TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Madan Mohan Malviya Eng. College, Gorakhpur(U.P.)-25 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Madan Mohan Malviya Eng. College, Gorakhpur(U.P.)-25 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends , my name is RAVINDRA KUMAR pursuing MCA 2nd year from
    MMM engineering  college.Gorakhpur recently TCS visited our college n selected 91 students out of 208 including B.Tech and MCA.

    I would like to share my experiences on behalf of the MMM Engineering College , Gorakhpur wid the students who r really preparing hard to come under the umbrella of TCS as working professional.

    I think this will b really helpful for the recent students who r goin to give their interviews.  The entire recruitment procedure consisted of as usual following four rounds

    1. Online written test.
    2. Technical interview
    3. HR interview  n
    4. MR interview written test:
    This contained 3 sections ?
    1.verbal section ( antonyms ,synonyms n reading comprehensio) in my written:
    10 antonyms were there n

    10 synonyms were there , all from BARRON'S GRE 12TH EDITION exercise n model test paper with same options.

    1 reading comprehension was there in, fill in the blanks form,from BARRON'S GRE 12TH EDITION only.

    antonyms: prepare it fully from the GRE.(750 wordlist strictly 12th edition is recommended)
    synonyms: same as above.

    do prepare d GRE 12th edition 5 model test paper?s ant. n syn questions reading comprehension: again go thru wid all gre practice reading

    comprehensions n the model test papers rc tooo?
    the RC asked to us was special since the comprehension was in fill in d blanks  form with b careful while reading RC.hence pls, do take gud care of GRE 12th  edition n learn or CRAM up d questions if  required.

    2.aptitude section (maths ability,series fill up  etc type of questions???. ):
    for this just go through the previous years tcs aptitude test vll bmore   than enough?since all questions are based on the same type as previously asked. only the numerical values r changed.

    Following r some questions:
     1. A family, planning a weekend trip, decides to spend not more than a total of 8 hours driving. By leaving early in the morning, they can average 40 miles per hour on the way to their destination. Due to the heavy Sunday traffic, they can average only 30 miles per hour on the return trip. What is the farthest distance from home they can plan to go?
    (a) 120 miles or less  (b) Between 120and 140 miles  (c) 140 miles
    (d) Between 140 and 160 miles    (e) 160 miles or more

    2. A car is filled with four and half gallons of fuel for a round trip. If the amount of fuel taken while going is 1/4 more than the amount taken for coming, what is the amount of fuel consumed while coming back?
    (a) Less than 2 gallons      (b) 2 gallons      (c) 2 1/2 gallons
    (d) 3 gallons     (e) More than 3 gallons

    3. if g[0]=1,g[1]=-1,g[n]=2*g[n-1]-3*g[n-2] then calculate g[4]= ?

    4. the series was asked : 5,6,7,8,10,11,14,-?

    5. they asked the temperature was same as previous papers.the ratio was -t*t/6+4t+12.

    6. the matrix of a(7,9) was given.the address of the first byte of a(1,1) takes 4 bytes to store the nuymber.then calculate the address of the last byte of a(5,8)

    7. the program requires 4000(n)1/2 [ie square root of n].if size of program was increased by 1% then calculate the percentage change in size of program.

    8. modulo(373,7)+round(5.8)+truncat(7.2)-round(3.4) = ? Wind flows at 160 miles in 330 minutes, for traveling 80 miles how much time does it require?
    (a) 1 hour 30 minutes    (b) 1 hour 45 minutes    (c) 2 hours  (d) 2 hours 45 minutes   (e) 3 hours

    9. A salesperson by mistake multiplied a number and got the answer as 3, instead of dividing the number by 3. What is the answer he should have actually got?
    (a) 0    (b) 1/3    (c) 1    (d) 2    (e) 3

    10. In the class of 40 students, 30 speak Hindi and 20 speak English. What is the lowest possible number of students who speak both the languages?
    (a) 5   (b) 20   (c) 15   (d) 10   (e) 30

    11. One year ago Pandit was three times his sister's age. Next year he will be only twice her age. How old will Pandit be after five years?
    (a) 8   (b) 12   (c) 11   (d) 13   (e) 15

    12. A moves 3 kms east from his starting point. He then travels 5 kms north. From that point he moves 8 kms to the east.How far is A from his starting point?
    Ans. 13 kms

    13. Fathers age is 5 times his son's age. 4 years back the father was 9 times older than son.Find the fathers' present age.
    Ans. 40 years

    14. if the word 'ddosszm' is changed to 'central' then what will be the change for 'rtjbl' ?
    ans: quick

    15. what is the largest prime number in 8 digit number?

    16. the word unimpressive was given.they asked us to do change 1st & 2nd,3rd & 4th,so on.then they asked what will be 10th letter from right?
    ans: m

    17. the plane question was took off from 7 degree 53' 6.1'' and landed at 8 degree 6' 43.5''.it takes 12 hours to travel between these points.then what will be local time at destination ?[just follow previous ques paper the problem was same

    18. (imp) the bucket size is takes 0.0001 KB/milisec to fill bucket.the bucket takes 100 or 1000 milisec to reach to takes 100 milisec to pass acknowledgement from dest to calculate how much time will it take to pass N KB, write formula.

