TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Kohinoorpark,Hyderabad-06 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Kohinoorpark,Hyderabad-06 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai frndz dis is Sivajyothi f rm Computers science stream  selected for TCS.I m 2007 passed out frm S.K.D Engineering college, Gooty, Anantapur(dist). 

    I appeared for d TCS xam in HYD.First of all I wud lik 2 thank al of my frnds who contributed papers to freshersworld.Really these papers helped me a lot to clear d written.Dnt get tense paper wil b easy,no -ve marking,no sectional it wil b easy for u to clear.zst a little bit of hard work is necessary.prepare old papers nd moreover dnt try to mug up d answrs in aptitude section bcoz some times dey r changing up d data.Cmng to the test pattern of TCS ,there will b three sets namely X,Y,Z.Actually most of d times they will conduct online xam but in Hyd they conducted manual written. 

    I got the set X mainly d test comprises of three sections
    1.verbal ability(30 questns)
    2.Aptitude test(40 questns)
    3.Critical reasoning(prep. model papers in 12th barrons for dis sec.)(15 questns)

    The very 1st section z verbal in which there wil b 10 synonyms nd  10 antonyms. 


    protract* shorten

    I hav remembered dis much but i can giv u som of most freq. askd synonyms nd antonyms.

    credit*believe false

    one paragraph wil b given with blank numbered spaces r left in passage nd we hav 2 fill those gaps with appropriate options frm the given  options.I hav given one passage related to chlorophyll in plants. 5 blanks  wil b givem 

    Reading comprehension passage is given,it z frm model papers of 12th barrons only.under dat 5 questns r given.u need to answr dem. 

    Next section z aptitude .I havnt rememberd al d 40 questns but some of dem r...........
    1. In 2-dimensional array X(9,7) with each element occupying 8 bytes of memory with the first element X(1,1) z 3000.find address of X(8,5)?
    wen i referred to old papers one easy mthd was found i.e.;chck dis once  x=given col. *no. of bits....approach : [x *(req. no. of rows - 1)].this wil gives u d first element of req proceed further u hav to add 8 bytes(as given in d questn) for each term.but i havnt followed dis one.i done dis in the normal  manner which is time taking. word z given nd data prvided is lik dis .if 1st nd 2nd ,3rd nd 4th,5th nd 6th r interchanged upto last letter wat wud b d 8th letter frm right?
    3.In which of d system ,decimal number 184 is equal to 1234?ans.5 of faces,vertices nd edges of a cube?ans. 6  8  12 questn related to number sequence?2,7,......
    6.Find d value of @@+25-++@16,where @ denotes "square" and + denotes  "squareroot"?  ans.621
    7.If M denotes modulus operation,R denotes roundoff,T denotes truncationthen find M(373,5)+R(3.4)+T(7.7)+R(5.8)? ans. 19 questn based on letter coding.i didnt remember d questn properly but ans i got was covert.
    9.Which of d following r orthogonal pairs?
    a. 3i+2j  b. i+j  c. 2i-3j  d. -7i+j
    ans. a,c
    10.$means tripling,% means change of sign then fimd $%6-%$%6? ans.-72
    11.which z d largest prime dat wil fit into 6 bit memory?ans. 61
    approach:2^n-1 where n denotes no. of bits.
    12.which of the following has highest standard deviation?
    a.7,0,7,0,7,0 b. -7,-7,-7,-7,-7,-7 c.7,7,7,7,7,7 d.-7,7,-7,7,-7,7
    ans. d
    13.g(0)=1,g(1)=-1 provided g(n)=g(n-1)+g(n-2) then g(5)=?
    14.A poer unit is laidby the bank of d river of 900mts width a cable is made from power unit to a power plant opp. 2 dat of d river nd 3000 mts away frm d power unit.the cost of d cable below water z rs 5/- nd cost of d cable on d bank z rs 4/- per mtr.fimd d pt.where the cable cut thru d river?
    15.In madras temp at noon varies accoring to -t^2/6+4t+12,where t is elapsed time.find how much temp. more or less in 6pm to 8pm?
    16.two students got 3 nd 3.5 and 1 nd 4.45 in final xam respectively.wat was the marks of 3rd student.................for dis take d diff. among the marks and proceed for d answr.
    17.A,B,C are 8 bit no.s
    A - 01000101
    B - 00110011
    C - 00111010
    find ((AUC)UB) odd one
    a. linux b. oracle c. DB2 d. Ingress.  ans.Linux odd one
    a. lisp b. small talk  c. eiffel d. java  ans. lisp
    20.Find singularity of d matrix frm given set of matrices?
    Hint:det A==0 curve is given u need to find out d eqn for dat?
    22.Barchart is given showing some sales of company.........
    23.venn diagram is given specifying dat sum people speak hindi,sum speak telugu nd sum in english lik dat.under dat 3qs wil b there
    24.given length of d three sides of triangle?u hav to pick the sides which do not suit for a triangle.(Hint:sum of any two sides must b greater than 3rd side)
    25.latitude nd longitiude prblm
    26.ques regarding physical quantities(momentum,velocity.........)
    27.match d following
    a)sentence paragraph    1)not a type of
    b)basmati  wheat          2)superset
    c)                                 3)a type of
    d)cow mammal            4)a part of 

