TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Nagpur-07 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Nagpur-07 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, ?this is Makarand ?doing my BE in ELECTRONICS fm ycce Nagpur.
    ?TCS? was d first company dat visited my college campus for recruitment drive for 2009 batch on 7th feb 2008 and  fortunately I was declared as a part of their group on 8th feb 2008  after a long await???hope my experience will help u ?
    I had prepared fm Barron?s high freq word list but very few words were common ?some of the words which were given in Barrons for antonyms were thr for synonyms control the temptation n don?t  mark the antonym?solve all the RC psgs fm Barrons ?
    This is the most scoring part in the whole apti?solve all the previous papers fm Freshersworld. .really helped me a lot...enough for cracking the quanti...don?t mug up the answers ?they change the values? make sure u know the method ?.
    Some of the questions I remember r?
    1.(10^n -1) is divisible by 11 for
    ans: only for even values
    2 .  A n B can finish a job in 30 n 60 days resp. A starts but due 2 ill health works at the same efficiency as that of B and discontinues after 12 days . Later B n C finish the job in 36 days . ratio of work done by A B C ?
    ans: 1 : 3 : 1 ( 12/60 + 36/60 + 36/c =1 )
    3.  What is d largest prime number that can be stored in a 9 ? bit register?
    ans: 509
    4. .  Which of the following are orthogonal pairs?
    a) 5i+3j=7   b) i-2j=3   c) 2i-j=3   d) 3i=5j+6
    ans: b & c
    5.  Convert the decimal number 310 to d base 6?
    ans: 1234
    6.  The size of a program is N. And the memory occupied by the program is given by M = square root of 1000(N)^0.5. If the size of the program is increased by 1% then how much memory now occupied?
    ans:  0.5%
    7.  Find d singularity matrix from a given set of matrices?
    a) 2 3    b) 3 9     c) 0 5     d) 9 8
    4 5        1 3         1 5          4 5
    ans: b (det (A) = 0)
    8. which of the foll lines show orthogonality ?
    ans: slope -1
    9.  Which shape will be obtained by using these values of X & Y?
    X                                  Y
    0                               0.00001
    10                               1.02
    100                             1.72
    1000                           3.00
    9999                           4.72
    ans: Y= log10(X)
    10.      Which of the following has highest Standard deviation?
    a).3,0,3,0,3  b) 3,3,3,3,3 c) 3,3,3,3,0 d) -3, 3, -3, 3,-3
    ans:  b
    11. .  In a two-dimensional array, X (9, 7), with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address of the first element X (1, 1) is 3000, find the address of X (8, 5).
    ans: Initially  x (1,1) = 3000 u have to find from x(8,1)so u have x(1,1),x(1,2) ... x(7,7) = so u have totally 7 * 7 = 49 elements need to find for x(8,5) ? Here we have 5 elements each element have 4 bytes: (49 + 5 -1) * 4 = 212 ----- (-1 is to deduct the 1 element) 3000 + 212 = 3212
    12.  If  g(0)= 1, G(1)= -1 ,G(N) = 2G(N-1)-6G(N-2) ,  then what is g(6)=?
    ans:  u?ll get it thr
    13.Two taps A n B can fill a tank in 20 n 30 min resp. A n B r functioning in rotation min after min starting with A and the 3rd tap C functioning throughout till the tank gets filled in 8 min how much time does c take to fill ?
    ans: 12 min
    14.  My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N70W. What is the local time when my plane landed?
    a)6:00 am b) 6:40am c) 7:40 d) 7:00 e) 8:00
    ans: The destination place is 80 degree west to the starting place. Hence the time difference between these two places is 5 hour 20 min. (=24hr*80/360).
    When the flight landed, the time at the starting place is 12 noon (2 AM + 10 hours).
    Hence, the time at the destination place is 12 noon - 5:20 hours = 6: 40 AM
    3 graph questions were there need 2 prepare for them ?

