TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   JUIT Waknaghat -19 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   JUIT Waknaghat -19 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello, Friends    I am Vijay Sharma pursuing my B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering   form Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) Waknaghat Distt. Solan H.P. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  team of around 40 people visited our campus on 18-19 Feb for campus placement. It was a combined placement for our university and Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) University Noida U.P.

    On the behalf of my university students I would like to thank the freshersworld team for their work as well as all those people who contributed the papers because those were very helpful for the preparation for TCS.

    I would like to share my experience with other people who are preparing for the TCS as think that that will be helpful for the entire upcoming visitor who want to prepare for TCS. The recruitment procedure for TCS consist the following four rounds:
    Online Test
    Technical Interview
    H.R. Interview
    M.R. Interview

    Ø     ONLINE TEST :
    Online test was conducted for JUIT students and for some branches of JIIT students on 18 Th Feb. and for remaining branches of JIIT on 19 Th Feb. The test started around 10 A.M. without any pre-placement session. You will be given Login Id and password. Firstly there was a sample test and instruction for the test. They will also give instructions orally so listen carefully everything. The TCS people will be all time there during the test so for any clarification ask them for a help. Remember that:
    · There is no negative marking.
    · No higher cut-off.
    · There was no section cut-off.(but I think that there was a minimum cut-off for individual section because some students were not able to cle
    r the test because they were unable to score in a particular section).
    · Don?t click on the EXIT Button; otherwise your test will be finished at that point.
    · You can jump to any question within a particular section, but you can not jump sections. On R.H.S. there is a display of Q.No. The answered questions appears in Green color, unanswered but visited questions in  some other color(red or orange ,I don?t remember exactly) and unvisited questions in other color(red or orange).
    · A clock on the top corner of the right hand side displays the reaming time so please keep track of the time.

    There were 3 Sections in the test: ---
    A.VEBAL SECTION (32 QUSETIONS 20 MINUTES):   10 antonyms, 10 synonyms, 1 Reading comparison heaving 6 question and one passage for fill in the blank with 6 questions. Most of the antonyms and synonyms were form Barron?s GRE (you can refer any edition for this section). Only prepare exercises given in the back of word list. There are 50 word lists in the book but you need not to mug all of them only 20 will also work. Start preparing a lot ahead of for this because it will take a lot of time because most of the words are hard to remember. It will take hardly 6-8 minutes to complete antonyms and synonyms because there are only two possibilities, either you know the answer or not. In the remaining time you can attempt RC & fill in the blanks. RC passage on Share Market and Investment, I have seen it somewhere but I don?t remember where exactly (most probably in barrons?s). The passage for fill- in the blanks I don?t remembered. But key point in fill-in the blank question is that there were not 5 options to fill the blanks. Instead it options were only 6 choices written and we have to fill each options by selecting it from a drop down menu. So please take care of this.

    B. QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE ( 38 QUES, 40 MINUTES):  The most easy and scoring section. You need not to do anything. No  need to buy R. S. Awarwal or something else. Just practice 5-10 sample papers form Freshersworld that will be more than enough. I am giving some of the question with explanation that were in my examination:------
    1.    58, 27, 12, __, 2 .
    Sol. 27*2+4 = 58,    12*2+3 = 27,  5*2+2 = 12,  2*2+1 = 5,  1*2+0 = 2 ?.
    ans = 5

    2. How the given string how many Y?s are followed by L that are not followed by P
    Sol. Only count those pair by YL and discard pairs of YLP      ??..
    ans =4.

    3. First & second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth letter of word SENSATIONALY are   interchanged find the 12th letter form right.
    Sol.  The interchanged word is ESSNTAIONALY. Now start counting from Right the 12th letter is E.

    4. What is the largest prime number which can be stored in 6 bit register?
    Sol.  As the register is 6 bit long we can store max number 63 (if all bits are 1).But 63 is not prime the  largest  prime number is 61.                        
    Ans = 61.

    5)     Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube     
    Ans.   6, 8, 12

    6. If g(0) = 1, g(1) = -1 and g(n) = g(n-1)-g(n-2) then calculate g(6).
    Sol. Start with g(2) = g(1) + g(0) = -1 - 1 = -2,  g(3) = g(2) + g(1) = -2+1 = -1,  g(4) = g(3) + g(2) =
    -1+1 = 0,  g(5) = g(4) + g(3) = 0+1 = 1,  g(6) = g(5) + g(4) = 1-0 = 1       
    ans = 1.

