TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIE College Of Eng.,Mysore-11 Jan 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIE College Of Eng.,Mysore-11 Jan 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Important ..PLS NOTE:  Quant questions r totally changed tis time. I had NOT got even a single quant question from old papers?
     1st sectn: 10 syn, 10 ant, 1 passage wit 6 Qs, another passage with 6 blanks wer u need 2 fill sentences.. (total 32 marx..20 mins)
    2nd sectn: Quants (32 Qs ..40 mins)
    3rd sectn: 3 critical reasoning probs with 4 Qs each..(12 marx. 20 mins)
    *U CANNOT switch b/w sections. 
    *U CAN switch b/w Qs in a single sectn. begin with?let me give u all some tips?.

    • READ synonyms n antonyms ONLY if u?ve enuf time?otherwise do not bother( coz if u read those in a hurry, ders no way u?ll remember them)..jus get d feel of tat word?try breaking it into prefix-root-suffix?see if u can get it?if u still don?t get it MARK ?C? as answer?
    • DO NOT spend too much time thinking abt syn n ant?u wont get enuf time for passage,..
    • The s/w they use 4 d test is quite flickers every reading d passage mit b irritating..jus read d Qs 1st n then try searchin 4 KEYWORD in d passage,read d sentences b4 n after it?
    • DO NOT depend on old papers for quants..
    • Pls prepare bit by bit everyday for verbal?all passages at a time ll b heavy n u cant remember..its necessary tat u remember some critical reasoning Qs or even answers to them if possible?coz der r chances of going wrong though der?ll b enuff time fr tis section..(download GRE BARRON?s  12th edtn n get all passages n critical reasoning Qs printed)
    Model test 1 :Section 5 and 6, from page 442-448Model test 2 :Section 1 and 6,page 473-476 and 495-498Model test 3 :Section 5 and 6,page 540-547Model test 4 :Section 5 and 6,page 590-595Model test 5 :Section 3,page 628-631 and Section 7,page 644-646
    • Better prepare quants from RS Agarwal?.( speed, age, time n work, percentages, profit n loss, SI, CI, averages?) der wer a lot of data sufficiency Qs?my frns had got lot of percentage probs?
    • If starting Qs seem tough, start from d last Q?I had got d same venn diagram n bar graph in d end?answered them in no ws a bit relieved(coz I had done ONLY old year papers L) u mit?ve familiar Qs..but tats all ws wt I got frm old pprs..
    • U R THRU if u get d psychometric test next..even if u don?t get, don?t worry..they?ll set a lower cut off anyway?
    • Tech interview ws simple?jus 20 mins ?asked me to draw waterfall model n explain?.bubble sort tracing?.program to reverse a string?3NF defn, example ?difference b/w unique key n primary key.. n a puzzle 4 which I crafted my own answer which I think impressed him? what they see is NOT WHAT U KNOW BUT ITS HOW U TELL WAT U KNOW N HOW U TELL TAT  U DON?T KNOW?
    • Next ws MR?I loved tis round?I ws given some scenarios n ws asked my response for such situations..som scenarios r..

    What ll u do if u r ignored by ur seniors in d company?
    What ll u do if u r favored?
    What ll  u do if som1 get too casual wit u?
    What?ll u do if v say whatever u?ve learnt is a waste u must relearn 4m d scratch!!
    JUST SAY what u feel?frankness adds?

    • Apart frm scenarios, I ws asked ?why Info. Sci??(my branch) ..abt d latest development in IT field?n asked if I perceive TCS as a global or Indian co?

    N also if I?m comfortable with any accent of English!!? (I dono wat made him ask this!!) then he asked me if I?d any Qs..
    Better to ve Qs for d interviewer..but DO NOT ask abt d salary n stuff?

    • Then had HR?here I ws asked about my sudden decrease in percentage after 10th!!  N my hobbies?my achievements??WHY TCS???n abt d bond..then asked me if I?d any Qs.. u can ask d same Q here ;)
    • Go thru TCS website..know der vision, mission, present n former CEO?chairman, vice chairman?der clients n d latest thing tat they r into?

    THE important step is 1st round my frns?if u clear d 1st round, no need to worry abt d next if u?ve brushed ur core (C,C++,DBMS  for CS ,IS) basics?even if u r wrong, they ll take u if u r CONFIDENT tat u r right!! Hehe..but
    NOTE: never argue with d interviewer.. n DO NOT GIGGLE even if they do?
    they mit tease u a bit wit d hobbies or competencies mentioned in ur resume but u be casual..DO NOT argue or laugh along with them?
    DO NOT be or sound over confident?these may seem silly but v.important..4m my experience?
    So finally..i think I?v spoken almost everything here J?
    I wanna add tat INDIVIDUAL RESULTS may vary!! Everything said above could b agreeable by a person who finds it difficult to mug-up, believes in hard-work, n takes good short those who r like ME!! hehe
    Oh..i finished telling everthing in tips only ha..nvr mind J hope it heled u frns?
    GOOD LUCK ?DO WELL?ll be waitin to see u in TCS!! TATA ;) jus com n ask ?WER?S ASH?? I?ll b der!! ;)

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