TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   St.Joseph College-10 Oct 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   St.Joseph College-10 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hi?.with the name of GOD here I m Nizam writing these words which may help you  more and give confidence to clear the TCS interview?.


    First of all make urself clear that u r quite confident that u r going to enter into TCS when u feel that u r real hardworker?.

    The TCS interview process contains 3 rounds?

    Online Aptitude test , Direct Technical Interview & Finally MR(Management round)?Don?t confuse between MR and HR both r same?


    The pattern will be as usual u r expecting?

    Section 1) Verbal

    Section 2) Quantitative

    Section 3) Critical Reasoning

    Here each section have some minimum cutoff but high weightage is given to the Critical reasoning?So start preparing from last section?


    Section 3) Critical Reasoning

    Coming across to this section? the only material u have to muck up and prepare was 12 0r 13th edition GRE barrons book? Here u go through all the Model papers from 1 to 5 and also don?t omit diagnostic test?Don?t waste ur time in exercises

    I got the questions only from these?So follow this and also if u try to solve by ur own it really consumes time more so practice wel here?

    Section 2) Quantitative

    After u r thorow with critical reasoning come to this section this is very easy section the only thing is u should study previous papers for this I assure u that u will clear if u gone through previous 2004,2005 and 2006 question papers till date?The changes is only the data of the questions where as the procedure wil be same? Here I m attached a file of quantitative questions which is enough to clear this section?.


    Section 3) Verbal ability

    Synonyms : 10
    Antonyms : 10
    Sentence completion : 7
    Reading comprehension : 5

    Synonyms & Antonyms

    Here I felt little difficult at this section as basically am poor in vocabulary?..If u have very strong school background its enough?I think so?any how i struggled my best for this section by reading thru same GRE? Here the antonyms may be easy but the synonym only little difficult?.

    And also u don?t expect the High frequency words only wil come they r changing ther questions frequently only at this section?So u cant expect from previous paper alone but chances are also ther to com?So note this idea?


    According to me u go thru?.

    Wordlists that starts with letter A,B,C,D,E,F,I,P,S,T,V(Definitely u will get 80% from this if u r thorow)

    Don?t confuse between synonyms and antonyms differentiate and study so it may helpful for both?.


    Sentence Completion

    Here u l get a paragraph with some 6 or 7 blanks and followed by all options for those blanks which r not in order the target is u should fill those blanks with suitable options? 

    Here I felt easy and I filled correctly?U should not require any high preparation for this? with presence of mind u can solve? Read the para by giving contiguity and analyse the meaning so automatically ur mind feel which option suits best and make it?If u cant then u don?t waste ur time more here?jus mark as u feel?.and go? They r giving paragraph of certain general issuea like women rights?politics? like that so it wil be easy only?.


    Reading Comprehension

    I m totally very unaware abt this RC? I didn?t prepared for this also but quite difficult to solve ? My friends told they r asking from the same GRE?. For this.. go through the five model papers in at the end of GRE barons 12 th or 13th book.. and also diagonitic test at the beginning of book and also RC exercises labeled A, B, C, D, E. Just remember  the answers?.
    Atlast after doing the best leave the left to the almighty definitely u l get shortlisted?
    Ya? ofcourse I accept the word ?Hardwork never fails?..?
    As I had written online test the results r displayed on the screen as soon as I completed my whole test? Really I m happy when I got ?Congratulations?! U cleared first round? in the monitor?


    Technical Interview

    This is really an elimination round? If u r basically hav good enough stuff in ur academic and technical subjects definitely u can get thru?. Don?t bother anything lik percentage and all it doesn?t worth at TCS other than basic eligible criteria?As I m a Computer science dept this round was easy as I m quite confident abt myself in tech stuff?Whereas coming across other depts. They r totally escaped at this round if they r good in ther field its enough as they wont get more quest?.Shake ur hand and Keep charming face as soon as u enter into the panel?And also one thing knowing everything is not a matter how to express it to the interviewer carries the credit?So, ur presentation should be clear and brief?for what the interviewer is querying u? Which gives good impression to him?And prepare ur resume in a simple and better manner don?t put too much of things? Definitely they ask questions from ur resume?At the same time they also giv u a profile to fill? u asked to put som technical or programming skills so whatever u enter pls assure urself that u r strong in that?

    Try to answer more for each question threw over u?So he may satisfy that realy u hav good technical ability?
    Ya?Of course what r al the things abov I described I had done those?.

    The tech interview is nominally taks 20-30 mins?But for me he asked for 40mins? the reason was we talked some story abt my family peoples,etc? When I finished my interview 100% I m satisfied that I wil b shorlisted for MR? Yes, definitely while u r attending u also feel the same if u r satisfied urself def u wil get thru?
    Now here I admit wat r al the quest I got?.


    Interviewer was a gent with some 35 yrs age? I think so?

    1)Conference starts as usual with common quest like introduce urself?and I introduced myself in a good manner?which I already practiced?so u better practice for expected quest?

    2)Then he asked my project description?

