TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-24 Jul 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-24 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    TCS PAPER ON 24th JULY 2006   
    there were 3 rounds of selection

    1. Written test (24/07/2006) (no negative marking)

    3 sections

    verbal reasonong 30 0r 40 min i dont remember

    Aptitude 40 min

    Critcal reasoning 30 min


    verbal :

    10 synonyms

    10 antonyms

    one para blanks is given we should fill those blanks with sentences choosen fron the given 8-10 options I got a parqa on art and religion

    An RC with some 5 Questions is given



    Aptitude :

    38 simple Quant Questions

    a venn diagram with 3 questions

    a bar chart with 3 questions


    Critical reasoning : 3 questions with 3 Questions in each


    1. museum with its timings

    2  3.  i dont remember


    2.Technical Interview (25/07/2006)

    T: wat prog languages u have in curriculum

    I : c c++ n java include in PL subject

    T: r u comfortable with c c++

    I : ok

    T : write a prog to print the following






    when input is given as 5

    I wrote the prog n showed it

    he saw the % operator there. and said let us talk abt operators

    I: ok sir

    T: do u know are bitwise operators?

    I : yes sir

    T: write them

    i wrote only 2 <<< and >>> and said i could remember only those 2

    T: wat is this (<<< ) ?

    I: left shift

    he gave some numbers n asked to convert them from decimal to binary binary to hexadecimal binary to octal octal to hexadecimal

    he gave some numbers and asked the output if the opearator is used....i gave the anss



    T : with which OS are u aquinted with DOS ? LINUX ? UNIX?

    I : I donno abt a specific operator...i know abt the basics

    T: wat is virtual memory?

    I: ( expalined abt pages frames swaping etc..)

    the other T: wat is thrashing

    I: (answered)

    T :Wat is multitasking ?

    I: when two or more process are done by a cpu then it is multi tasking

    T: So if two or more process at a time??

    I: IT obviously wont do at the same time...but for user it appears as if.....

    T: if there is a DOS sys with many processors.....if it assigns one process to each and does many tasks so is it multi tasking??

    I :Yes sir

    T: Do u know some concepts of DBMS?

    I : yes sir

    T: can u write an SQL query ?

    I yes sir

    T: (gave two tables

    mumbai with columns named name , age ,salary

    chennai with the same columns

    now using only one sql query we shuold retrieve the names of the persons in both the tables whose age is 40

    I couldnt get the answerd but later he explained that it should be done using join


    T: how do u get the middle element in a linked list if the number of elements in the list r not given??

    I : first count the number n go to the n+1 / 2 th element

    T: Isn't there any other easy way

    I: no (this was a negative mark for me)



    3. HR (25/07/2006)

    H : tell me briefly abt ur backgruod n urself

    I : my fathers occupation , my mother is a house wife (I donno whether i shouls tell this or not ) , my schooling ,inter coll , engg & abt me


    H : why tcs

    I : my 1st job in a famous company so........

    H : how do u know tcs is famous ?

    I : I said tata products are worldwide famous so ..

    H : this is tcs not tata

    I : even tcs products r famous in bankong industry etc

    H: How many days will u be in tcs?

    I: As long as i think that I can nourish my skills and I could give something to the company I will be

    H: Give some thing to company??

    I: YEs mam If i am helping in the development of the company ( I think I am over acting here !!)

    H: So if the company says ur team has done some job but doesnt recognise u ...doesnt say that u have  done something then ?

    I: I feel happy mam bcoz...the company has recognised my team ...the success has come due to the hard work of all the members of the team so i feel happy

    H: but it didnt recognise u as an individual?

    I : Its ok mam ...the whole team has done the the whole team is recognised

    H: SO u say that its ok if the company recognises ur team but not u ?

    I: yes mam


    H : why this decrease in ur percentage since 10th till degree ?

    I: In those days i used to concentrate on studies but now i concentrated on the over all development of mine...........even the coll helped me in it

    H: Wat all extra curricular activities u did in coll?

    I: IN our coll in each dept we conduct a tech fest every yr...In our dept we conduct technical festival  I have actively participated in organising since 3 yrs

    H: did u campaign abt it in colls?

    I: ye mam we went to some colls and campaigned abt it?

    H: only in ur city or even outside?

    I: only in this city  mam

    H: So how was the response?

    I: actually most of the coll we went were degree colls....and it seems these had some exams during that time so the response was not so good......but we could atleast make students aware that there is such organisation and some such day when we celebrate........


    H: how do u define success?

    I: if u r satiafied n content

    H : if u get 85 /100 in a subject then do u say ur satisfied ?

    I : If i have a chance to improve then i 'll try to improe

    H : chance in wat way?

    I: if there is an improvement exam then i will

    H: there is no case of if there is a chance...chance will always be there...u must choose it


    H: r u ready to go to any place ?

    I : if it is for long term and to a remote place i should think of it otherewise its ok

    H : ok so u have a constraint on location ?

    I : If its for a short term then no problem abt place

    H: r u ready to go abroad?

    I: ans was no...but was trying to say it in some other way rather than saying bluntly no so I paused for some time)

    H : (repeated the question asking to be more clear)

    I : no

    H: how were ur previous 2 rounds of qualifying?

    I: written was good...but technical i didnt do good

    H: why?? ........didnt u brush up ur subjects?

    I: I did...but the questions asked by them were



    H: do u know that if u r selected u need to sign a contract for 2 years ?

    I : yes mam

    H: so u r aware of it

    I : yes mam

    H: Ok was nice meeting u

    I :tq mam


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