TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Chennai-07 Nov 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Chennai-07 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai friends,
    The general placement procedure of TCS is:

    1. Aptitude Test
    2. Technical Interview
    3. HR

    APTITUDE ROUND (Online Test)

    I was asked to appear for the TCS Recruitment process for the first round. I was sent a username and password and asked to log on to the website and fill in a few more details and then generate a Hall Ticket (PDF) format. I took 2 prints of the hall ticket and 2 copies of my resume along with me. A photo identification proof is also required (Driving License / Voters ID / College ID card / Passport etc)

    The Aptitude Test was conducted at SRS College of Multimedia, Avadi, Chennai on 12th October. No. of students appeared: Almost 18,000 Since the test was an online test I might not be able to remember some of the questions.. but heres what I can recall. The section actually consisted of three sections namely,

    1) Verbal Section. (20 minutes)
    Ø      10 synonyms
    Ø      10 antonyms
    Ø      6 fill in blanks
    Ø      6 reading comprehension
    Prepare GRE words as much as possible. But don?t waste lot of time going through this section. Prepare a high frequency GRE Barron?s word that?s enough.

    2) Aptitude (40 minutes)
    Ø      38 questions

    In this section almost all the questions were from previous year papers. So for aptitude just practice previous year papers. That alone is enough. Be thorough with all the aptitude questions and especially the method of doing. Make sure that u get 35 questions correct out of the 38 questions.

    3) Analytical & Critical Reasoning. (30 minutes)
    Ø      3 passages

    This section was exactly from GRE Barron?s (12th edition). The questions order was also not changed. So MUG it up.

    4) No Psychometric Test.

    Try to get 85% in aptitude, 20% in Verbal and 20% in Analytical & Critical Reasoning and then u can be confident that you will get short listed in the first round.


    No. of students short listed for Technical Interview: 2937 The Technical Interview was conducted at St.Joseph College of Engineering, Chennai on 31st October. Getting short listed in the Technical Interview is quite an uphill task. If u doesn?t know the answers for his questions jus be frank to tell him that u don?t know. Don?t try to make up with the answer that will create a bad impression on you. Before attending the technical round prepare well about what you have mentioned in your resume.

    Also prepare well the basics of C, OOPs Concepts, Data Structures, Core Java, CPU Scheduling and Memory Management, S/W Engg., RDBMS Basics, OSI Ref. Model.

    If they ask you to write a program don?t say u don?t know, try writing it and don?t worry about syntax and minor mistakes as don?t expect 100% perfection from us. There were 20 panel of H.R for the technical interview. Majority of the panel has 2 H.R and remaining has 1. I was send to a panel with single H.R. These are the questions the interviewer asked me and my answers and it went around 35min.
    1. Market Yourself?
    2.  Tell me abt your project and the role u played?
        Ans: I told him abt my project in detail. As my project was on ATM n/w he asked me some questions in that and also abt TCP/IP.
    3. What is polymorphism? Give examples?
       Ans: A OOPs Concept. It?s the ability to take more than one form. I told him abt Method Overloading and Method Overriding.
    4. What are constructor and destructor?
       Ans: Constructors are member function with same name as that of the class and are invoked automatically when an object is created. Destructors are used to deallocate the resources allocated by the object.
    5.  Write a program for Operator Overloading and factorial?
    6.  So u know Java? Write a program to swap two no. is java without using temp. Variable?
       Ans: When I was trying to write this program he asked me the logic and proceeded to the next question
    7. Do u know SDLC?
       Ans: Ya. Software System Development Life Cycle
    8.  Explain me the phases in detail?
       Ans: I told him abt the Requirement, Analysis & Design, Program, Testing, Operation & Maintenance Phases. As I have mentioned S/W Testing as my Elective subject he asked me what are the testing methodologies to be considered before starting a Testing Process and I told him the 8 testing methodologies.
    9. What is CPU Scheduling? Types
        Ans: Its used to increase the CPU utilization. Types are preemptive scheduling and non-preemptive scheduling.
    10.  Do u know abt Data structures?
        Ans: Yes. (Even though I didn?t mention anything abt data structures in my resume he asked questions from that)
    11.  What is a Data Structures? Types
        Ans: Way to organize data. Linear Data Structure consists of Arrays, Linked Lists, Stack and Queue. Non- Linear Data Structure consisted of Tree, Graph and Set.
    12.  What is diff between Array and Linked list?
      Ans: Both are Linear Data Structures. Array is used to store homogeneous data elements and memory is statically allocated. Linked list contains no. of nodes each node contains the element and address of next node and memory is dynamically allocated and so no wastage of memory.
    13.  Explain abt Stack and Queue?
        Ans: Stack is an ordered collection of data elements and where insertion and deletion operation takes place in top of stack and it follows LIFO methodology. Insertion operation is called PUSH and deletion is called POP. In Queue insertion takes in back end and deletion operation takes place in front end, it follows FIFO methodology. Insertion operation is called QSTORE and deletion is called QDELETE.
    14.  Write a program for POP operation in Stack?
         Ans: I told him it will take some time as the program is long and asked him, I ll write the pseudo code is it enough ,sir(Actually I don?t know to write a  program but I know the logic and algorithm).He said ok and I wrote the algorithm. 
    15.  Why is sorting used?
         Ans: Process of arranging a set of elements in increasing or decreasing order.
    16.  Explain some Sorting methods?
         Ans: I explained the logic of selection, insertion and bubble sorting.