    7. which of the following heaving highest  standard deviation.
    a. 9,0,9,0,9,0          b. 9,-9,0,9,0,-9   c. 9,-9,9,-9,9,-9    d. 9,9,9,9,9,9
    Ans.  C, standard deviation is 18(i.e. the difference between two consecutive terms is highest).

    8.   Find the result of the following expression- M (737, 7) +R (3.4) +T (7. 7)-R (6.4) if, M denotes modules operation, R denotes round-off, T denotes truncations?
    Sol): 2+3+7-6 = 6

    9. In a city, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/6 + 4t + 12, where t is elapsed time. Find the percentage change in temperature from 3pm. to 6 pm.
    Sol): In equation first put t=3,
    we will get 25.5........................... (1)
    Now put t=6,
    we will get 42.............................. (2)
    So %change = ((42-25.5)/42)*100)

    10.  Find d Odd one out?   a. Oracle b. Linux c. Ingress d. DB2
    Ans.  All other except Linux which is an operating system are Database Management Systems.

    11. If FHQWVDO is written as CENTRAL, what is TXLFN?  
    ANS.  The  first letter of the word has been changed 3 letter backward in alphabetic order so we change T to Q. As there were no other options starting with Q we need not to find each alphabet. So the answer is the word in the options starting with Q

    12.  Which shape will be obtained by using these values of X & Y?
    X                                  Y
    0                               0.00001
    10                               1.02
    100                             1.72
    1000                           3.00
    9999                           4.72
    Sol): Y= log10(X)

    13.Find d unit of given expression - (Force*Distance)/ (Velocity *Velocity)?
    Sol): (M*a*L)/(LT-1*LT-1) = (M*LT-2*L)/(L2T-2) = Mass

    14. A can copy 20 pages in 4 hours and A and B can copy 70 pages in 10 hours. How much time B will take to copy 26 pages
    Sol. A?s 1 hour work =20/4=5 pages , A+B?s 1 hour work = 7 pages So B?s 1 hour work =7-5=2 pages. Time taken by B to copy 26 pages =26/2=13 hours.

    15. A, B and C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 20%, 30% and 10%. What will be the fuel economy if they were used combined?
    Sol): Method is (80/100*70/100*90/100)*100 = 50.4
    So, economy = 100-50.4 = 49.6

    16. Find d Odd one out?   JAVA b. LISP c. Small talk d. Eiffel
    Ans. All other except LISP are object oriented programming languages.

    17. Match the following
    1. Male ? Boy                                a. A type of
    2. Square - Polygon                       b. A part of     
    3. Roof - Building                           c. Not a type of
    4. Mushroom ? Vegetables        d. A superset of         
    Ans: 1- d, 2- a, 3- b, 4- c  

    18. Find the value of 232 in the base 5
    Sol.  Divide 232 by 5 until the number is reduced to zero and select the reminder from bottom to up             
    ans = 1412

    19. A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 900 mtr width. a cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 3000 mtr away from the power unit. The cost of the cable bellows water Rs5 / mtr and cost of cable on the bank is Rs 4/ mtr. Find the pt where the cable cut through the river.
    a.2800        b. 3000         c. 2100     b.3900 
    Sol. Just use simple trigonometry             
    Ans: 2100    

    20.  Given $ means Tripling and % means change of sign then find the value of $%$6-%$%6 ?
    Ans.  72   (values are not exactly same)

    21.  In two dimensional array X(6,9) each element occupies 4 bytes of memory. If the address of first element X(1,1)is 3000 then what will be the address of the last element X(2,3)  ?    
    Sol. Remember that   we have been asked to write to find address of last element not of first element. 3000+8*4+3*4+3(for last element) = 3047   

    22. My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and landed 8 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N 80W. What is the local time when my plane landed.
    Ans. Every 1 deg longitude is equal to 4 minutes . If west to east add time else subtract time) and measure the longitude form GMT do the difference between the longitude is 90 degree=90*4=360minutes=6 hours. Don?t take into account the value of N and S if any.
    So the local time of landing = 2+8-6=4am.

