TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Integral University-20 Mar 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Integral University-20 Mar 2007

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    hi ,friends its ,vineet mishra.

    TCS Test Pattern

    Test Consists of 3 Sections?

    1. Test on Synonyms and Antonyms (40 questions, 20 minutes: Also
    Q?s on Sentence Completion).

    2. Aptitude Test (32 questions(may vary), 40 minutes: General Questions on

    3. Critical Reasoning (30 Minutes: 3 Analysis Paragraphs and 12
    questions Relating them

    Written Test pattern

    This is on line test paper. There were three sections. plz prepare last papers too & BARRONS Properly
    some of antonyms are
    Admonish= usurp
    Adhesive = tenacious, sticky, glue, gum, bonding agent
    Alienate = estrange
    Bileaf = big screen, big shot, big success
    Belief = conviction
    Baffle = puzzle
    Brim = edge
    Covet = to desire
    Caprice = whim
    Concur = similar, acquiesce
    Confiscate = appropriate, to take charge, to annex
    Cargo = load, luggage
    Dispel = scatter
    Divulge = reveal, make known, disclose
    Discretion = prudence
    Emancipate = liberate
    Efface = obliterate
    Embrace = hug, hold, cuddle
    Furtive = stealthy
    Heap = to gather
    Hamper = obstruct
    Heap = to pile
    Hover = linger
    Incentive = spur
    Instigate = incite
    Inert = passive
    Latitude = scope
    Lethargy = stupor
    Lamont = lakes, lamentable
    Lament = wail
    Latent = potential
    Merry = Enjoy
    Meager = small, little, scanty
    Misery = distress
    Momentary = for small time
    Merit = to deserve
    Miserable = unhappy, sad
    Obstinate = stubborn
    Overt = obvious, clear, explicit, evident
    Pretentious = ostentatious
    Potential = ability
    Rinaile = rigorous
    Renounce= reject
    Solicit = Humble, urge
    Subside = wane
    Stifle = snits
    Tranquil = calm, silent, serene
    To merit- to deserve
    Volume = quantity
    Veer = diverge
    Wethargy = well wisher

    2. General Aptitude

    For this section it is more than enough to solve all the previous papers available in this site. Then for some concepts refer R.S Agarwal aptitude book. Most of the problems will be repeated only with the numbers changed. But u will have the same model.

    I could not able to recollect all the questions in my test, but I?m just giving you the models for few questions, what I have in my mind.

    1.If g (0)=1,g (1)=1 and g (n)= g (n-1) + g (n ?2). Find g (6).
    a) 9            b) 13              c) 21          d) 7

    3. Select the odd one out.
    a) Java            b) Lisp         c) Smalltalk    d) Eiffel.
    a) Lisp.           b) Java.        c) Eiffel.         d) Smalltalk.

    4. Select the odd one out
    a) Linux           b) Oracle    c) DB2    d) Ingress.

    5. Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube
    a) 6,8,12 b) 8,12,8 c) 8,6,12 d) 12,8,6

    6 in a two dimensional array X(9,7) which each element occupying 8 bytes of memory with address of the first element X(1,1) is 1072, find the address of X(8,5).
    7Which of the following highest Standard deviation
    5, -5,5,-5, 5,-5 b) 5,5,5,5,5,5 c) -5,-5,-5,-5,-5,-5 d) -5,5,-5,5,-5,5
    Critical Reasoning.
    questions were on one passage "politicians attending a party. They are seated in some way". 4 questions were on the passage "Red and Brown group in a community and conditions for their marriage". .
    Technical & HR Round
    in technical question  bassically on java &c++ 
    in hr They asked me abt my family background They asked me to tell abt it. They asked whether I am ready to sign a bond for 2yrs. I said OK. They asked my strengths, why shud I select u?

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