    critical reasoning
    CR+LR: all the questions from GRE Baron's 12th edition model test prepare the CRs frm there..
    I would say that don't bother too much with the vocab part as that is dependent on ur keep focused on the quanti and reasoning part...remember one thing scoring good marks in QA n CR takes u through the apti to ur TI
    The most imp thing I would say is TAKE THE TI VERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY  SERIOUSLY ? most of the eliminations r here only ?in our coll around 150 qualified for TI but only 60 could reach upto PI?SO JUST MAKE SURE UR DAMN GOOD IN UR BASICS . N b patient when ur waiting for ur turn .. it may take sommmmmmmmeee time .In my case , we were called at 9 am SHARP ?.n I had my TI at 6 PM IN THE EVENING ??
    M an electronics student the main focus was on the electronics part . And its not mandatory for them 2 ask u ur favorite sub. Unfortunately they didn?t ask me .
    The questions they asked me ?
    1.NPN PNP diff in detail n working
    2. what r transistors ? diodes ? LCD ?
    3. define GATE ?
    4. why NOR NAND r universal gates
    5. draw all the basic gates using universal gates
    6. multiplexer demux working ..gate structure of mux n demux , 16: 1 using 8:1 n 4:1
    7. make AND gate using XOR gate? ( I couldn?t)
    8. diff betn FF n latch ? D type FF n toggle FF ..
    9. master n slave FF .convert D FF 2 T FF ? T FF to RS  FF ?.(couldn?t)
    10. why 8085 is called 8 bit up ? how exactly any instruction is executed through IR ? addressing  modes
    11. diff between 8085 n 8086 ? working of some ins like XTHL SHLD LHLD PUSH POP
    12.   programs or algo of 2^ n ?prime number ?fibonacci ?
    13. 8085 interfacing with keyboard n its program or algo
    14. SUBJECTS IN 3RD SEM N 4TH SEM ( I couldn?t . .was really confused)
    15. modulation AM FM PM their diff ?why FM more popular than AM ?
    then C 
    something about c under windows ..( straight way told DON?T KNOW )
    then normal,  arrays structures enums union ?.
    Programs swapping of 3 numbers using 5 variables and 4 variables ..
    Pascal triangle ?.
    And then finally he gave me 4 programs ? do any 3 ?and he said if u?ll , ur through else ??
    3 sorting n searching methods ,ascending order
    I couldn?t write all the 3  programs wrote only 2
    Then he asked me to wait outside for the results ?..
    When I came out  after 1 to 1.15 hr .. I was sweating profusely n parched. Literally shaking with fear n tension  ?
    After 10 min or so they finally told WAIT FOR UR HR ROUND

    Just b confident (even if u r not) and if u don?t know just say I DON?T KNOW ?DON?T TRY TO BE OVER SMART ?.THEY ARE MUCH MUCH SMARTER THAN U ?DON?T LET THE NERVOUSNESS N FRUSTRATION LEAK ON UR FACE ??..
    If your through the TI ?. The path after this is much easier
    My hr round was at 8 pm ..i was really confident then ?.
    They asked me typical questions
    Tell me about yourself
    weakness strengths
    why this is your strength ?prove ?( I told them I m optimistic?they asked how did u inferred ur optimistic?don?t give vague answers tell with a valid example ?so prepare such answers )
    then your electronic student what's your use in our company ?
    why TCS ? ( just mug up this question)
    how your best friend will describe u ?
    if we send u 2 some African country or somewhere where local people don?t understand ur language n u don?t know their language will u communicate with them ?
    if u r posted to Chennai ..if u  really uncomfortable there ? then?
    What is your opinion about the 500 people we fired recently ?
    U can b one of them , comment
    What do u feel about the selection process ? do u think is it proper n sufficient or do u suggest anything more n why?
    If our selection process is good then what about those 500 people? they  had also faced the same process then?
    If we reject u right now?your reaction on that ?corrective measures ?
    Planning to do any PG ? why ? ( even if your planning to do ?obviously your not gonna tell them right??)
    Why should we take u ..? what's bad in others n special in u ??

    That's all ?.wait outside for the results, I was told?..give SMARTEST POSSIBLE ANSWERS

    The wait was a real long one ?. But when they finally announced my name

    Finally believe in yourself n your ability..
    there is somebody sitting above us in the HEAVEN ?don?t lose faith in him ??..WISH U ALL THE BEST ?.


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