TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Lucknow-07 Oct 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Lucknow-07 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hii    friends,
    Technical interview.....................

    it was a session of bout 25-30 min.

    be cool....they would try to stress you,but take care that u dont get stressed.

    It was a panel of 2

    The interview started on a very soothy note.

    He asked me bout myself....

    and all such general question.

    The typical ones i m giving


    1.what is RDBMS

    2.what are pointers

    3.calling functions using pointers

    4.swap the values using pointers

    5.linked list

    6.linked list as an array

    7.array list

    8.simple array

    9.time complexity of the program for different sorts....he made me write the program for insertion sort

    10.different statements in SQL vs c++

    12.c vs c++

    13.what operating syatems u have used?

    14.Windows NT vs Windows 2000

    15.scheduling in windows 2000

    16.unix and its commands

    questions frm the architecture and working of paging and segmentation

    now came the projects

    i had a total of 4 projects mentioned in my CV

    he asked the concept for all of them and made me draw the figure as was the output.


    In this session itself he asked me bout HR related issues.

    Like if i relocate you to chennai....what would be your reaction?

    Hw would you cope up with the situation?

    Apart frm the general questions relating to person and family these were the questions in the technical round.

    After 2 minutes of the session i was asked to stay back and wait for my HR round.

    The HR round was on 3rd floor as i reached there the manager called me into the room.

    It was a conference hall

    he asked me to take a seat


    next were a few technical questions.

    OS and DBMS....followed by DS.

    There were two people

    they asked me to introduce myself.............( know what all to say as an answer to this qustion)

    then he asked me that what would i say that is the most remarkable acheivement in my 4yrs of engg.

    He gave me a few situations and asked me that how would i cope up with those situations.

    ((this was a bit tricky and tough too))

    it was a session of about 25 minutes.

    And rest all were general questions.............

    just be cool and face them with confidence.

    On the 17th oct i got the result and was selected..........i wish that you too get to your aim.

    See you!!!!!!!

    the very best of luck!!!!

    good bye


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