    The result of this technical interview was announced in 1hr and the HR interview was rescheduled to another day due to lack of time.

    No. of students short listed for HR Interview: 1256
    The HR Interview was conducted at St.Joseph College of Engineering, Chennai on 7th November. We generally tend to take the HR round less seriously, but beware friends?It?s not any rule that they wont ask u technical questions here. He was knowledgeable and friendly- but u r subjected to lots of pressure during the whole interview. So be prepared to handle REAL pressure. U can be subjected to pressure thru small gestures & even a nod of head can make u pretty nervous at such times?? When I say REALPRESSURE, I mean it??. (My tip to everyone:  Friends, Be thoroughly prepared. It?s not easy at all. But most importantly ?be EXTREMELY confident?, composed & have a smiling face almost always.).They are mainly looking for good presence of mind. These are from my personal experience, besides ask the interviewer as many questions as u can. Show the interviewer u r dying 2 get in his organization. 

    1.      What is your father doing?

    2.      Mention some point abt yourself not written in your bio-data?

    3.      Tell me about the school you studied?

    4.      Tell me about your project?

    5.      What is difference between C++ and Java?

    Ans: Java is platform independent.

    6.      Why can?t you try job in Technopark? (as my native place was in kerala)

    Ans: I tried some companies there but they are encouraging only kerala based
    Candidates, those who have finished degree there.

    7.      Have u applied to any companies earlier? Why u were rejected?

    Ans: Yes. Yes. They've not given me any proper feedback on why I was rejected. So I
    don't know. Maybe there were better candidates than me.

    8.      Where r u staying here?

    9.      Do you know what Quality management is?

    Ans: It?s the management approach of an organization with the participation of
    all members of that organization to achieve long term success through customer

    10.  Tell some Quality systems?

    Ans: I told him abt the ISO: 9001:2000 and ISO: 14000.

    11.   What are quality awards given to an S/W Company other than these?

    Ans: Its ISO 9001:2000.Then he asked me other than that, when I was thinking he
    asked me have u heard of CMM. Ya, Capability Maturity Model for Software is to
    identify best practices useful in helping them increase the maturity of their processes.

    12.  Will u switch over to any other company after joining TCS? If NO then why?

    Ans: I don't think so. As a rule, if I join a company, I'll stick with it for long term. I
    think that switching companies often is not good for my career.

    13.  In what situations would you leave a company?

    Ans: When I see lack of growth and career advancement opportunities.

    14.  Do u have any question?

    Ans: I asked him what you think of me, How was my performance? He told me that I
    will know the result of my performance in 15 days (as the result will be published in
    15 days) and also he told he can?t judge me as he has not asked me technical side and
    I replied to him the hr who interviewed me during the technical interview went through almost all the subjects and if you want sir u can very well ask me technical
    questions and am ready to answer. For this he told me he likes my confidence.

    15. How can I improve myself? For this he told me to read a lot of books if
    don?t have a habit of reading frequently.

       The final result was announced in the TCS website on 17th November and total no. of students who were finally selected as trainees: 946

    harish subramony

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