    23 Which of the following are orthogonal pairs? a. 3i+2j b. i+j   c. 2i-3j d. -7i+j 
    Sol. The product of slope(y/x) of two equations should be -1  
    ans = a & c

    24. Find d singular matrix from a given set of matrices?
    a) 2 3    b) 4 16     c) 0 5     d) 9 8
       4 5        1 4         1 5          4 5
    Sol): b (Hint: det (A) = 0 i.e. ((a11+a22)-(a12+a21))  

    25. What is the equation of the given line?




    ans:   x -y=0

    26. If n=10*18*38 which of the following is not an integer?
     a. n/40          b. n/90           c. n/72        d. n/35
    Sol.  (10*18*38)/35 is not an integer so
    ans = d (n/35)

    27.28.29. A Venn diagram was given and 3 questions were asked on it. Just understand the problem carefully and solve it (only addition, subtraction and multiplication and division required)
    The question was based on that this number of people know c , this number of people java and this number of people know .net

    30.31.32. A bar graph was given and question was asked on it. It was something about club membership (just addition, multiplication etc.)
    Other questions were also simple but I don?t exactly remember those. Just do some more previous papers those will be helpful to you.

    C. CRITICAL REASONING (12 QUESETIONS, 30 MINUTES) :   Don?t think that it is enough time to solve this section. Actually this section is from the model test papers of Barron?s 12 th edition. It consists of 3 paragraphs containing 4 questions each. If you have practiced a lot than you will able to do this section within 5 minutes, otherwise the case may be that you will not able to answer even a single question from it, because some questions are very tricky and you can do them if you are doing them first time. So please prepare the questions form 5 test papers and only solve those paragraphs which contain 4 or more questions. Don?t let this work pending till last day. Don?t need to mug up  all the answers just know the method. Only some questions need to be mug up. There is no important passage as we had paragraphs form all test papers. So don?t take chance in this section. I think that in this section the weightage was higher than other sections. In  my paper they asked the question on Prithu and Brithu marriages from test paper 5(they changed  some name, but don?t worry if you know how to attempt then you will able to solve it and those who have mugged up it  also don?t worry because the starting alphabet of the name of the characters was same, so still you can attempt  it. Second paragraph was on Scurvy problem and it was also form test paper 5. Third passage was and selecting two professor form large university and one form small college.

    They declared the result of first 80 students around 12am. And we were told that interview will start in 10 minutes. Due to our Test-1 exams we were out of touch with other technical subject and were thinking that we will revise Technical part in the rest of the day. But nothing could be done now. So we were ready for interviews. Out of total around 250 students around 180 students cleared the written test.
    We were given a form and asked to fill and submit it. I was called for interview around 5 pm.

    TECHNICAL INTERVIEW:   This was first time I was giving interview. So I was a little nervous before entering in the interview room. My throat was totally dry and I was thinking that I will not be able to answer their questions. But I had to face the interview and  I was asked to go to panel no 1. There were two people there. I took their permissions to enter in the cabin and wished good evening to them. They asked me to sit down.
    Sir: Take out your CV , give it to us and tell me something about yourself.
    Me: I started: Sir, I am a person who is quite adaptive to any environment??.they started laughing. Yaar tu to ajeeb banda hai ?.agar tujhe pani main rakhain to rah lega?.I also gave them a smile ?.at that time they had finished scanning my CV and started  putting questions form my CV.
    Sir: O.K. you have done a project on university student registration system in  C and  you have also done a project on time-table creation using UML.
    ME: I thanked God for diverting my interview to Software Engineering because this was my favorite subject in entire 5 semesters. I started explaining ??..they interrupted me after some time and asked about different types of software testing...I started form white box and black box and explained many testing techniques??
    Sir: what is system testing?
    Me: explained.
    Sir: what is regressing testing?
    Me: explained.
    Sir: What is use-case?
    Me: I explained, but the definition was not up to the mark?.then they asked two definition from use case which I didn?t know. Sorry I am not able to recollect what they had asked?.
    Sir: yaar you have done UML and you even don?t know this..Then they drew those terms in UML diagram and asked now to explain???
    ME: I took my time to understand, but I was not able to do I simply said that I?m not getting it.
    Sir: Tell something about SDLC?
    Me: I gave the expression that I was hearing this term first time.
    Sir: Don?t you know SDLC. Do you know Software Development Life Cycle and tell us on which factors Software life cycle depends?
    Me: I exactly didn?t know so I asked  that can I do some kite flying.
    Sir: yes, yes  you can??..
    Me: Sir I think that SDLC depends on the process model..
    Sir: They started laughing again?..yaar hum to 10 saal se TCS main hain(they both were around  26 years of age so their fact was impossible)
    hamain to ye baat pata hi nahi thi??..tujhe kisne bayayi??..
    Me: I replied with a smile?.
    Sir: Asked  about DDL and DML and give example.
    Me: explained?.and answerd that both DDL and DML are integrated part of of SQL
    Sir: No?no I want example in term of query?
    Sir: Tell Different types of Data Structures and give example..
    ME: Explained
    Sir: Tell  different types of linked list..
    Me: Explained..but they were trying to confuse me??.
    Sir: When we use pointers and when array?
    Me: explained..
    Sir: What are constructors and what will happen if we don?t define constructor?
    Me: Explained?.Compiler will automatically initialize ?.
    Sir: What is virtual table?
    ME: I think that they were asking view form DBMS. So I asked them Sir, are you asking form DBMS?
    Sir: nahi nahi C++ se pooch rahe hain??.
    Me: I politely said that I don?t know virtual table in C++
    Sir: Do you have any questions?
    Me: I want to be run away from those people?so I said no questions sir.and they said that I can leave now?..