    19. the graph was given.the x and y axes were there.the line is intersecting them. the points of intersection were y=3,x=0 and x=-2,y=0.write the equation of line.

    20. the decimal number was was converted to other system.they asked to identify the system.i.e. octal, hexadecimal.

    21.  Satish earns 240 weekly.12% of big amount  + earning weekly = 540.What is the big amount?
    a) 3200   b) 3600   c) 2500   d) 1000  
      Sol : c

    22.There is a six-letter word UGANDA . How many ways u can arrange the letters in the word in such a way that both A's are together.            Ans) 120

    23.If two cards are taken one after another without replacing from a pack of cards. What will be the probability for 2 cards to be drawn?       Ans) 1/13 x1/17

    24. In a two-dimensional array, X (9, 7), with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address of the first element X (1, 1) is 3000; find the address of X (8, 5).

    25. In the word ORGANISATIONAL, if the first and second, third and forth, forth and fifth, fifth and sixth words are interchanged up to the last letter, what would be the tenth letter from right?

    26. Venn Diagram kinda ques. Some know English, some French, some many know two languages..-

    27. Bar Diagram, Pie Chart (similar to Data interpretation) 62. if n=68*12*51, whaich one is not a integer
    1.n/102, 2.n/72, 3. n/153, 4.n/136 5. n/244

    28. no.of vertices,edges, faces are given.which one among these best suits for the solid planner cube.
    12, 8, 6 6 ,8 ,12 4 , 8, 12 8 ,12, 6

    29. Which one among have higher deviation:1. 7,0,-7, 7,0,-7 2. -7,-7,-7,-7,-7,-7
    3. 7,-7,7,-7,7,-7 4. 7,7,7,7,7,7

    30. match the box
    a. scooter---automobile a.super set of
    b. oxygen---water b.not a type of
    c. hopfloorstaff----filters c.a type of
    d. bug---reptile d.part of 

    31. Select the odd one out..-a. Java  b. Lisp  c. Smalltalk  d. Eiffel.

    32. Select the odd one out a. SMTP b. WAP c. SAP d. ARP

    33. Select the odd one out a. Oracle b. Linux c. Ingress d. DB2

    34. Select the odd one out a. WAP b. HTTP c. BAAN d. ARP

    35. Select the odd one out a. LINUX b. UNIX c. SOLARIS d. SQL SEVER

    36. Select the odd one out a. SQL b. DB2 c. SYBASE d. HTTP

    37. If TAFJHH is coded as RBEKGI then RBDJK can be coded as?

    38. G(0)= -1, G(1)=1, G(N)=G(N-1) - G(N-2), G(5)= ?    

    39. A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 750 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to power plant opposite to that of the river and 1500mts away from the power unit.The cost of the cable below water is Rs.15/- per meter and cost of cable on the bank is Rs.12/-per meter. Find the total of laying the cable.

    40. In Madras , temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/2 + 8t + 3, where t is elapsed time. Find how much temperature more or less in 4pm to 9pm.

    41. Which of the following are orthogonal pairs?
        a. 3i+2j b. i+j c. 2i-3j d. -7i+j   

    42. If A, B and C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 30%, 20% and 10%.What will be the fuel economy if they were used combined.

    43. What is the power of 2?  a. 2068   b.2048  c.2668

    44. A, B and C are 8 bit no's. They are as follows:
        A -> 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1
        B -> 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0
        C -> 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1
    Find ((A-B) u C)=?   

    45. A is twice efficient than B. A and B can both work together to complete a work in 7 days. Then find in how many days, A alone can complete the work?

    46. (Momentum*Velocity)/(Acceleration * distance). Find units.

    47. Which of the following set of numbers has the highest Standard deviation?
        a)1,0,1,0,1,0        b) -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1
        c)1,1,1,1,1,1          d) 1,1,0, -1,0, -1

    48. 3 angles or 3 sides r given.Which will form a triangle? A car travels 12 kms with a 4/5th filled tank. How far will the car travel with 1/3 filled tank?
    Ans. 5 kms

     49. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 8. When 18 is added to the number, the digits are reversed. Find the number?
    Ans. 35

    50. Fathers age is 5 times his son's age. 4 years back the father was 9 times older than son. Find the fathers' present age.
     Ans. 40 years

    51. What number should be added to or subtracted from each term of the ratio 17 : 24 so that it becomes equal to 1 : 2.Ans. 10 should be subtracted

    52. What is the 12th term of the series 2, 5, 8, --
    Ans. 35

    53. If 20 men take 15 days to to complete a job, in how many days can 25 men finish that work?
    Ans. 12 days

    54. If Rs.1260 is divided between between A, B and C in the ratio 2:3:4, what is C's share?
    Ans. Rs. 560

    55. Hansie made the following amounts in seven games of cricket in India : Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.21, Rs.12, Rs.18, Rs.19 and Rs.17(all figures in crores of course). Find his average earnings. 
    Ans. Rs.16 crore

    56. There are 150 weights .Some are 1 kg weights and some are 2 kg weights. The sum of the weights is 260.What is the number of 1kg weights?
    Ans. 401.

