TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -10 Jun 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -10 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


     Test Pattern:

     Section 1: Verbal  : Duration 20 min

              Synonyms 10

              Antonyms  10

              Fill in the Blanks 6

              Reading Comprehension 6


    Section 2: Quantitative   : Duration 40 min

               38 Questions (Mostly from previous Papers)


    Section 3 : Critical Reasoning : Duration 30 min

               3 stories : 3 *4 = 12 Questions


    Synonyms & anto:


               Quixotic ? romantic

               Jetfison ? throwover board

               Protean ?  versatile

               Assuage ?  easy, satisfy, soothe

               Fidelity ? loyality

               Demise ?    death

               Nettle ?    vex, annoy

               Moratorium ? legal delay of payment, suspension

               Repine ?    quetch , complaint 

               Mellifluous ? smooth   , x harsh


    1. Nettle (ANT)
    2. muffy
    3. nebulous
    4. whimsical
    5. Decollect
    6. Melee
    7. Furtive
    8. Mundane
    9. Repudiate
    10. Quixotic
    11. Felicitious
    12. Protean



                       Ponderous:       Heavy,Tedious,Cumbersome

                       Brakish :           Salty,Briny

                       Pretentious: Ostentatious

                       Mulct:   Money extracted as a penality

                       Molify (soothe)X          Enrage,Provoke

                       Solicit : Beseech,Seek

                       Veracity :          Truthfullness

                       Subside :          Wane,Drop

                       Amiable :          Friendly

                       Scanty :            Meager,Insufficient

                       Salient X Insignificant

     CR: (All From BARRONS 12th Edition)

    1)      2 types of marriage problem (Red ? Brown).

    2)      Dog?s problem?  ? ?  ? ?(name of the dogs) won the top of four prizes?..

    3)      Wallaci?. And Rumania are delicates from this two countries are ?..

    4)      East liver pool Problem(6 cities)

    5)      University College Problem (j , k, l,?) Small college big university.

    6)      Pesth(Plumber and electracian)

    7)      One problem with number series (squares and cubes)

    8)      Joes apartment problem

    9)      US citizen (US born , Naturalized)problem

    10)  Scurvy problem (disease)

    11)  Mirmar hotel

    GRE Barrons 12 th Edition PageNumber  in the book


                          443          8-12        

                         446          8-11

                         473          8-11

                         497          17-22

                         540          1-4

                         544          1-4

                         594          8-12

                         630          12-18

                         644          1-5


    QA: Same as old question papers.( Refer Old Question  Paper That?s Enough)


    1)      Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube
    a) 6,8,12 b) 8,12,8 c) 8,6,12 d) 12,8,6

    2)      If M denotes modulus operation, R denotes round-off, T denotes truncation Find the value of the following expression :( 373,5)+R (3.4)+T (7.7)+R (5.8)
    a) 21 b) 16 c) 19 d) 13

    3)      If * represents square and > represents change in sign then what is the value of the following expression?


    4)      If VKHOWHU is coded  as SHELTER then PLOG is coded as ?

    5)      In the word TOTALITARIAN first and second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth and so on.. are exchanged then what is the eighth character from right?

    6)      g(0)=-1



    then what is the value of g(5)?

    7)      If n = 10 X 18 X 26 then which is not an integer ?

    a.       n/65

    b.      n/76

    c.       n/90

    8)      How many Y?s are there in following letters for which it is followed by U and also U is not followed by R ?

    Y U R I J N B H  K Y U I J H N G K U  Y  U Y U

    R U Y U Y  Y U U U R T  G H  J K Y U Y

    7. Complete the series  65  33  17  ?  5  3

    8. The volume of a bucket is given by some formula that P(n) = 400*Sqrt(n) (Didn?t remember rest)

    9. Three machines A B C are used in an industry which saves the fuel 40% 20% and 10% respectively. Assume that they all run individually. Then what is the combined percentage of fuel efficiency when they work together?

    10. Temperature of a city is calculated using the formulae t^2/6 +4t+12 where t is the time from midnight. Then what is the percentage of raise [or fall] in temperature from 3pm to 6pm?

    11. GRE Barrons Pageno 450 Question number 8 ? 12

    12. What is the numeric value of A-(BnC)






































     In a Basket ball team A,B,C,D,E,F and G are seated in a rectangular desk such that,

          A and G should go soon, so they should sit to right extreme of the table

          E and F are friends so they should sit  together

          B is the caption of the team so he should sit in the center

          C and D should be kept as far as possible..

    13. Which pair cannot be seated on either extreme?

    14. Who cannot sit on any extreme end?

    15. which pair cannot sit together?

    16. If  neither D nor E can sit near B then how many different seating arrangements are possible

    17. Which is the exact power of 2?

          a.2084 b.2004   c.2400    d.2048

     Note : There is an upper cutoff mark.. so becarefull while answering all the question..

    Technical and HR?..

         In technical they shoot questions only in what u mentioned in Resume?

         So Be prepared with ur resume?..

    1. They asked introduce yourself

    I gave intro including my achievement during schools and colleges?

       2.   They asked some questions in C, OOPs, .

       3.   About my projects which I had mentioned in Resume?

       4.   My Strengths and weakness..

       5.   They also asked in general.. about Ramadurai, about Tcs, about Sunitha   Williams..




    All The Best?

         S.Rajesh Kannan

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