TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Great Noida-13 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Great Noida-13 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Everyone,
    I am Ravi Teja from CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad. I am from ECE and I got selected in TCS on 14th December, 2010. I'm posting this because I had no guidance on net about the experience of an ECE student in software interviews.
    Well, the selection consisted of 3 rounds.
    1. Online touchstone test.
    2. Technical interview
    3. HR round

    Online Test:

    Friends try to answer all the questions because the cutoff was about 27 or 28 in our college and 137 got passed through the test. All the questions are from the previous patterns available in All questions are repeating. Just find the logic at home and implement in the exam as numbers in the questions will be changed. Coming to the questions, like I said all are from the previous available patterns. Its an open secret for confirmation am posting these.

    1. 12 programmers, 12 lines, 12 mins (4 questions)
    2. 1 to 40 ..each statement says atleast 1 is false, atmost 1 is false, exactly 1 is false etc.
    3. Gloves and hats problem

    4. Colour of bear Answer: White
    The online test will be very easy if you practice the previous papers from site and don't panic in the exam.
    Technical Interview:
    The technical interview not only tests your ECE knowledge but also your confidence. Don't give rash answers and I have seen aggressive people eliminated. Don't be too calm as well.  Try to express your opinions in between. Don't use 'may be' 'I think' kind of words. Greet your interviewer with good morning and sit when you are given permission to. Don't worry they will not ask about your backlogs. They don't even see your folio. But be good at your fundamentals. The interviewer asked me from basic doping in semi conductors to 4g technology in communication. But all are very easy and basic questions.

    Questions asked:

    1. What is doping?
    a. I explained doping in sports as well as electronics as interviewer asked both.
    2. Why semi conductors?
    3. Can we generate electricity from diodes?
    4. How semi conductors are formed?
    5. What are non linear devices? why are they called so?
    6. Write a C program to check prime number?
    7. Wap in mpi assembly language to find average of 2 numbers
    8. Revise all the differentiation formulae. She asked me many on that topic.
    9. The interviewer has drawn transverse lines and asked sum of 2 angles.
    10. What is spectrum? in light and frequency sciences
    11. Which is faster? light or sound? what is the speed of light?
    12. What is induction motor? how it works?
    13. Conversions from hex to binary and binary to hex?
    14. Bitwise and operations n given binary data
    15. Tell me about your positives and negatives?
    16. Do you wish to work anywhere?
    My interview was the first interview held that day and it was about 50 to 60 mins. During interview don't panic. The interviewers are very friendly. But if you get tensed they will make you even more uncomfortable. Don't give them chance to overpower you.
    HR Round:
    In H.R. round they usually check the attitude and leadership qualities in the interviewee. Some questions were
    1. The interviewer asked me to explain about a paragraph under a TCS advertisement present in the application frorm. I didn't read about it at all. But I confidently told her some good words about TCS like they give respect to employees thoughts etc.
    2. Remember what you have written in your resume. They will ask questions on your strengths etc.
    3. Are you a leader before? explain
    4. What do you think about the new airtel logo? I answered it really well.
    5. What are the challenges that you think that you will face after joining TCS? how will you overcome?
    6. Do you like to work any where?
    7. Do you like to sign the 2 yr bond? say yes confidently

    Be confident and answer with a smiling face. Believe me guys its a cake walk.

    Out of 400 students 137 passed written, 30 toppers were brought again to technical round even if they did not pass written. Some morally didn't attend the technical round. 131 passed technical interview and 107 got selected after HR round.

    The result was announced at 10:30 pm for me it was not that surprising as I was very confident. Don't show rude behaviour in HR. Some of my friends got eliminated. ha ha sorry to say the saying that toppers don't get selected proved in our college.


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