TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CUSAT,Cochin-22 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CUSAT,Cochin-22 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, Friends. I?m a student of sixth semester, Mechanical Engineering Branch, Cochin University of Science and Technology. TCS visited our campus on 22nd February, 2008. I write this paper, as I feel there are many who are aspiring a job at TCS and they would definitely benefit from this article. From around the 700(approx.) students who registered the TCS, 381 cleared the aptitude and ultimately, 212 made it to TCS.


    The first and foremost instructions I would like to give to aspirants are:
    1)      If you aspire for TCS, then be serious about it. Don?t take it lightly.
    2)      Be sure to prepare for vocabulary section much before (Synonyms and Antonyms from GRE Barrons 12th edition).
    3)      Study critical reasoning only from Model Test Papers at the end of GRE 12th edition of Barrons.

    4)      Study C,C++,Data Structures well for CS/IT students and other branches, plz plz plz..STUDY C WELL. BE THOROUGH WITH C PROGRAMMING. I repeat it again and again. There?s a reason. And also study some other concepts like Intranet, Algorithms, Flowcharts, LAN etc. Have only a basic knowledge. 


    The recruitment process consisted of three sections:
    a)      Online Aptitude Test (Easy to Crack!)
    b)     Technical Interview (Be very Careful)
    c)      HR Round.(A cool round)



    There is no negative marking. So attempt all questions.

    It consists of the following three sections:

    a) Verbal Section (32 Questions, Duration of 30minutes)

    b) Quantitative Aptitude (38 Questions, Duration of 40minutes)

    c) Critical Reasoning (12 Questions, Duration of 20minutes)


    Verbal Section:

    10 Antonyms, 10 Synonyms

    It was simple, if u have atleast gone once through the entire 333 High Frequency list of words from Barrons GRE book.

    12 Questions from Reading Comprehension. Anyone with Basic English knowledge can do it.


    Quantitative Aptitude:

    Almost all questions from the previous question papers available at Go through it, and ponder over the questions and answers again and again. Concentrate well on the Venn diagrams,and other graphical test. I?m not mentioning the Qs as there is no point in including the same questions again and again in every sample question paper


    Critical Reasoning:

    Entirely from Barron?s 12th edition 5 Model Test Papers at the end. Those who don?t have barrons, you can obtain it from the Internet and get the book in a pdf format. The questions asked are from these?  


    Model test 1: Section5 - qns 1-4 (motorist), qns 13-16 (red and brown)

    Section6 - qns 1-4 (conservative,democratic), qns 8-11 (latin, sanskrit), qns 12-18 (joe,larry,ned), qns    19-22 (a causes b)  

    Model test 2: Section1 - qns 19-22 (wallachia and rumelia) ---

                          Section6 - qns 8-12 ( ashland , liverpool), qns 13-16 (spelunker) ---

                                           qns 17-22 (pesth) ---i got this one too  

    Model test 3: Section6 - qns 1-4 (all Gs are Hs)

    Model test 4: Section5 - qns 8-11 (horizontal row), qns 19-22 (a,b,c cause d)

                         Section6 - qns 8-12 (spanish, italian), qns 13-16 (all As, Bs), qns 17-22 (progressive federal party)  

    Model test 5: Section3 - qns8-11 (museum), qns 19-22 (A is the father)

                         Section7- qns 1-5 (prahtu, brahtu), qns 21-25 (scurvy)


    I got questions from Prahtu and Brahtu marriages, Cricket and Tennis players. Only the names would be changed. Questions are the same, just mug up the questions with answers if u don?t understand or don?t have enough time to study the critical reasoning.

    The points to be noted during the online test are?

    1)      Don?t carry any rough sheets with you as they provide it.
    2)      Don?t press the EXIT button on the screen of computer. If it happens, ur TCS dream not possible for another 6 months.
    3)      Keep a watch on the time ticking at the upper right corner of your screen. 