    57.One Rectangular plate with length 8 inches breadth 11 inches and 2 inches thickness is there. What is the length of the circular rod with diameter 8 inches and equal to volume of rectangular plate ?
    ans: 3.5 inches

    58. 2 oranges, 3 bananas and  4 apples cost Rs.15 . 3 oranges 2 bananas 1 apple costs Rs 10. what is the cost of 3 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 apples
    ans: Rs 15.

    59. Two pencils costs 8 cents, then 5 pencils cost how much
    ans:20 cents

    60. A sales person multiplied a number and get the answer is 3, instead of that number divided by 3. what is the answer he actually has to get ?
    ans: 1/3

    61.  A stationary engine has enough fuel to move 12 hours when its tank is 4/5 full, how much hours will it run when the tank is 1/3 full
    ans: 5 hours  

    3.logical reasoning :
    Do all the logical reasoning practice exercise of BARRON'S GRE 12TH EDITION if u couldn?t able to solve them ,then just cram it by heart becoz it is copy paste questions from it without any change in the sequence of questions n options, even.and also go through the 5 model test papers?s logical reasoning questions of GRE 12th edition.this is most important?.. u vll find all of them from it only.

    Whole exam was conducted online and the result was out as soon as u submit ur answers of last section. I cleared it n I had to face my interview on the next day.

    2. technical interview:
    my tech interview last for 25-28 minutes n I was fired questions from my syllabus subjects, language command of c/c++, maths aptitude etc .some of them were??. do u feel after coming to this college??
    2.wat subjects have u studied till them??
    3.u r comfortable wid which language?? I answered c++.then he asked bout wat are friend functions??wat is overriding??
    4. asked that wat r the main parameters considering which u purchase ur system?? I answered him since m having do ur homework on ur systems config.  if u r having system or having area of interest as operating systems
    5.asked difference b/w ntfs and fat32 file systems. I answered then he asked bout wat r types of microprocessors n the difference b/w them.
    6. then some mathematics apti question were fired on me which I was able to prove pythagorus theorem,finding the cube of the no. 35 in simple  terms. I answered him interpreting cube of(30+5) using formula.
    7. he asked me to write the program on finding area of triangle wid error handling.  I wrote it in c lang.
    8.then he asked questions regarding my graduation (electronics Like wat r amplifiers n wat r there use etc?..??
    I answered him elaborately.    
    9. he asked to write the program of swapping two nos.widout using third variable.  I wrote??10 at last he asked me h vl u find the area of a ball??  I answered 4*pi*r*r.

    Key points:

    • Be confident in whatever u r saying. Don?t try to beat around the bush.n prevent urself from plucking the harmful flowers.
    • N don?t hesitate in saying sorry sir I m not able to recall it if u r not knowing something which is asked rather than saying sorry sir I don?t know.
    • Try to b cheerful. I know its really tough job but u really have to show h r u different from others.
    • Do ur homework on ur cv content like hobbies,area of interest,extra curricular activities, subjects etc.i was not asked questions regarding subjects dbms ,ds etc.but do prepare well all these.

    3.MR interview (I was called for my MR interview directly b4 calling for HR,it was UNUSUAL).  

    Here I was asked following questions:
    1. he(interviewer)asked me describe urself . I answered.
    2.  then he was asked bout my subjects in mca of different semesters.I answered n then I was asked questions regarding computer networks.

    3.  wat r different types of topologies used in computer networks??  I answred.
    4.  then he asked wat is internet ??? n which type of topology does it uses?? I told him sorry sir I m unable to recall ??He asked me to guess?. I guessed it could b star topology.then he asked me to explain that topology.

    1. he asked me if u r having any question to ask??  I asked ?.which post I m goin to get if I vll b placed in ur company. He answered me elaborately.

    Key points:
    >do a lot of homework on the describe urself.
    >Ur plus n minus points with example at the back up etc.  

    4.HR interview (it was at last) Here I was asked following questions:
    1. he asked me to describe urself.  I answered
    2. no more questions were there except he asked me bout their bonds n placing me anywhere in India or abroad m I comforatable wid that or not.  I answered I m comforatable.
    3. then he asked any question from ur side???  I asked how can I improve myself still, after being placed, since I have still much time to spend at the college b4 joining.    He answered. 

    And in this fashion my interview was over. The result was announced that night only around 9:30 pm . And my name was called out in the list of successful candidates. I was at the ninth cloud at that time??  

    Hope u all feel this??..that  how it really feels like ,to  b at ninth cloud .  

    One saying ? we can find word success b4 work only in the dictionary bt not in real life so work hard n embark urself to achieve wat u really want?.  

    Good luck!!!!!!!
     C u at TCS???
     THANK U.

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