TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -17 Jul 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -17 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello friends,


    This is Radhika Ramanathan B.E EEE SCSVMV deemed university Enathur kanchipuram. Tcs Visited our University on July 17th & 18th for campus Recruitment.


    The selection Process consists of 3 rounds.


    1.      Aptitude

    2.      Technical Interview

    3.      Human resources & Management review


                   I.      Aptitude:-


    The aptitude consists of 3 sections


    1.   Verbal (10 synonyms, 10 autonyms, 1 comprehension passage with 6 question on it) (20 min)


    2.                  Problem solving (38 numerical questions) (40 min)


    3.                  Critical resoning  (3 Paragraphs with 4 questions each) (30 min)


    Aptitude round can be solved easily by studying  GRE BARRON?S book Preferrably 13th edition.


    There was no sectional cut off and negative markings. It was an online test.

    Out of 140 members appeared for  aptitude 13 members cleared it.


                II.      Technical interview:-


    It was on the next day.  There were 2 Panel.  They called us in the order of MCA, ECE, EEE, CSE.


    I was called for the tech interview.




    I           :-          (Knocked the door) May I come in sir?

    Int       :-          yes.

    I           :-          Good morning sir .

    Int       :-          Good morning. Take your seat

    I           :-          Thank you sir.

    Int       :-          Can you give me your file?

    I           :-          Yes sir (given)

    Int       :-          We are going to talk like friends don?t get tensed. If you want water you

    can take it. It you want to relax sometime you can proceed.

    I           :-          Thank you sir. Iam normal, you can ask questions

    Int       :-          Can you say me about your schooling, achievements, weakness & family?

    I           :-          Said throughly about my schooling and said some additional points

    relavent to the question.

    Int       :-          Ok. your achievements?

    I           :-          (Gave impressive answers) I realized that be was impressed.

                            I mentioned my hand writing as my weakness

    Int       :-          Can you say about your paper presentation?

    I           :-          Explained fully with diagrams

                            (Now also he was impressed)

    Int       :-          Good. Shall we more to technical part?

    I           :-          Yes sir.

    Int       :-          Very simple question. Resistor colour coding?

    I           :-          Written Correctly.

    Int       :-          Draw Ex-OR , NAND , NOR gate with truth table

    I           :-          Written correctly.

    Int       :-          Implement OR gate using NAND gate

    I           :-          done.

    Int!      :-          Ok. Why Ex-oR gate is called so?


    I           :-          Tried (then  told sorry sir)


    Int       :-          Ok. How do you classify electrical machines?


    I           :-          Classified elaborately


    Int       :-          Good. can you explain any one of the electrical machines operation?


    I           :-          yes sir. Can I explain how fan works?


    Int       :-          Proceed.


    I           :-          Explained nicely (as I know it very well)


    Int       :-          How do you control it speed by using regulator?


    I           :-          Explain with diagrams


    Int       :-          Good. ( by seeing my resume)


    I           :-          You participated in NSS & NCC camps also!


    I           ;-          Yes sir.


    Int       :-          Ok. You are good in electrical and electronics. How will you  learn                         

    software? Are you  simply attending this interview as TCS is offering  you job?

    I           :-          No sir, my short term goal is to enter TCS as software programmer and

                            My long term goal is to become the CEO of TCS. (and gave sure



    Int       ;-          Then what about your computer skill?


    I           :-          I know c & c++ sir.


    Int       :-          Can you write fibannoci serice  program


    I           :-          Yes sir. (written & explained the logic)

    Int       :-          Good.(I attended a training program in Infosys)can you explain

                            about  this program.


     I          :-          Explained.


    Int       :-          As you have the certificate of tered by Infosys you will be easiliy selected

    by that will you go for that?


    I           :-          Certainly No Sir. (gave some explaintions)


    Int       :-          you didn?t told me about your fancily?.


    I           :-          Told.


    Int       :-          will you go to Pakaistan Karachi Tcs branch if I appoint you there?


    I           :-          Surely I will go sir


    Int       :-          what about your family there?


    I           :-          I will take them along with me                 I go sir.


    Int       :-          ok. Are interested in higher studies?


    I           :-          No sir


    Int       :-          why?  You can gain knowledge right 


    I           :-          I will gain knowledge through experience sir


    Int       :-          Great.  Thank you radhika.  Any questions?


    I           :-          will Tcs encourage higher studies?

                            How long it will take for a person to rise to a CEO level?


    Int       :-          Answered.


    I           :-          Thank you sir.


    Int       :-          Good luck.


    Out of 13 who have appeard for tech. int. 9 cleared it and called for HR & MR round.  I was also are among those 9.


         Hr & Mr Round


    I           :-          May I comin sir?

    Int       :-          Yes. (there were 3 membes in the panel)

    Int       :-          Can you teld me about yourself

    I           :-          (gave impressive answer)

    Int       :-          good. How you have prepared for TCS aptitude test

    I           ;-          I studied GRE  BARRON?S  book for 15 days. Sir!

    Int       ;-          Just 15 days. Do you  think that is enough?


    I           :-          Yes sir. I done apti well almost 95% of my answer are correct.

    Int       :-          Say about your implant training (I mentioned in my resume)


    I           ;-          Answered


    Int       :-          Difference blw MP & MC) in appliance we are using  A.c  or  D.c?

    I           ;-          Answered.

    Int       :-          (drawn some  singnals and aasked about it).

    I           :-          Answered


    Int       :-          (Asked me to salve two Puzzles)


    I           :-          Asked one out of two (It was such an easy Puzzle but asked in a

    Confusing way)


    Int       :-          what are electro magnetic waves and how they were generated?


    I           :-          (Taken some time) Then answered.


    Int       :-          Ok. Thank you


    I           :-          Thank you sir


    Int       :-          Good luck.


                Result were announced after 2 hours.

                I was also one among the 6 people who was shor listed.  It was the happiest moment in my life.


    Friends any one can easiliy grab TCS if you are technically strong in 3 of your department paper and with 100% confidence and positive attitude. GOOD LUCK. Meet you in TCS.


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