TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Techology-23 Sep 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Techology-23 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hey All,

    I am Sunitha.H.S, have done my  BE(Info science), from AMC Engg College.
    Am proud to say that, today, am a TCSer, thanks to The success stories, the words of inspiration, and the vast preparation kit that students ve contributed is one of the reasons for me having made it. I ll give u a brief insight into the recruitment process of TCS.

    It comprises of 2 phases:
    1.Written Test
    2.Technical Round+HR

    Written Test includes
    1. Verbal,
    2. Critical reasoning,
    3. Quants.

    U can easily get thru this, provided u ve the determination,coz, as everybody ve been telling,most of the questions r repetitive.Just refer the old papers theat ve been posted, n, u can easily answer upto 70% of the paper.

    Verbal includes, Synonyms, Antonyms, Reading comprehension, Sentence completion, which u ll find in GRE Barron's. Many ppl ve prescribed the 12 Edition, which i cudnt find in the bookstores,I found the 16 Edition, which was equally helpful.
    The comprehension part was a piece of cake, coz it was a photocopy from Barron's

    Quants,again r repetitiveif u wanna start from scratch, RS Aggarwal s the book for u... work on : Problems on Numbers, Ages, Clocks, Time & Work,Data Interpretation, Percentage, Time & distance, Venn Diagrams...

    N, remember, "There s no negative marking!!!!"

    Technical Round

    It went on, for, say,7 minutes or so... I was the first gal for the morn batch,n, had this fear, that the recruiters wud be all fresh n set for attack, but they were pretty cool. Firstly, they asked me"Tell me abt urself" - Concentrate on ur positive skills, n, relate it to how it wud help in an organization... U cud say, " My capability to adjudicate, communication skills... "etc..

            Then, they ask u, " wat were the subjects u studied?" Name those for which u are well prepared, like, C,C++,OS,Computer Networks,Data Stuctures, Software Engg, DBMS N, I was asked project related questions. I started off with the SDLC approach, since it gives them the feeling that u r well prepared for the question.Since mine was a Java based project, i was asked abt Applets, Servlets, JSP, etc.

    N, be well prepared to answer the question"wat s ur role in the project?" If u say coding, be prepared to write a piece of code, of his choice...
    Some important Que:
    1. Memory Management in OS,
    2. Wat is OS? Wat r the types of OS?
    3. Difference between Java  & C, Java features-(speak abt garbage collection)
    4. Dynamic method Dispatch,
    5. OOPS concepts-classes, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism,
    6. Linked Lists,
    7. Normalization,
    8. Method Overloading, Method Overriding.
    9. Zombie Process,
    10.DBMS- Primary key, foreign key concepts

                They just ask u things dat u r supposed to know, n, normally dont deviate from syllabus, since we r freshers. Suppose u r from the IS /CS background, n, they ask u questions dat delve into MicroProcessor, then, just be bold enough to say "We just brushed thru MP, n, dint learn abt it in depth" Wat they r looking for is, confidence. Just carry the right amount of it, neither more nor less, n, u r in TCS.

    HR round

    This went for a brief 3-4 minutes:
    Tell me abt urself
    Family Background
    Interests n Activities
    Why TCS?
    were some of the questions.
    Again , just be loud, clear n confident in wat u r speaking, U can surely make it, with Effective

    planning, coz, remember, "Failing to plan is, planning to fail"
    "All The Best" to all of u out there.

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