TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIECollege Of Engg, Mysore-31 Jul 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIECollege Of Engg, Mysore-31 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, this is AMRIN FATHIMA  from N.I.E, Mysore .


    Tcs   test pattern consists of three section. Test was online. they give you instructions about test. one advantage is you can change ur answers as many number of times..


    1. Test on Synonyms and Antonyms (40 questions, 20 minutes: Also Q?s on Sentence Completion and one passage).

    2. Aptitude Test (32 question, 40 minutes).

    3. Critical Reasoning (30 Minutes: 3 Analysis Paragraphs and 12 questions relating them.


    Sorry friends I am not able to recall all synonyms and antonyms. I remember only orthodoxy, crestfallen, castigate, and uninjured. For antonyms refer model question papers and antonym exercise from barrons 12th edition...u may get about 6 to 7 from that..For other things u hav to put Ur own effort. Nobody can remember all those synonyms and antonyms...For sentence completion they had given 9 dashes in paragraph, we hav to choose proper sentences from choices given.        


    Apti part is similar to previous papers. I am giving u only new questions I got.

    Given values of log3.14 and log 3.16, find log3.15.[everything is in base 10]
    A can do work in 10 days.B can do work in 15 days. If they work together and get Rs.720.what is A?s share?

    Other questions based on bar chart and Venn diagrams. [Apti part will be very easy. just basic mathematics.]


    Critical reasoning I got model test 3 ,section 5,que 17 to 22.model test 4,secton 4,que 17 to 22.model test 5 ,section 7,que 1 to last que instead of m,n,a,j they had given some names which start from that alphabet only..


    Next day we had tech, mr and hr rounds.  

    In tech round for ece students they were asking que related to micro processors, digital electronics, and communication.

    1. Differences between 8085 and 8086?

    2. What is minimum mode and maximum mode?

    3. about stacks.

    4. Diff between SR and JK ff.

    5. Half adder and full adder.

    7. About counters [design also they asked]

    8. Diff between AM FM and PM...

    9. Sampling, quantizing.

    10. about SCR, TRIAC, FET, transistors.

    11. Diff between zener break down and avalanche break down?

    12. What is dsp?


    In C programming they asked

    1. Diff between functions and subroutines?

    2. Different types of data types

    3. C program for bubble sort and swapping of two numbers without using intermediate variable.

    4. About get char and gets, puts, putchar.

    5. Program to print         ******




    In Hr and Mr Rounds they ask common Que...Prepare well for common que like

    1. Tell me about urself?

    2. Y should I hire u?

    3. Strenghts and weakness?

    4. Hobbies?

    5. Must know something about company...

    6.y tcs ?

    7. Finally ask one r two questions. If u cant understand what they say just nod ur head and come..



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