    Next section is critical reasoning.For dis prep. reasoning passages in model papers of barrons 12th edition.may b sum times they wil change data but model of the passage wil b same.3 passages wil a given in which 5 questns under each passage.totally 15 questns in dis section.results were placed in tcs portal o0nly.after 5 days frm the written i came 2 knw dat i ckleared d written.Zst the old papers nd model papers(antonyms,synonyms,critical reasoning) of 12th barronns were enuf to clear d written.

    Technical interview
    Tell me abt ur self?(prep. well for dis questn.dis will create impression on u) Basic questns frm ur academics abt ur project nd technologies used in ur project? joins in dbms? access specifiers in java? files in c? small file prgm? diff b/w C nd Java? U wil b askd abt ur fav. prep. well for dat one thng,wat ever u answr ,answr it wit confidence.dnt get confuse ok sum times dey wil ask d questns regarding the company in tech. interview also so prep. for dat also No need to get tense Interviewers were so cool. I was made to wait for 15 min nd results r announced nd i cleared d tech.

    On d next day M.R nd H.R rounds were conducted.we were given a form nd we need to fill dat. In M.R round ,Interviewer was very very frndly wit me,very cool guy. they askd me to tell abt my self. ur career objective? prep the contents of ur resume well why TCS? Quarter results of tcs? abt my project? two small puzzles? some of my frnds were askd technical questns prep.for dat also abt d previous interviewer?
    abt my previous campus interviews? If ur % is declining ,u need to prep. a good reason to convince d interviewer if u r a non-it student prep. reason dat why u r shifting towards software field? my strenghts nd weakness?(prep. well for dis)be careful while  telling abt ur weakness after 10 min results were out nd  HR round was conducted.

    HR round was little bit tricky for me.
    Interviewer goes on asking me dat"r u nervous?,r u tense?" lik dat.but i keep on saying dat i m very cool........they wil test ur patience dats it,dnt get nervous at dat time.zst maintain smiling face nd a smooth voice .ur communication skills will play vital role in these 2 rounds.dnt break ur voice in d middle.

    he askd me to tell abt my self,my personal details,abt my frnds,strenghts nd weakness,goals,CEO of TCS(Mr.Ramdorai).do prep.well abt d company.for interviewer u hav to look dat u r very interested towards d company.once again i m telling u dat prep. well for d questn"tell me abt ur self" dnt giv breaks in the middle of answrng dis questn.On Nov. 8th at 4.30pm results were released in the portal of TCS.

    By Gods grace I was selected for TCS.Only hard work is in ur hands do work hard nd b confident on ur self, rest of it will b gods grace.apart frmm hard work luck plays imp. role.As my parents blessings,my frnds wellwishes r wit me nd those r d main reasons dat i hav been placed in TCS.Once again Thanx to al my frnds who wished me nd helped me a lot for preparation.I m very lucky to b d part of TATA group. Hope dis paper wil help u for cmng xam.Al d very best to al of u guys.Hope we meet in TCS..bye

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