TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Lucknow-23 Sep 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Lucknow-23 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hi Friends,

    .I gave the TCS written exam on 23rd Sept and got selected. In this regard I would like to share my journey from test to selection process with u all, as this site has helped me a lot.

    The written paper had a lot of repeated questions from previous ones. So it is better to prepare as much previous papers as possible. Also Gre Barrons is quite helpful.

    It consisted of 3 sections:

    1. Verbal Reasoning

    2. Quantitative Aptitude

    3. Critical Reasoning

    There was no Psychometric test. Also there was no sectional cutoff. We were told by them.


    Few questions that I remember r:

    1. Verbal:

    It has synonyms, antonyms.

    2. Quantitative:

    1. Which of the following is a singularity matrix? (Determinant must be zero).
    2. Aero plane is flying at a particular angle and latitude, after some time another latitude is given..(8 hrs later), u r asked to find the local time of the place.
    3. Which is a/not a power of 2 .
    4. Which one among have higher deviation:1. 7,0,-7, 7,0,-7 2. -7,-7,-7,-7,-7,-7.
    5. if &=doubling and % means sign change then what is the output
      &%&(5) - %&%(5)

    Technical Interview ---

    I was the last person to b interviewed on that day. It was a tiresome day.It was a one -to-one interview. It lasted for abt 25 minutes.Some of the questions were:

    1. So r u feeling nervous.

    2. Tell me something abt yourself.

    3. What curricular activities u were as involved in at ur college level.

    4 .Do u hav any leadership qualities?

    5. What is the difference b/w C,C++,and Java?

    6. What is OOP?

    7. What is an object?

    8. What is a linked list. Write code to explain its working .Also explain diagrammatically.

    9. What is inheritance? Write a code in Java to explain the same.

    10. What r the basic concepts behind OOP(i.e. polymorphism, inheritance etc.)?

    The interviewer was quite impressed by my answers .In the middle of the interview he told me"O.K. I hope that u qualify the next round also. By the way how did u find your performance in this interview must be by now aware of ur result.Then he wrote something on the blue form. He then asked me to wait outside.

    The key is to remain cool and confident throughout the interview. Just be aware of the basic concepts .Go through all important subjects, like OOP,Software Engg,Web Technology,OS,Computer Networking etc.above all anything could be asked to u,be prepared.Dont be afraid or nervous if don?t know the answer to any question, simply say that u r not able to recollect that at this point of time and say sorry.Don?t try to fool them .

    After 10 minutes I was told that I was selected and were asked to come after two days for the H.R. interview.

    H.R. Interview-

    Thre were 2 members in the panel.The atmosphere was cool.The questions asked were:

    1. Hello .What does ur name means?

    2. He thaen asked me to tell 3 positive and 3 negative characteristics of the bird ?maina ?(that is the meaning of my name).
    then he looked at my resume and asked abt my hobbies. Friends do a good homework on ur hobbies. My hobbies included reading and watching movies.

    3. Which book r u reading now-a ?days.what do u like abt the writer .He told me that he found the writer a little bit boring. I said no .He asked me to convince him that he is a good writer.

    4. Do u have any problem with relocation.( always say ?no?).

    5. He asked which type of movies I like.

    6. Which is the last movie that u hav seen.Did u like it.He kept on discussing abt the movie and the book.

    7. Lastly Do u want to ask something?

    Friends do a good homework for this questionand try to collect as much information abt TCS as possible,as this is the question where u can tell the interviewer that how much un are interested in the organization.

    My interview lasted for abt 45 minutes .I was tired of speaking but I enjoyed it a lot.The panel was too good.

    All the Best to all aspirants.

    Sarika Pathak

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