    So friends that was my first interview in life and it was a stress interview. After 40 minutes I was again called for the H.R. Interview.

    H.R. INTERVIEW:   I asked the permission to enter in the cabin and wish good evening. The panel consisted only one person who was around 40 years of age. The person stood up shake hand with me and asks me to take the seat.
    Sir: Who was your test in the morning?
    Sir: Rate yourself on the basis of previous interview?
    Me: I said that my interview was average??he asked why?......i explained??.
    Sir: Tell me about your Weaknesses?
    Me: Told some what he was asking more weaknesses so I said that my coding skills are not very good??..
    Sir: Don?t you think that you need some improvement in your communication skills?
    Me: I answered that I am putting my efforts to improve
    Sir: what are you doing?
    Me: Explaind????
    Sir: and what will you do to improve your programming skills?
    Me: Explained and added that I will also try to hone my skills during the training period ??.
    Sir: But you will not able to do more because training  will be of 4-6 weeks so work hard right now?..Do you have any questions?
    Me: I asked  that  how much time it will take me to reach the position  of an analyst?
    Sir: It depends on your performance?..and explained more??..
       After 20 minutes I was again called for another round. This time in the panel there was a young lady in suite. She asked me to come in and take the seat. Then someone called her,  she asked for my permission and said that she will be back in one minute. She came and said sorry for keep me waiting. I said no problem mam. Then coffee came for her and she offered coffee to me?but I politely said no?
    Mam: Tell me something about yourself?
    Me: Explained??.
    Mam: What r your weaknesses and what are you doing to improve those?
    Me: Explained
    Mam: Were U there in presentation in morning?
    Me: We were heaving test at that time so I missed some part of it..
    Mam: Do you know you have to give medical test in which we test color blindness and so on?
    Me: I said that I?m aware of this..
    Mam: So your hobbies are travelling and bike riding?do you have bike here in college and which places in india u have visited?
    Me: Explaind?..
    Man: Are U ready to sign two years bond?
    Me: Mam, for TATA?s I am ready to sign 10 years bond??
    Mam: That?s great??do you have any questions?
    Me: I said no mam??she said that I know that u haven?t taken anything since morning. So go and take your dinner. The results will be declared tomorrow.

    Next day there was test and interviews for JIITU Noida. They declared the results  for both of the universities around 7pm. 78 students were selected form JUIT and 82 from JIITU. My name was there in the list. I again want to thank all frehersworld team and all those people who had contributed their papers because those were very helpful in the prepration..

    For any quarries and help you can contact: ---

    Some important points to remember:
    1. Have faith in God and in yourself.
    2. Don?t bluff the interviewrs.
    3. Start preparing ahead because success is a planed event.
    4. Maintain eye contact during the interview.
    5. If after doing hard word somehow u are not able to get through, don?t lose heart. there are ample of opportunities. The life doesn?t end
    here??..say to yourself that I have not lost anything the company has lost an asset in the form of you.



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