert it
    into relations.
    * Implementation of trees
    * Heap sort program
    * Stack Program
    * OSI Layers functionality in brief
    * What are steps that the OSI Layer would follow during an email
    session. How would the entire process happen
    * Normalization, many to many relation: denormalize
    * What is view, can we update a view? if so, how?
    * alpha , beta testing
    * Difference between if and switch statement
    * What is page replacement?
    * Code to compute determinant
    * Factorial
    * Code for string reversal
    * Types of RDBMS, areas where each can be used?
    * Which normal form allows for redundancy, but requires it to be simple.
    * What is the most important phase of SDLC?
    * Write a program to find the depth of a tree
    * Questions on ER Model, Schema design, normalising and denormalising
    * Difference between RDBMS and DBMS.
    * Basic SQL queries
    * OOPs concepts
    * Java Swing, bytecode
    * Pointers in C
    * Network topologies: bus, star, ring. Which one is better in the case
    one of the hosts crash?
    * How Java achieves platform independence
    * What is Garbage Collection?


    * Tell me about yourself
    * Would you be willing to relocate?
    * What are your strengths (why should we hire you)?
    * Where do you want to be in the next 3-5 years?
    * Would you go for companies following this one for campus placements?
    * Why TCS?
    * How do you like this recruitment process?
    * What about the pre placement talk?
    * One of the questions was about a hobby mentioned in the resume
    * Are you ready to sign the 2yr bond?
    * What if we do not select you? Would you try again sometime?
    * One thing that you would like to change in yourself?
    * Why did you opt for HCU?
    * Why should we hire you?
    * Why should we not hire you?
    * Long term and short term goals?
    * Happiest and most embarrasing moment.
    * Leadership quality in you and the problems faced under your leadership.
    * What you don't like abt HCU
    * About family
    * Negative points.
    * How did you prepare for TCS? For how long?
    * What do you know about TCS?
    * How are you improving on your negative points?
    * How is Hyderabad different from your hometown?
    * Do you feel homesick?
    * What is most important to you in life?
    * If God grants you a wish what would you ask for?
    * If you are placedaway from home and your family wants you back what
    would you do?
    * Meaning of your name.
    * Why did you scored so low marks in ..
    * Your favorite celebrity
    * There is a single vacancy. Your friend and you both have done well
    in the interview. Later your friend tells you that she faked her
    certificates. Would you let the organisation know about it?

    This is it.

      Pawan Singh



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