    For technical round, get well dressed in formal outfits and shoes is compulsory for boys. Bring a file with ur certificates and Resumes. Don?t bluff in the resumes, as they check your resume and ask questions related to it.

    INT: Get in.

    ME: Good Morning, Ma?am, Good Morning, Sir. (There was a lady and a man. Both were young around 30yrs old).

    INT: Good Morning. Take ur seat. (Don?t take seat unless asked to)

    INT: So Ajay Menon, u r from Mechanical Engineering, right?

    ME: Yes, Ma?am. (Ma?am was the only one asking me the questions)

    INT: Give me an introduction about yourself.

    ME: I?m Ajay Menon. I?m studying in sixth semester, Mechanical Engg, at SOE,here in    the Main Campus. I stay with my parents around a place called Kakkanad, around 9 kms from here. My hobbies include playing cricket, music, surfing the net etc. My strengths are determination, trustworthiness and my endurance.
    INT: Ok, Ajay. As you are from Mechanical, do you have any knowledge of C?
    ME: Ma?am, I have a basic knowledge. Due to the heavy portions of my core subjects I was unable to concentrate on computer related subjects.
    INT: Ok, what do you know about functions?
    ME: C programs itself are made of functions. Every program begin with an execution of function called main. Its involves breaking the program into different modules.
    INT: Does a function return values?
    ME: It depends upon the feasibility of the function whether it returns a value. A function may or may not return a value.
    INT: Are u comfortable with flow charts?
    ME: I?m not, but still I?ll definitely try.
    INT: (Hands me a paper with a flow chart) Can you give the output of this flow chart?
    ME: (It was a difficult one. It took me around 5 minutes to reach to an output.) Ma?am I?m not sure, but I do think this is the output.
    INT: (Hands me another paper with an if-else program) Can you give the final amount with an overdue amount of 6000 Rs. (Some program involving discount and customer amount)

    ME: I tried, and calculated the answer, going thru different nested if else statements.

    INT: Tell me about pointers (Really tough. I hardly knew it)

    ME: I think it?s a command to point to the address of a variable.

    INT: Can you explain it in detail?

    ME: (After thinking a lot) I?m sorry. I cant recollect.

    INT: Can you tell me what is Intranet?

    ME: I think its something which is connection b/w large university computers etc.

    INT: (Man interrupted) Then what is LAN?

    ME: LAN is Local Area Network.
    INT: Then what is the difference b/w LAN and Intranet:

    ME: I hope the number of computers connected to form a network form the basic difference.

    INT: Can you tell me about your projects?

    ME: I explained.

    INT: Ok, you can go.

    ME: Thank you, Ma?am. Thank you, Sir.


    From the morning 9am, I waited till 7pm evening. Ultimately I was rejected only due to the lack of computer knowledge. It depends upon the panel, that whether they ask us our core subjects or computer technicals. Many of my friends were asked questions only from purely core subjects and now they are at TCS. So my humble request, don?t take a chance. Just make yourself clear with the basic computer topics like Algorithms & Flowcharts, Intranet, Lan, Wan, Man etc. and most important tool?C language. 



    This I heard was the simplest of all the rounds.

    Be confident. Reply answers with cool and maintain your eye contact with them.

    The questions are:

    Ur introduction, hobbies, projects, readiness to work abroad, strengths, weaknesses, topics on ur hobbies, 5 years from now what u wud be, why TCS, why IT, why shift from core to IT, etc.

    Try to impress the panel. You should leave an impression on their minds. 


    That?s all. Work hard and be prepared for the Tech and HR rounds. Students always make mistake of being prepared only with the aptitude and core subjects. But be prepared with the computer fundamentals along with C. The people who cleared the round describe their success path, but it?s the people who were rejected can help you learn from their mistakes. So, get placed in TCS and fulfill ur dream. Good Luck to all the aspirants.


    And ultimately, those who get rejected, don?t worry. TCS is not the ultimate company. Something better must be waiting for you.


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