TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Think Campus,Bangalore-06 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Think Campus,Bangalore-06 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi  frnds I appeared for TCS written test on oct 6.I want to share my experience how i was placed in TCS 

    There are 3 sections in written test
    Verbal Section-Synonyms,Antonyms,
    For this section u prepare GRE Barrons 12th or 13th edition. just u mug up those 750 words(50 word lists). Most of the words will be from word list only. If u don't have time be thorough with only synonyms word list I got 10 synonyms from that and nearly 5-6 antonyms.If u have time prepare antonyms exercise also.(seperate exercise which is not in word list) 

    Quantitative Aptitude- 40 Q's
    This section is very easy.For this just prepare previous question is more than enough 

    Critical Reasoning - 3 passages
    prepare all the 5 model papers given in the GRE Barrons 12th or 13th edition.u will get all the 3 passages from that only.
    For us there was no sectional cut off , so it is easy to clear the test if u r thorough with aptitude and critical reasoning. Our result was declared on oct 19th and Interview date was scheduled on oct 27th. 

    Technical Interview
    Finally Interview was so cool .He asked me Tell me abt urself and then our interesting subjects
    I said C,Java,SQL,Databases
    Try to prepare atleast one theoretical subject-Networking or OS or Databases
    He asked me only basics.Be thorough with basics.They wont expect more from freshers.
    Prepare some simple programs.Sometimes they may ask u to write pgms regarding linked lists.
    My Interview was completed and they called me for HR after 10 min. 

    HR Interview
    Again Tell me abt urself 
    and Q's like ur strength &weakness,Why TCS?
    they asked me Why not Infosys? just know something abt TCS before u go to HR
    Where do u want to see urself in TCS after 5 years?
    Be Confident while answering.They wont see whether u r saying the wright or wrong 

    Finally our result was announced on Nov 8th and I got selected in TCS.I am very happy to work in my Dream Company and Asia's No 1 company. 

    Ok frnds All the Best

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