    Ya?I described all my projects clear and in brief manner?(and also don?t describe in story?don?t go in depth of the project also?if u tel story def it wil mak them running out of time so they cant put further quest to u?and ur credit wil fall)

    3)Then, he asked my programming skills?.

    I told C and C++.. I know java also but I didn?t said it bcos  I m not very much proficient in that and also currently java is in peak they may be experts in java so we cant tackle all questions?

    4)After that he asked me rate myself in C?

    I rated 5 out of 10 then?

    5)He asked me to put a simple swapping program without temp variable?

    It is easy?

    Jus this following stmts?




     and at the same time this works only for integer range -32767 to 32767

    if they ask lik this to swap 50,000 and 60,000..
    then u just use ^ operator in the places of + operator it works for all range of values

    6)He asked me to speak out on the data types in C??

    Here I explained him all the data types and storage classes of C?

    7)Then he asked me how much familiar in JAVA??

    I told 3 out of 10..the reason is even thou u know java very wel b cool an gredit less urself  bcos  wat we studied is academic level?Wer as they r currently ding projects in java so they may b very experts in java?So they may ask som critical ques..So better note this?If u really feel tat u can ans from anycorner in java then no prblm carry on?.

    8)He asked y u credited less in Java??

    Then I told the reason tat in a single sem we cant cover full java so only hav basic ideas?so he didn?t asked any quest..

    9)then he asked me to tel d area of Interest  in subject?

    I told DBMS and datawarehousing?

    Then he asked me to speak abt DBMS?I started from basic introduction wat is DBMS and wat for it contributes then al types of relations?and al types of  keys which we use to relate the relations?Follow silberscartz if u say DBMS as ur area of interest?then told abt datawarehousing and datamining and a brief manner

    10)Atlast the casual and cool quest he asked?How abt TCS and wat u know abt TCS??

    For this ques u better go thru current affairs and news of TCS in ther website def u get idea plsss don?t be very theoretical b very casual in answering every ques don?t ans as if u r muck uped even thou if u muckuped don?t mak him feel tat u r muckuping an ans bcos som peoples use to do lik this?.

     Note one thing answer every quest don?t omit as much as u can?Explain every ans short and interactively which readily gives meaning?instead of lik paper chewing cow?



    MR Interview

    This round is Management round it is same as HR round ther is no diff here only they ask u dilemma quest to check ur nature of sensitive and som situation handling quest ans everything loyally no need to worry?
    U don?t worry abt this round only if u done ur tech interview pretty wel?

    For me this round was held on nov 7th after 15days of my tech interview?

    In the Panel?.

                            Here the interviewer was a gigantic and well personality and confidential person.In beginning am little nervous but after 5mins of our conference I felt very friendly and cool?So the only thing is u always don?t show ur nrvous even if u r nervous jus stay cool with charming face an ans boldly with little smile for every quest?


    He watched my profile for few mins then started raising quest he started with as usual introduce urself nizam??

    I explained abt my edu,family and wat I hav and wat I want to be??

    Then he asked me wer u stay??answered

    Then he asked will u com from far to here daily if u got job here?answered

    Everything cool quest?so don?t worry

    Then he asked abt my elder brother profession and my younger brother??

    And asked abt my parents wether they depend on me..?

    Then he came slightly tech side..?

    Asked me which area am interested..?

    For this I told Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence sol?

    Then he asked the reason??

    I explained the reason in a brief manner that BI and datawarehousing was eternal always and stay with consistent demand wer as the chances of getting demand in less for other application proj.. wer as this domain stands for every wer globally every corporate maintain ther own history data and records?and som other reasons?which made good view to interviewer he appreciated my ans


    Then he asked my long term plan??

    Ya I told I want to be an entrepreneur of my own IT... he wished me good and all the best for this?but for som managers this ans may not be right I think?.
    If u prepare better ans then say that..But actually its my true aim to open an own IT in future so I said?.


    Then he asked me wat r al u researched for ur IT..?

    For this I escaped by saying tat as we r rushing in every sem wit vast subjects ther is no time for my own projects? But even thou I done 2 smal projects I explained tat to him..
    Then he was quite calm?


    Then asked wat type of projects wil u do in ur IT??

    I told first I try to launh a project which makes an identity of my IT to the whole world?
    He stayed cool on my ans with little smile?


    then he wished advancely for my future?and finished my interviewer..


    Note a thing as soon as u enter into the Panel room be cool and confident don?t hesitate for anything wat ur heart says do it? then as soon as meeting HR shake ur hands with gentle smile if u r a girl then jus say good morning sir with little smile?


    Atlast my result came after a month in December I got selected totally we all 946 shortlisted? wer as som nearly 1000members cleared tech interview only very few eliminated in MR round? So don?t worry all things in u ?Don worry abt percentage marks its al depends on ur ability an ur level of confidence in interview so don?t loss hope stay cool and fetch ur job No one can get the job if the job is urs?..


                 ?ALL THE BEST TO U ALL?.?  

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