TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BVBCET,Hubli-30 Jul 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BVBCET,Hubli-30 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends i am Santosh Pawar from BVB college of engg & tech. Hubli . the campus was took today for cse branch students...30-07-2007....

    i have got closed place with TCS , thru campus placements.......they have selected 82 students from 102 who took the exam.(MCA + CSE) n i am thankful to each one of u for being so informative thru this group n specially to all those who provided me with info abt TCS in last few days......i would contiue to send across whtever information i come across with begin with heres my experience with TCS.

    thr selection procedure.
    1> u need to hv first class throughtout(10th,12th,grad)
    2>if u r an engineering student then 60% n above
    3>if post grad(MCA) 60% n above
    4>Science bgrnd no commerce or arts.

    Paper pattern
    1>thy have three different sets
    2>each set has three sections
    a> English(10 antonyms n 10 syno..)...( 32 marks 20 mins)
    b> Reading comprehension passages and comleting sentence(6 + 6)marks
    2nd section is Quantitative...(40 mins 38 ques)..
    3rd section is Critical reasoning..(30 mins 12 ques..)
    how to prepare???????

    jus go thru all previous TCS papers collect the words tht hv been asked n jus get thr menaing frm gre barrons if u can't manage the previous papers sure u go thru all excersices tht r thr in barrons(only synonyms & antonym sections). . ths excersises r thr at the end of each sections .....n majority of questions were picked frm thr cuttoff for ths section is not really high othr two sections r valued more...

    jus go thru rs aggarwal......thr quanti is repeated everytime i mean pattern is jus the same as is thr in previous past papers only values r changed jus crack each n every problem frm thr...

    do analytical reasoning chapter frm gre-barrons n soleve all puzzels...,mk sure u solve each n every puzzel frm model test papers also cause tht would increase u speed as well as questions r bound to come frm thr.......simple questions
    I HAD DONE ONLY THOSE 5 MODEL TEST PAPERS FROM BARRON'S...and got alll three frm tat only.

    what u need.....a decent practice ......a very cool mind ......a good nite sleep bfr the exam(its very imp)....n please think tht u can do it.frankly i am no topper or anything jus a hardworking student n tody. i am whr my class toppers r .........believe in tht fact tht its. very much within the reach......

    INTERVIEW TIPS.........
    therr are two rounds of interview

    but its actually a mix of HR(or MR) n technical. just be clear with ur basics , they wont ask anything big or something. detailed just simple concepts n would c ur ability to explain things. n above all ur understanding

    questions varied in the following concepts:(general)
    DBMS-normalisation(1NF,2NF,3NF,4NF,5NF..IMPORTANT).,DML,DDL, SQL querry,primary key, whts a null,thy wil ask syntax of some queries....
    Data structure stack , queue, linked list(write a pgm using list), sorting(wont ask to write algm,thy focus on the procedure of algm) ...
    orders of various sorts...........
    Software engineering(SDLC,all models, V & V,etc)........c++ encaptulation,data abstraction,frnd fun,inline fun),inheritance, polymorphism,
    function overloading, over riding,templates.........
    thy touched upon basics only and for my friends they asked from Logic Design be prepare(jus basics like gate,flip-flop.,etc)

    1)tell about urself
    2)family background
    3)do u know abt c & c++ programming? (i told yes sir..)
    4)he gave one simple c pgm to write(take 2 input variables & multiply them,then display result..ha..ha..)
    5)wat is the diffrnce between While and do-while loops?
    5)asked about my editor(my academic project done 6th semester)
    6)asked about my proper place..
    7)give examples for do-while and while
    8)wat is SQL?
    9)give da syntax of update query..
    10)do u remember all other queries?
    then he suggested to practice all queries...i told yes sir..

    whatever is left unfilled in the form is completed. this interview is taken by VP so mk sure u communicate well n u hv a positive body language
    simple questions on family n u as a person
    Be confidant while answering the qs...
    thy will check ur communication skills...its very very important...
    whatever u answer,tell confidantly...only confidanance matters in HR..

    1)the first question was always tell about urself...
    2)why tcs?
    3)strengths n weaknesses(most of us faced prblm while answering tis q..tell +ve weaknesses.tell ur strengths properly)
    4)r u mobile?
    5)r u ready for working anywher in the country?wherever uwe place?
    6)r u ready to do sign for our agreement?
    then she said there will be medical check whil joining..

    in our college for some students they conducted one small means it's not actual gd,thy gave one topic and asked to tell ur opinoin on this topic(the topic was "IT BOOM" is it healthy?);
    results will be announced tommorrow...hoping for got thru....

    All the best....

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